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New CyberpowerPC gaming desktop

The new CyberpowerPC gaming destop bought at best buy has been fantastic.  The GPu is able to handle multiple clients running games liek World of warcraft and Eve-Online.  I am impressed right out of the box.

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Re: New CyberpowerPC gaming desktop

I have also been impressed with the CyberPowerPC Gaming machines. I was happy to see them finally on display last year. Dramatic difference to have a great GPU, process or and memory cards to run games.  Made by gamers for gamers.



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Re: New CyberpowerPC gaming desktop

i got a cyberpower pc gaming desktop from bestbuy early last year. It works pretty good. i can play most if not all newer pc games without any problems. i like it a lot.

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Re: New CyberpowerPC gaming desktop

Hey guys I have been building my own gaming RIG's for several years now, and this is my most current build.

My little brother lucked out recently because his step dad on a whim went and bought one of these pre-made PC's from BestBuy, im sure their good for the money. But from my experience and having looked at his, dont know if CyberpowerPC are the same as the Ibuypower ones, but they look nice with the cheap little LED strip, but on the inside everything is stock standard, from the CPU cooler, down to the GPU and RAM, nothing fancy. And yea they give u an SSD and HDD but it doesnt even come set to auto install stuff onto the HDD and keep only the OS on the SSD.


basically, find someone or a friend to build u a custom RIG, yea u dont get the best buy or whatever warranty and insurance but for around the same price u can get 2x the power, and customize it to your liking...


Let me know what u guys think of my rig, in honor of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, i recently added the Skull Kid decal to the side of the case, it was so clean and perfect. Now its even better, and yea i had at first had custom white cabling for everything that kinda glowed, but the power 24pin was faulty, so ended up using black.. Smiley Tongue