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Vita game preorders

Any chance of activating these game preorders? They've been listed as "Coming Soon" for quite some time and at least one of them is slated to be released next month.
Danganronpa v3
The Nonary Games
Period Cube
Tokyo Xanadu

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Nonary Games & Danganronpa V3 preorder-what's happening?

So Bestbuy has had listings with a "Coming Soon" tag on Zero Escape:Nonary Games and Danganronpa V3 Just want to know if Bestbuy is ever going to put these games up for preorder since it is coming close to release and they were never available to preorder. The listings have been up for at least 2 months or so with nothing resolved.
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Re: Vita game preorders

Hello srocky26,


Thanks for writing in, and thanks too for your interest in pre-ordering your games at Best Buy. I'm glad to hear we have the games listed that you would like to order, but I do apologize for any concern their status has caused. I'll be happy to review them today.


At this time it would appear that you are correct that we aren't taking pre-orders on any of the games you listed. I'm afraid I don't have any additional information beyond what is listed on, but I will be happy to pass along your interest in seeing these made available prior to their release.


Thanks again,

Mike|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Vita game preorders

For some reason Vita games don't go up for pre-order until pretty close to release day. If they are on the site though they should be available for pre-order eventually.

I was disappointed as well for most of those because I was hoping to use the Visa Check out promo on them. (especially Nonary Games)