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Star Trek Online Live Chat - Transcript

Transcript for “Star Trek Online Developer Chat”, Mon Jan 18 2010 (Part I)


Matthew-BBY: Welcome. We are going to get started. Please remember that this is a moderated chat and it can take some time for the developers to answer your question. Please be patient.


Guest-1140: Probably going to be asked 5000 times but when is the next movie coming out? After Gene passed away I thought I heard something about releasing a new Star Trek movie every year or did I hear wrong? Thanks


Jack-Cryptic: Fraid I'm just a developer I don't have any inside knowledge on the movies.


rcF: I'm wondering what one of the biggest challenges was as far as developing this game was?


Jack-Cryptic: Keeing the developers from trying to add everything but the kitchen sink!


Guest-1171: How many of you were Trek fans prior to this, and if you weren't, did you do your reseach?


Jack-Cryptic: I was a big fan, nearly a trekker. Al, our lead designer certainly was. We had crash courses in trek lore; watching episodes every lunch, movie nights, etc.


Guest-1174: You guys should make a Game for Star Trek,What are your thoughts on that?


Jack-Cryptic: I think it'd be a great idea.


Guest-1170: How many hours did developers spend on a weekly basis doing this project?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmm. The team spent obviously the full week and usually over the weekend.


Guest-1154: It may be too early to answer this question but can you tell us of any expansion plans for the game such as more classes, etc?


Jack-Cryptic: Nothing is official yet, though we intend to flesh out the trek universe with more playable factions.


Guest-1151: About how many developers were involved in this project?


Jack-Cryptic: I think the development team was about 60ish.


rcF: Is this a game that would appeal both to StarTrek fans and people not familiar with any StarTrek at all?


Jack-Cryptic: I'd like to say that Trek is just fun to play and if you know the IP, you'll only enjoy it all the more.


Guest-1181: Do any of the developers have previous MMO experience?


Jack-Cryptic: The core of the development team were part of City of Heroes/Villains and Champions Online.


Guest-1151: How good are you feeling in your ability to compete with the 500lb Gorilla that is WoW?

Jack-Cryptic: I don't think we intend to compete with them. We're in a different space and appeal to a different crowd.


Guest-1171: Were there any features you really liked but couldn't put into the final game? What were they?


Jack-Cryptic: To Guest-1170 Perhaps, though nothing in the near future.


Guest-1179: How much content was devoted between Classic StarTrek towards TNG and the rest of the modern StarTrek Cannons?


Jack-Cryptic: I'd say our primary focus was on ST NG, DS 9, with a little of Voyager thrown in.


Guest-1154: What is your thoughts on the purpose of Fleets. In other MMOs it was to explore raid content. What is it's purpose in STO?


Jack-Cryptic: The same! We've got a bunch of raids all ready to go. You'll see them soon. We intend to flesh out fleets a lot in the early content updates.


rcF: What was the primary programming language used for the game?


Jack-Cryptic: C.


Guest-1188: How do you plan on staying competitve, especially with all the upcomming MMO's like FFXIV?


Jack-Cryptic: First, we're sci-fi. That automatically sets us apart from most games. Second, we're the Star Trek IP. A terrific IP where there aren't a lot of games right now. Third, we offer a MMO game experience unlike any others. Bridge crew, space combat, exploration - there's nothing like STO out there right now.


Guest-1151: What are plans for future enhancements including interactive features through the Web? Was there thought given to web based content when development was taking place?


Jack-Cryptic: As we go along, we'd love to make it so that you can tap into STO at any time of day - at work, at home - through the web. We've put some of these features into Champions.


Guest-1179: Was it ever Gene Roddenbury's wish to present a video game on such a large scale? Was there any influence from him or inspiration that pushed the production of this game?


Jack-Cryptic: CBS was nothing but terrific. They really pushed for our vision and provided guidance, but never anything like a commandment.


Guest-1186: When you buy the game, will you also have to pay a monthly fee to play? Also, will Mac be supported in Beta?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes, there's a monthly fee. No, we're not supporting Mac.


Guest-1156: Will the game feature raw Klingon, person-to-person combat, as well as deep space explorations?


Guest-1190: What is the status of your servers at the present time? How long will it be until the number of servers are increased?


Jack-Cryptic: We underestimated the demand a bit in beta and we're buying more servers as I type.


Guest-1196: Are the liberated borg going to evenually be a playable race for everyone?


Jack-Cryptic: Maybe. It'd be way in the future though.


rcF: How long was the game in development?


Jack-Cryptic: 2 yrs. from the point we got the license.


Guest-1189: I feel that now a days theres alot of back stabbing in online games. Example: EVE. Do you think that STO will be the same? Although it depends on the people who play but are there a lot of ways of traitoring like there is in a lot of games?


