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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

IMO, I agree with your first


Golden Eye

Fallout 3



Cant decide on a 3rd

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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

My top 3 have to be...
2)final fantasy VII
3)diablo 2
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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

Great list-I miss playing PG II and really wish they'd come up with an updated version.

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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

1. Halo reach




2. Battlefield 3




3. NFS The Run

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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

WOW, Skyrim and Far Cry 3!
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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

Having to narrow it down to three is way overwhelming. But after much internal struggle, I bring to you a few games that I am very happy to call "favorite".



1. Sid Meier's Pirates.


I used to play the original version of this game on my Sega Genesis using the greatest invention in the history OF TIME, the SEGA CHANNEL. It was the first "open world" game that gave me the ability to choose the ship I want and pillage the Spanish Armada. I immediately went out and purchased the game when it was re-introduced recently for PC.


2. Elder Scrolls Series


My love for Skyrim and Oblivion are known on the board and at work so much that Kyle-BBY tends to call me "Dovahkiin". I can't help that I was chosen as Dragonborn. I play this game HEAVILY on my PC and have 500+ hours played. I never get bored. I don't know why. I played the crap out of Oblivion before Skyrim too. I remember jumping around trying to level my acrobatics. My spacebar thanks Bethesda for not having that in Skyrim.


3. Fallout Series


Same thing with Fallout as the Elder Scrolls. Open world, guns, lasers and supermutants. Need I say more?





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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

Legend of Zelda OoT
Phantasy Star Online Ver 1 & 2
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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

Resident Evil (PSX)

Metal Gear Solid (PSX)


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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

Diablo (PC)

Phantasy Star 4 (Sega Genesis)

Resident Evil (PSX)

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Re: Top 3 games of all time...

Ok I am coming late to this discussion.  I don't know if I could define the best games.  However, there are only two series of games that have always kept me coming back when a new one is released.





i would love to see Master of Oriion get a refit.


I have also plowed through a lot of MMORPG games.  Some have been great and others I was thankful they were free to play. 


Favorites have been


GW 1 and 2


LOTR (however after a few months it got tedious)



Games that lost me fairly quick.


Golden Age of Camelot


and a few others I forgot the names of


I am very much looking forward to

D&D Neverwinter Nights

Almost as much looking forward to Elder Scrolls



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