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Switch restock

Orlando side stores Nintendo switches Can you tell when it will be restock in stock? I want to buy until Friday afternoon.
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Re: Switch restock

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Re: Switch restock

Hi Nalgo –


Welcome to our forums and thanks for posting. While I don’t have a Switch myself one of my friends does, so I’ve had a bit of hands on time with it and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.


That said we cannot speak to future product availability at specific locations. I recommend keeping an eye on and visiting your local store regularly to see if they’ve received any inventory, as Switch demand still greatly outpaces supply. If you have any other questions please feel free to post again.


Happy Gaming!

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Switch Availability

Hi. Back in March for the release of the Nintendo Switch I went to the Best Buy store at the Waterford location In Orlando Florida for the midnight release. I unfortunatly did not get in line in time to be guaranteed one but decided to stay in line in case there were any extras(fully aware that the risk of me not getting one was very high) I waited in line until 2am with the glimmer of hope amidst a somewhat rude and very condescending staff seemily trying to make me and the others who decided to wait feel stupid for something we wanted. I was 3rd in the extras line and one by one kept watching people walk out with new systems. I, along with the others in line, did see a woman try and walk out with 3 Consoles. When the staff stopped her and explained to her it was supposed to be 1 per person she rose hell. Everyone in line was fully aware and understanding of this rule except her. The staff eventually caved and let her walk with 2 systems havng to give back the 3rd. Fast forward to 2am when the count of the extras comes out...they only have 2 extra. Meaning I was literally the next one in line to recieve one and did not. I realized that if the staff had followed the rules and she wasnt such an awful person I would have a system at this point. Im writing this now because WOW, I did not think they would still be this hard to get my hands on one 2 months later. I am truly not asking for any compesation or for any discount whatsoever. I just want to be given a chance to spend the same amount of money that I had intended on that night and would have been able to if the staff and the lady stuck to the simple rule. Would it be possible if I could have a system held for me so I can just get the system I waited for. Im really not an upset customer, just underestimated that the demand for the system would be this great.   Thank you!

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Re: Switch Availability

Hey Jeremy,


Nothing is worse than being the next in line for something and just barely missing the cut.  Whether it's waiting in line for a ride at an amusement park, or waiting in line at a Best Buy store for a Nintendo Switch, it's not a fun feeling at all to miss out.  I'm really sorry that this happened to you back in March.


As you probably know, the Switch was (and is) an insanely popular item, and the inventory supplied to us directly from Nintendo was pretty small.  Unfortunately, none of our stores know if or when we'll be receiving another shipment of them again anytime soon.  If we do get any more in, you would need to place a pre-order for the console prior to the release date (assuming it happens) in order to reserve one since we can't put items on hold without payment.  The only other option I see would be returning to the store on the morning of the release date and taking your chances of getting a numbered ticket.


I'm sure this isn't necessarily what you wanted to hear, but you seem like a really nice guy and I hope everything works out for you.


Best wishes,

Sam | Best Buy Store Phone Operator

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I want to know when will Best Buy restock on Nintendo switches
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Nintendo Switch in-store near Miami, FL ?

Hey... I'll be in Miami in the next days, and want to buy a Nintendo Switch, games and accessories

in a physical store, but can't find which one near miami, miami beach which would have the console available.


Someone could help me ?

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Nintendo Switch Stock

Any idea if/when you will ever be getting any Nintendo Switches in? I check the site frequently and it never seems to be in stock. I can't just up an go to the store every day to check either. 

I know it really isn't Best Buy's fault. Nintendo is notorious for short stocking. I just think that Best Buy and all the other retailers should put tremendous pressure on Nintendo to fix it.

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Re: Switch restock

They were in stock in stores his past Sunday (still yesterday for me). I wouldn't rely much on the site, stores get them a lot more frequently (practically every week). My local store didn't even sell out until this morning.

And Nintendo isn't short stocking anything, they are pushing them out as fast as possible and it actually shows. Nintendo has done at least 5 million consoles already. That's nearly half the Wii U consoles shipped in just under four months. That's way faster than any other console has been recently too.

So again, best advice is to check the store. Not every day, but get hints as to when they might get them. No guarantees, but there are patterns as to when they get them.
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Re: Switch restock

I don't know where you live, but where I am (NJ) they are no where to be found. Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Walmart, etc, etc, etc are all sold out with no idea when or if they are going to be getting them back in stock. As far as Nintendo short stocking, they are very guilty of it. The NES Classic is a prime example, the early days of the 3DS is another, the Wii yet another. They could not keep up with demand and I'm guessing the same thing will happen with the SNES Classic later this year.

Actually, the CEO of Nintendo America (Reggie Fils-Aime) has come right out and said that shortages will likely happen until 2018. Of course they blame it on their component suppliers, but it is just totally mismanaged at this point. Which is where my post came in. Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and the like need to put pressure on Nintendo to ramp their production up to much higher levels. Maybe if the retailers told Nintendo to either get it together or they will put placement of other products well ahead of theirs hurting their sales, Nintendo would actually listen because the fans have spoken loud and clear and Nintendo is still not producing nearly enough.