Jack-Cryptic: I think that's true because EVE is alll about the guilds and PvP. That sort of gameplay isn't in STO. That's not to say it isn't cool and what not, just not what we did.


Guest-1188: Is there any reason the lifetime membership costs $40 more then Champion's Online when both games have a $15.00 a month fee? Is it just assumed star track fans will pay more?


Jack-Cryptic: Don't forget, Champions we owned.


Guest-1156: Will there be nudity, violence, sex, etc. and what will be the rating?


Jack-Cryptic: We've got a Teen rating. So no, that stuff isn't in.


Guest-1191: After you guy's finish working on Star Trek what is the next MMO Cryptic plans to work on?


Jack-Cryptic: A secret, for a little while longer.


Guest-1154: I would like to see more bridge functionality. I know you can't do everything in the first release but will the bridges have more of a purpose?


Jack-Cryptic: This is a top request in Beta. We know about it, just haven't finalized what to do yet.


Guest-1188: I know you owned Champions, hence I am asking why Star Track will cost $40 more for a liftime subscription.


Jack-Cryptic: I guess I'll try to break it down; when you license something, there's a cost invovled generally.


Guest-1190: How much of the content in the present incarnation of STO is from the earlier Perpetual concepts?


Jack-Cryptic: Absolutely nothing. Perpetual had a few pieces of concept art, 3D pieces of art.


Guest-1191: Does Cryptic ever plan to work on a Free 2 Play MMO instead of Subscription Based ones?


Jack-Cryptic: Maybe. you never know.


Guest-1179: Are you still offering beta keys out to different websites still for us to try?


Jack-Cryptic: I think we've sent more keys out.


Guest-1186: Will it be possible to play single player or is the game completely multiplayer?


Jack-Cryptic: You can solo till your hert's content.


Guest-1154: Don't undersestimate the importantance of non combat non exploration. I would like to have social areas where Players could just gather to drink ale or talk.


Jack-Cryptic: And we've got a ton of social spaces in the game! IP planets where people can go, socialize and what not.


Guest-1172: It's likely I haven't found this yet, or it may not exist. But are their any types of "crafting / Professions"? or plans to add any?


Jack-Cryptic: Memory Alpha is kind of like crafting, but there aren't really professions per se.


Guest-1151: How enjoyable was it creating the game? Did you feel the staff actually enjoyed coming into work everyday aside from those random "Oh god oh God why won't this work" moments?


Jack-Cryptic: It's certainly not a bad thing to come in to work and play for hours.


Guest-1197: Are there guilds in STO?


Jack-Cryptic: Yep, they're called fleets.


Guest-1172: What is memory Alpha? that's the first i've heard of it.


Jack-Cryptic: Memory Alpha is the Federation's science...hub? Depot? Players collect bits of information and take it to Memory Alpha. They can get cool stuff in return for specific things.


Guest-1151: How friendly is STO going to be to audiences that aren't in the normal MMO target market? Will this be something that my father, a long time Star Trek fan, enjoy playing?


Jack-Cryptic: I think so. My mom, for example, has trouble with 3d, but after that...I think your dad will enjoy how we've incorporated the famous episodes into the game.


Guest-1191: Which game do you personally enjoy more? Champions or Star Trek and why?


Jack-Cryptic: They're both my faves!


Guest-1154: I just want to say I am really enjoying the game. I am an old MMO fan since Everquest and I see this as a good evolution of the genre.


Jack-Cryptic: Thanks. And I'd like to stress evolution - this game is DIFFERENT. It's not just the same old, same old. Yes, there's lewt, missions -but progression, space combat, lewt, bridge officers is different.


Guest-1186: Is there any chance that you can submit a custom cgi ship into the game? If so, would it be possible to make it available to all?


Jack-Cryptic: Not planned. It'd be a nightmare for us, CBS to approve. And then we'd need to distribute the textures to everyone. Shudder.


Guest-1190: Is there a feature in-game to capture video to share on YouTube, etc.?


Jack-Cryptic: We have a demo record feature, though I don't know its status in STO.


Guest-1154: I think PvP helps continued playability. I hope there is as much focus on PvP as PvE.


Jack-Cryptic: You'll be happy to know that Klingons are a full on PvP faction. Tons to do there and we're just getting started.


Guest-1206: Will we be able to continue with our characters from the open beta in the actual game? And, I love Star Trek Online. The customization is endless!


Jack-Cryptic: Nope. There's a data wipe.


Guest-1151: Is there any limit to the number of disposable crew members? Those members who go on Away missions but never come back?


Jack-Cryptic: No. No limit. Just like in the series!


Guest-1190: You mentioned incorporating the more famous episodes of ST into the game. Can players interact with characters from the series or the movies? And would these characters be voiced by the actors themselves?


