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Why cant I preorder these games at Best Buy?

Best Buy is my preffered store of choice for games because I have GCU.

But it seems like they are the slowest in getting their game listings up.

I want to buy both Zero Escape and Danganronpa v3 for the PS Vita, the listing is up but I can't preorder. It just says coming soon. But they are available to preorder on Amazon and Gamestop.

I also would like it if they put Puyo Puyo Tetris up to preorder for the Ps4. Weird that its available to preorder for the Switch but not ps4.

Also want Best Buy to put up Little Nightmares: Six Edition for ps4. Its also available already at gamestop and amazon but not here. Will this be available to preorder on Best buy?
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Re: Why cant I preorder these games at Best Buy?

Hello freshprincepbg,


Thanks for writing in, and thank you too for pre-ordering your games from Best Buy. I'm glad to hear we've been your first choice for your new games, and I hope we can continue to hold that spot for you.


Typically if a pre-order listing is posted as "Coming Soon" this would suggest that we have already accepted as many pre-orders as we are able, but there is always a possibility of allotments changing in the future. With that in mind I would encourage you to keep an eye on those Vita titles to see if anything changes prior to their release.


It doesn't look like we're carrying a PS4 version of Puyo Puyo Tetris at this time, but I've sent an inquiry to our gaming partners here at the corporate office to see if we can get any additional information for you.



It would appear that in the time since you initially wrote in we have since posted Little Nightmares: Six Edition and if you haven't yet, I'd encourage you to place your pre-order while they are available.


All the best,

Mike|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Why cant I preorder these games at Best Buy?

I am also looking to preorder Danganronpa V3 for the Vita and Zero Escape for the PS4. Seems like there is a product listing, but IDK if they ever went up for preorder.
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Re: Why cant I preorder these games at Best Buy?

It never went up for preorder, the whole they sold out of there allotment is bull