Jack-Cryptic: No. None of the actors, certainly. Costs a ton to use their images!


Guest-1133: How is it going to compete with current MMO's? Namely World of Warcraft and the New Star Wars The old Republic that will be launching soon.


Jack-Cryptic: Star Wars isn't till 2011 at the soonest. Different IP. And WoW? Look, it's perhaps the finests example of MMORPG's around. We set out to make the best Star Trek game we could, NOT the best MMORPG we could. We just happen to be online, I think.


Guest-1190: There's to be a data wipe before folloowing the beta. Will there be an in-game visualisation for players who participated in the beta?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmm. Not a bad idea. I'll talk to the EP about it tomorrow.


rcF: About how many developers worked on the game?


Jack-Cryptic: 50ish on average.


Guest-1151: What is the most technically advanced feature of the game that you feel is not only one of the coolest but is something that the development staff is the most proud of?


Jack-Cryptic: The sheer number of different maps that people are going in and exiting. The single shard architecture.


Guest-1186: What will be the extent of ship customizability?


Jack-Cryptic: A player can change the nacelles, the engines, the saucer, the stanchions...and the colors (to a limited degree). Ships still look like Trek, but you can make your ship distinct.


Guest-1197: Anything come up in beta thus far that has the potential to push back the launch date?


Jack-Cryptic: People have wanted more Klingon content. And, of course, various polish elements.

Guest-1133: How do raids and dungeons work? Are they in space on ships or ground?


Jack-Cryptic: Right now, we've got fleet actions - where a whole bunch of people are needed to tackle tasks that open up one at a time. First you'll need to take out the ships, then the mines, then the next wave of ships...That's for space. Ground maps work similarlly. Persistent maps with staged tasks.


Guest-1215: How many races will there be??


Jack-Cryptic: Infinite. You can create your own race with our alien gen tech, or choose from the classics that you know and love.


Guest-1206: Can a small group of players operate a vessel together as a crew?


Jack-Cryptic: No. Each player is a captain of his own ship. We discussed this possibility early in development, but threw it out.


Guest-1186: So, I could give a Sovereign class starship Constitution style warp nacelles and a Intrepid class starship a Galaxy class saucer section?


Jack-Cryptic: Not exactly. The ship pieces are flavored for each class.


Guest-1133: What kind of classes are there?


Jack-Cryptic: A player can specialize in Science, Engineering or Tactics.


Guest-1215: Will you be able to play a true Klingon or Ferenghi??


Jack-Cryptic: Yep.


Guest-1190: I am downloading the client via torrent as we type. Do you plan on doing game updates, patches, etc. via torrents? And why why not?


Jack-Cryptic: If our CTO has his way, we'll use torrents in the future.


Guest-1151: What is your role/responsbilities within Cryptic and on the STO project?


Jack-Cryptic: I'm the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and responsible for ALL game development. So the leads of each project (Champions, STO, and an unannounced project) report to me.


Guest-1212: How many babies were born during the development of the game as a whole?


Jack-Cryptic: I can't speak for anyone but me. I've got three kids. 4. 2 1/2. 9 months.


Guest-1186: Will you be able to give your ship a hero name, like Enterprise or Voyager? Or, will the names have to be completely original?


Jack-Cryptic: You can name your ship anything you want. We've got some cool tech to allow that.


Guest-1215: How do I get the client??


Jack-Cryptic: Go to and click on Open Beta. You can see a list of partners to get a key from.


Guest-1190: There was a question I saw in the forums at your website, and it got me to thinking... if one buys a lifetime subscription, can one get banned from the game?


Jack-Cryptic: I'd suppose so.


Guest-1133: So it's not me and a couple of freinds operating one ship but instead we all get our own ship and crew?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1219: hi, how many character slots will there be?


Jack-Cryptic: 2 at start, plus one more that opens up when you've opened up Klingon gameplay.


Guest-1219: and does the third slot have to be klingon?


Jack-Cryptic: I don't think so.

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Re: Star Trek Online Live Chat - Transcript

Transcript for “Star Trek Online Developer Chat”, Mon Jan 18 2010 (Part II)

Guest-1133: Are there going to be multiple factions like Horde and Alliance on WoW? Or any type of PvP?


Jack-Cryptic: We've got Federation and Klingon at launch.


Guest-1219: will there be specific quests to obtain specific items or are 'random'?


Jack-Cryptic: There are some quests that give specific items..


Guest-1151: What extent of anti-cheating/hacking features have been put in place.


Jack-Cryptic: The Cryptic Engine has never been hacked to my knowledge.


Guest-1151: How large was the internal QA department responsibile for testing of possible bugs/exploits?


Jack-Cryptic: Varies. We've had at least 30 some people banging on this.


Guest-1215: so there will be landing parties


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. About 30% of the game occurs on the ground.


Guest-1133: If I preorder the game can I decide to do the lifetime subscription after a month or so when I am done evaluating the game?


Jack-Cryptic: The lifetime sub offer ends midnight Feb. 2nd.


Guest-1206: How will updates/patches be delivered? Will it be similar to Issues from City of Heroes?


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. Similar.


Guest-1219: are we likely to see any of you guys wandering about a starbase Smiley Happy


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. I'm in all the time (anonymously).


Guest-1215: How long has it been in BetA


Jack-Cryptic: Six months.


Guest-1215: How has the response been


Jack-Cryptic: Awesome! We've had to order more servers!


Guest-1229: any chance you ditch the cheesy looking Galaxy map in favor of bridges or something?


Jack-Cryptic: fraid not.


Guest-1232: Will the NX-01 be a starship that is able to be commanded?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmm. Not sure. Certainly, you can build something that looks like that.


Guest-1215: how much longer do you expect to be in beta


Jack-Cryptic: We launch Feb. 2nd.


Guest-1233: Two things: the beam glitch where the captain is in space and the ship is in the planet, that's definitly gonna be fixed by the time you release right? Absolutely none of that. Also, if I preordered the digital deluxe edition how many months do i get free?


Jack-Cryptic: Yeah. that's a hilarious bug. 30 days with the digital deluxe.


Guest-1215: outstanding


Jack-Cryptic: My typing? the game? My answers? :-)


Guest-1219: I do like the space battles but the ship in the beta isnt exactly 'nimble' - are the ships in the full realse more agile etc?


Jack-Cryptic: Wait till you level up; ships get more agile over time. Try putting more energy into Auxiliary; that also increases nimbleness. And then there's playing a Klingon and the fabulous Bird of Prey.


Guest-1232: What is the cost for a lifetime membership?


Jack-Cryptic: $239


Guest-1154: When the game goes live should we uninstall the beta and download the final copy of the game?


Jack-Cryptic: Nope. You'll just patch our beta version. Should be minimal.


Guest-1233: Also, are you going to polish the energy credit system? It's really aggrevating to have to fly all the way back to Earth in order to sell stuff. It'd be really great if you could make enemies drop a minimal amount of credits when they die


Jack-Cryptic: You don't need to go back to sell things. You can drop things in the replicator.


Guest-1233: And are you going to up the drop rates?


Jack-Cryptic: Something is whack there. I'm looking into it.


Guest-1233: What's the replicator?


Jack-Cryptic: Open up your inventory (hit I), look at the bottom right where it says replicator. Drag and drop your items into that.


Guest-1233: Yeah, but what does it do?


Jack-Cryptic: AH. A replicator, in the show, produces anything requested. In the game, it breaks down objects into energy...and it can create some things.


Guest-1232: Woah, I won't be able to afford that! Well, is there any chance that a person could just buy the game and play it without a monthly fee?


Jack-Cryptic: Nope.


Jack-Cryptic: You do get one month for free.


Guest-1234: Hi Jack, longtime Trekker. Love what i've seen so far! Will you have hidden references in the game dialogue that only the fiercest of nerds will understand?


Jack-Cryptic: You have no clue how obscure we've gotten.


Guest-1219: Most online games have the concept of bind-on-use or no-drop etc and I understand the need for this, but for all the lower level finds is this really necessary?


Jack-Cryptic: Good point.


Guest-1233: how about


Jack-Cryptic: ....the cowboys? Wow did they get smoked by the Vikings.


Guest-1236: Jack we need more wide open space zones....huge explorable ones


Jack-Cryptic: Agreed - though let me explain why there isn't more of that. Imagine a big, persistent zone. Totally untouched. Every planet a mystery. Once a person enters it...well, it's explored. It's on our boards. It's on the net. That's why we instanced so much - to give a player a sense that he alone is accomplishing something.


Guest-1206: Are the exploration missions strictly solo?


Jack-Cryptic: Absolutely not! Team up with your friends!


Guest-1219: Once the game is established and there is a mix of low and high level players, will there be anything that prevents a high level player tagging along with a lower level player and taking out enemies etc so that the lower level player completes missionsfaster than they would normally?


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. the higher level guy would take all the XP.


Guest-1236: teaming up with your friends is the best part of STO it makes the world of difference!


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. Try the fleet actions. Nothing like several dozen ships working in conjunction!


Guest-1206: Ah, what a relief. Every time my friend and I were trying to do an exploration mission together, it would always take us to different instances.


Jack-Cryptic: That's a bug! Report it!


Guest-1234: in the game do you have the ability to attend STARFLEET?


Jack-Cryptic: No - you start as a member of Starfleet.


Guest-1236: Jack are you going to be staying tremendously involved in both STO and Champions development going forward or be moving into the next big cryptic project?


Jack-Cryptic: I'm as involved in STO as I am in the other projects. So, yes.


Guest-1219: with lots of online games of this nature longevity is difficult especially in keeping the game fresh and interesting to play, make preparations are you making to address this?


Jack-Cryptic: Constant content! We did it with City of Heroes, we are doing it with Champions too. Plus, we've got some fun things up our sleeves.


Jack-Cryptic: We're strong proponents of user generated content - so take that where you will.


Guest-1206: What will ground fleet actions be like?


Jack-Cryptic: A bunch of captains working together to defeat one of the Star Trek big bads...


Guest-1236: You gotta deliver on more of the ship interiors and more of a purpose other than roleplay to visit these interiors!


Jack-Cryptic: On it.


Guest-1219: I like the holiday related content that appears in similar games, but please tell me that we wont see klingons running about in santa costumes etc... Smiley Wink


Jack-Cryptic: No, no Santas in space.


Jack-Cryptic: Festivus!


Guest-1154: Will you guys have a API so people can create custom UI's?


Jack-Cryptic: Not at launch.


Guest-1206: Kinda like wave defense or assaulting a fortress? I like the Fleet Actions in space. Epic space battles!


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. How about something like Starship troopers - besieged on a fort, surrounded by thousands of aliens...


Guest-1240: What program was used 2 make teleporting effects?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmmm. Our artsists all use 3d max.


Guest-1236: and can I sit in my captains chair on my bridge a little easier than standing in it and hitting an emote? Maybe let me right click with the drop down menu for sit or exit the bridge command?


Jack-Cryptic: Got it. More bridge functionality is one of the most requested featres.


Guest-1219: do you plan to introduce trade skills so that you can buy materials and make other items to sell etc?


Jack-Cryptic: It's not an immediate thing, no.


Guest-1248: Why do I have to pre-order to participate in the beta


Jack-Cryptic: You don't. There are a dozen or so outlets giving out beta keys. I think they're run out; we did allocate how many we sent.


Jack-Cryptic: Check out our website for those outlets. They'll get more.


Guest-1241: can we move and shoot using the mouse both in ground and ship missions?


Jack-Cryptic: Sure. You can customize your keybinds to use the mouse for shooting. Just go to Options, then hit the controls (I think) tab.


Guest-1219: the borg bridge officer - is this in addition to the three you can have or does it have to replace one of the three you may already have?


Jack-Cryptic: Replaces.


Guest-1234: So are the controls for the ships click and button driven or is there a way to develop skills for more finesse control?


Jack-Cryptic: No, the ship controls are default WASD.


Guest-1236: Jack is there anyway to lock the camera in place behind my ship?


Jack-Cryptic: Offhand, I don't recall.


Guest-1219: good night folks thanks for your patience and gl


Jack-Cryptic: Good night? it's only 5pm here. Yeesh and I thought I went to sleep early! ;-)


Guest-1236: Jack you didnt get Roper to come out here and help you field questions?


Jack-Cryptic: Nah. I thought I'd give the old boy the day off. Besides I'm the fastest typer in the company.


Guest-1251: Right now Klingon's are mainly a 'monster play PvP' addition to STO. Are there plans to add quest lines for player character Klingons, Romulans, etc. down the road? Maybe in a patch or expansion?


Jack-Cryptic: Definitely. I'm mainly a klingon guy and demanded that at least something make it's way in. I guarantee they're getting mroe.


Jack-Cryptic: I'd rather have something and grow it than start with nothing at all.


Guest-1206: One last thing. On the sector space "System List", could you look into adding a function to measure how far away you are from systems and sectors?


Jack-Cryptic: Good idea.


Guest-1236: Can you tell us when or how often we can expect major content patches released in STO? once a year? twice a year? 3-4 times a year? And do you think you can adhere to this schedule?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmm. Champions we've done bigger stuff every few months, small stuff every month. We'll probably be announcing soon our strategy. With City of Heroes, before we sold it to NCSoft, we were hitting 3 updates a year.


Guest-1241: will the type-8 shuttlecraft be available from anywhere other than Del Taco which doesnt exist in many parts of the country?


Jack-Cryptic: Not currently, no.


Guest-1236: Do you guys have plans for enhanced fleet functionality? A reason to be a part of a fleet?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1256: Any hints on what the Borg Pre-Order Bridge Officer from Amazon will actually do?


Jack-Cryptic: I think we put that up on our forums at one time - maybe our FAQ?


Guest-1236: Any plans to put any of these preorder items up on the STo store in the near future after launch?


Jack-Cryptic: It's possible, but not in the near future. We want people to go to their local retailer, like Best Buy!


Guest-1251: One thing that would like to see is a higher 'death penalty'. When I lose my ship in combat, there really is no sense of loss. I respawn and warp right back in. I've not gotten a ton playtime due to an overwhelmed open beta, but are there rank demotions or other penalties to players who charge right in carelessly and lose ship after ship? Are the ships affected in any way? Loss of upgraded weapons and such? Maybe an opyion would be PvP servers with harsher penalties?


Jack-Cryptic: You'll see crew loss with each death; that was broken previously.


Guest-1254: How is cryptic going to address a lack in player experience when it comes to community building, since the worlds and even space are instanced and there is no enhanced fleet functionality? Are global events or fleet objectives/rivalries a possibility?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes, those things are possible, but we also have fleet actions, which require cooperation to accomplish.


Guest-1241: will we ever be able to target individual ship systems?


Jack-Cryptic: That's actually a special ability for science.


Guest-1234: Is there any voice talent in the game I would recognize from the movies/TV shows?


Jack-Cryptic: Zach Quinto and Leonard Nimoy!


Guest-1133: Are there any mounts?


Jack-Cryptic: Other than your starship? nope.


Guest-1263: will there be options as the federation to have melee weapons?


Jack-Cryptic: Right now, they use martial arts or the rifle butt. I suppose in the future...sure.


Guest-1254: What percentage of mapped space is actually explorable?


Jack-Cryptic: We counted the maps...about a couple thousand are for exploration.


Guest-1264: can the game be run on lower system requirements than posted on the site


Jack-Cryptic: Yes, but we can't say it'll run great.


Guest-1133: How fast is lightspeed?


Jack-Cryptic: Is this a trick question?


Guest-1236: Jack can we go to the Delta Quadrant?


Jack-Cryptic: Not at launch.


Guest-1236: Do I smell Delta Quandrant for expansion?


Jack-Cryptic: We'd be idiots not to.


Guest-1263: will there be a way to have a planetary bombardment from your ship to even out the odds in ground combat?


Jack-Cryptic: That'd be something to add.

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Re: Star Trek Online Live Chat - Transcript

Transcript for “Star Trek Online Developer Chat”, Mon Jan 18 2010 (Part III)


Guest-1182: it.


Jack-Cryptic: Colts Saints. Colts win it easily.


Jack-Cryptic: I make waffles almost every morning for my kids.


Guest-1256: Any chance of playable Romulans (with their ships) in the future?


Jack-Cryptic: Definitely.


Guest-1266: How long will it take to reach the rank of Captain or Admiral?


Jack-Cryptic: Admiral? 80 hrs.?


Guest-1260: Waffles or pancakes?


Jack-Cryptic: My previous waffle response was in answer to this.


Guest-1263: when will the star trek cryptics store be online? like the champions store


Jack-Cryptic: launch.


Guest-1267: over or under


Jack-Cryptic: Over under for super bowl? 45 points.


Guest-1263: are their other bases then earth space dock currently in beta or just that?


Jack-Cryptic: Yep, other sectors have bases too.


Jack-Cryptic: Don't forget about ds9.


Guest-1263: at launch will you have to be level 6 to make a klingon or can you make one from start?


Jack-Cryptic: level 6


Guest-1236: any other DS bases than just DS9?


Jack-Cryptic: Oh, we've got fun stuff with all the IP.


Guest-1263: hey thanks for your time. back to playing the beta


Jack-Cryptic: Spread the word!


Guest-1272: why does it take so long to enter the Sol System map??


Jack-Cryptic: Lots of people playing! We're getting more servers.


Guest-1277: When will you be adding in the rest of the game content ?


Jack-Cryptic: For beta? We're opening up more right now.


Guest-1279: Where is Sulu?


Jack-Cryptic: Admiral's office.


Guest-1191: Are bugs being fixed? I was porting back to space and it showed my character in space and not a ship. I ended up just getting frustrated and quitting.


Jack-Cryptic: That's what's beta for. We're attacking them every day.


Guest-1270: Forgive me if this has already been asked but are there plans to make the borg character that is included in the lifetime subscription available for purchase later.....and generally what can we expect to see in the store?


Jack-Cryptic: Not for a long time.


Guest-1280: When playing we have had a bit of lag and I do not know if it my laptop hardware or the game


Jack-Cryptic: Could be both. We've far exceeded beta expectations.


Guest-1277: How long will it be before the game in the current open beta state will have all the planned launched content in?


Jack-Cryptic: Feb. 2nd! Actually this week, I think.


Guest-1285: Why are you gouging Canadian customers with your pricing??


Jack-Cryptic: I think this is due to the vagaries of the exchange rate, nothing else.


Guest-1285: Just let us pay in US dollars and let the bank do the exchange rate!


Jack-Cryptic: I'm not the finance guy. Just development.


Guest-1270: How long do you have the license for the IP?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmmm. I don't recall.


Guest-1288: Will PvE players ever be forced to do PvP if they want to see the endgame?


Jack-Cryptic: Never.


Guest-1277: Will you explore all star trek pasts in content or just STO? also any guess on anything big coming?


Jack-Cryptic: We'll be using everything Star Trek in the game as we move forward.


Guest-1288: Are you looking to increase death penalties, or do you believe the current crew loss is enough?


Jack-Cryptic: Crew loss is all we're planning right now.


Guest-1290: What can players expect as an end game in STO when we've hit max rank?


Jack-Cryptic: yep.


Guest-1285: Is there open PVP or going to be open pvp?


Jack-Cryptic: WE've got maps that hold 20 to a side.


Jack-Cryptic: We'll add bigger maps over time.


Guest-1275: Do the mission instances scale depending on how many members are in your team?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1190: Are Vulcan psionic abilities incorporated into STO? If so - how, or if not - why not?


Jack-Cryptic: Yep. Vulcan characters have that as an automatic racial ability.


Guest-1294: Space movement: I know the general asnwer that MMOs are always being adjusted and balance, but how do the devs feel about moving in space? Is the 45 degree angle going to stay in? And could we ageneral increase to all ship turning rates?


Jack-Cryptic: Wait till you level up. Plus, there are items that increase turning radius. Put more energy into auxiliary.


Guest-1296: are you planning instanced missions on our own ships eveuntally ?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1285: Right now everytime you beam down, you beam without your away team and as a ship.


Jack-Cryptic: Known bug.


Guest-1297: Do you plan to add non-combat gameplay elements in the game, like minigames or a diplomacy system ?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1278: Will we ever be able to fly 90 degrees up, its so annoying when somthing is above you


Jack-Cryptic: Probably not no.


Guest-1291: Will there ever be an "enormous" open persistent war zone? Like DAoC or EvE?


Jack-Cryptic: I'd like to do that.


Guest-1293: Are there any plans to expand sector space and make travel between blocks seamless?


Jack-Cryptic: No.


Guest-1285: What kind of endgame is there to do for people who hit max level?


Jack-Cryptic: We call them internally "raidisodes".


Guest-1297: Do you want (much later maybe) give the players a tool to create their own stories for the holodeck ?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1304: Will our Bridge Officers ever be playable themselves?


Jack-Cryptic: Interesting idea.


Guest-1256: Could crew loss lead to permanently losing the preorder borg officer?


Jack-Cryptic: Never.


Guest-1307: Is there concious concern to make this quite different from the upcoming star wars MMORPG?


Jack-Cryptic: considering we don't know what the Star Wars MMORPG will be We're focusing on making this the best Star Trek wwe can make.


Guest-1297: Will you add exploration content / gameplay mechanics in the 45 post launch patch ?


Jack-Cryptic: The exploration content is in now.


Guest-1278: Do you plan too create a unquie bridge for every ship, that is as close to accurate as possible, the current classic bridge is weird, as its TNG bridge with kirk series sound effects


Jack-Cryptic: Definitely more bridges.


Guest-1293: Are there any screenshots of 'Liberated Borg' going on display before the February 1st limit on Lifetime Subscriptions is up?


Jack-Cryptic: We'll try to get something up.


Guest-1304: How happy are you with the progression of Open Beta so far?


Jack-Cryptic: I wish we'd ordered more servers.


Guest-1190: Will your game feature aspects of the "Mirror" universe?


Jack-Cryptic: not that much at launch.


Guest-1306: Will players ever be able to set foot on earth rather than the space station?


Jack-Cryptic: Eventually? It's possible.


Guest-1308: If there is enough interest would Cryptic consider expanding the crafting into a separate vocation? Meaning, a vocation set other than Starfleet or Klingon Empire �combat� captain?


Jack-Cryptic: Sure!


Guest-1296: how about 80 degrees flying up or down ? Smiley Happy


Jack-Cryptic: Wish we could!


Guest-1281: Will there be, or are there the equivalent of 'boss' battles where combinations of tactics and skill across a party are required to win, as opposed to simply overwhelming the target with brute force?


Guest-1291: Jack, it would be great if a Lifetime Sub could be broken into 2 or 4 payments. It's a healthy (albeit cost effective) chunk o' change


Guest-1310: What do you think is the most fun part of the game?


Jack-Cryptic: fleet actions.


Guest-1290: There are many who feel the game isn't ready for release yet. Can we expect a major update on launch day to address some of the most major concerns?


Jack-Cryptic: We're patching constantly. Will launch day fix everything? I don't know. But we are working hard.


Guest-1301: will be able hide the engine trails


Jack-Cryptic: No.


Guest-1275: Wait.. there's a holodeck? How do you find it? =)


Guest-1277: Will you guys ever explore not just leveling up your bridge officers but your crew as well. Letting not just the captain and her sensior staff grow but the ship as well giving you abilities that are diffrent from the excat same ship another is becasue your crew was raised and trained diffrently.


Guest-1297: Will you make a special event on release, like you did in CO ?


Jack-Cryptic: We've been chatting about it.


Guest-1285: Is there any change coming to how you route power to shields? It seems very cumbersome to keep clicking on directions, shouldn't it be more automated? Even when you click the arrow it only routes power to that side for only a few seconds.


Matthew-BBY: Thank you everyone for your questions. Jack is going to work through the remaining questions and that will close out this chat session.


Guest-1308: Given the server system Cryptic is using, is it feasible to create player fleet stations as a part of a player fleet feature?


Jack-Cryptic: You're reading my mind.


Guest-1325: are there any systems currently in game...or plan to add in the future, that are not as heavily instanced as most sector blocks are now? Where people can go and expect more than, say, 30 other players to be around at a given time?


Jack-Cryptic: Yes.


Guest-1303: Will we have branching missions where the eventual outcome will be something other than 90% combat?


Jack-Cryptic: es.


Guest-1304: Leveling within a rank, so far, seems a bit static. Any ideas to spice it up with unlockable skills/ships/weapons/quests etc.?


Guest-1286: Will we able to have all of our weapons on autofire?


Guest-1288: Do you believe Cruisers need a bit of a buff (speed or dmg mitigation) now that Science ships have been buffed?


Jack-Cryptic: Hmm. Not sure about this.


Guest-1296: Just on the Borg and Joined Trill they both only available to create after Feb 2? and the Joined Trill racial abilites will be confirmed bfore then ?


Jack-Cryptic: We should post something ASAP.


Guest-1322: Do you plan on adding a way to transfer items, energy etc between characters , e.g.. Via the bank ?


Jack-Cryptic: Good idea.


Guest-1294: Sorry my chat seem to freeze, in beta when could we see the level cap raised? If you dont know its ok to say "i dont know" Smiley Happy


Jack-Cryptic: Very soon, though I don't know when. I need to talk with the EP about that.


Guest-1305: Is there the possiblity (with improved technology/engine upgrades) to increase the size/area of the systems to represent a more complete solar system?


Jack-Cryptic: Eventually.


Guest-1306: You hear the two words, "Sandbox" and "Theme Park" thrown around a lot with MMO's. What direction (if any) would you like to take STO?


Jack-Cryptic: I'd like to add more sandbox into STO...


Guest-1350: How long will it take to flesh out the Klingnon faction?


Jack-Cryptic: We'll be adding to Klingon and Federation over time. How long? We hope to do stuff nearly every few months.


Guest-1339: How many revisions to the code can we expect this week? The "server too busy" screen still seems to be flashing an awful lot.


Jack-Cryptic: That's not a code thing but a number of servers issue.


Guest-1345: So to expand upon a previous question, should we expect to only have one-planet solar systems for the foreseeable future?


Jack-Cryptic: Yep.


Guest-1320: Many have concerns with a lack of atmosphere and social opportunities in Sector Space. Are there plans in the works to add more "life" to the Sector Space experience?


Jack-Cryptic: We'll add more.


Jack-Cryptic: Always looking for ideas!


Guest-1340: FYI: The Joined Trill info has already been posted by Rekhan on the forums and so has info on the Liberated Borg, which will be available for Headstart unlike the Joined Trill. In case you want to get the info out there.


Jack-Cryptic: Good info to share!


Guest-1358: I've seen a lot of threads posting criticism on the forums, do you take ideas from the players if the idea gets a strong backing?


Jack-Cryptic: We take a lot of ideas from our forums - good posts and bad.


Guest-1350: Can I be mainly a trader? buy and sell from other systems or craft items and transport them for sale?


Jack-Cryptic: Not at launch.


Guest-1296: just on the log in issues would it be possible to have an automatic retry to login button or a que system we can wait in ?


Jack-Cryptic: On it!


Guest-1341: what is the one feature you did not have time to get in before release that you will be doing after release?


Jack-Cryptic: Full klingon PvE content


Guest-1303: Will working bridges (fight, fly & playfrom them) be a possible future update?


Jack-Cryptic: We've chatted about it; we'd like to give the bridge more functionality, but I'm not sure about it.


Jack-Cryptic: Thanks for coming out everyone! This was fun for me. And remember - shop your local Best Buy! THE place for all your electronics and video game needs!


Jack-Cryptic: And no, they're not paying me!


Matthew-BBY: Thank you all for joining us. We would like to thank Jack from Cryptic games for answering all of these questions this evening.


Matthew-BBY: If you would like to pre-order Star Trek Online please visit


Matthew-BBY: If you did not get your question answered please check out the transcript of this chat which should be posted shortly in our gaming board.

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