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Little Big Planet 2 Developer Chat - Transcript

Here's the transcript of our chat with the Molecules. If you'd like to read more about them we have their information posted in our previous posting or you can check out, their community site!


[editor's note: I love how they start having fun finding new ways to mention both Best Buy® and our preorder bonus about 2/3rds of the way into the chat. They were really fun hosts!]

[editor's note to the editor's note: You can preorder here:]



Josh-BBY: Welcome to the chat! We're here with Christophe Villedieu, Daniel Leaver and John Beech from Little Big Planet 2! Welcome to the forums and don't forget to preorder your copy today to unlock your exclusive bonus!

DLeaver: Hello everyone!


JBeech: HI everyone Smiley Happy


CVilledieu: Hello everyone !


enlong: What is your favorite level in LBP2?
DLeaver: My favorite level is probably the boss of the first theme, if you look carefully, he's in some of the trailers.

JBeech:  my favourite level is tower of whoop, its massively competitive and me and Danny fight for the top score.

CVilledieu:  My favorite Costume is the Panda.  I have absolutely no idea why, but **bleep** it is cute, and all girls loved it Smiley Happy


JT757x: What is the process of making a level? Where do u guys start? Do you draw a level outline or just start creating and see how it goes?
CVilledieu:  Hello! So yeah I personally draw my level, think about all the motifs. Then, and only then, I begin to create Smiley Happy


T-rod322: Has the BETA been discontinued yet?
DLeaver: The beta phase has come to an end now, but we still have the beta up on the PSN store if you need your LBP2 fix in the next 7 days!


TimeHunter: Here's the big one. I have and like LBP, but what do you think is the most compelling reason to buy LBP2?
JBeech: I think that the most compelling reason is the fact you get access to the worlds imagination and all that they can do with all the new and amazing features in lbp2.


n8-hall: do you use any autodesk applications when you guys make new levels or elements for the actual creation of the game itself?
CVilledieu: To create our levels and all LBP2 levels, we are only using the GAME itself Smiley Happy we don’t use software!


Guest-9: I know the game is not out yet but what will DLC levels look like? Just wondering if we will see a change in how DLC will be released.
DLeaver: We're currently working hard on the DLC, and it's shaping up really well! I can't give away any details at this time but I'm really having fun making it, so I'm sure you'll love it when it arrives.


Guest-11: have you seen the collector’s edition? Is it worth the extra $?
JBeech: the collector’s edition is probably the best ever collector’s edition game I have ever seen. Iit contains soooooo many things! I want them all myself such as the plushies and extra costumes and book ends avatars for your psn, don't forget you can preorder it from Best Buy® right now!


JT757x: Do you have any advice/tips on how to create a “successful” level?
DLeaver:  Keep it simple! If you create a super fun game play "hook" (to hook your players in the first 30 seconds of the level), then don't spoil it by over complicating it. Often, the best levels are the ones you can describe to a friend in one sentence! CVilledieu: It’s really tricky, you need many ingredients: a plot, a story, a great level design (draw it first before building) and then add all the new tools we have for LBP2, the new music sequencer, the Cut scene Camera, and all Danny just said. Smiley Happy

atvguyinaz: Will any of the actual story levels utilize the grapple hook? Or will this just be in the mini-games?
JBeech: Oh yes the main story levels make great use of the grappling hook, in fact it is by far my favourite powerup! we have a few levels with it in and it is just amazing it gives you great freedom and power in the game and is so much fun to use Smiley Happy


Nymo: How has the community aspect changed from LBP1 to LBP2?
DLeaver: Great question Nymo! Glad you asked. We added a number of features that would all help the community to communicate and share the awesome stuff they find out there. We've added the "Recent activity" stream, which is an automated list of everything you and your friends have done, from publishing a level, to rating a cinematic to... everything! Also, we've cleaned up the rating system, added a new "review" system, so that people can really get stuck in if they loved/hated a level and finally, we have Pins, which reward players for getting involved in their community and sharing the cool stuff they've found.


atvguyinaz: So let me get this straight: Can all costumes from LBP1 be transferred to LBP2? A.k.a, can you transfer PSN purchased costumes to the new game?

JBeech: Don’t forget you can transfer all the costumes and dlc you had from lbp1 into your new shiney lbp2 profile.


enlong: How long does it take to design a level on average?

DUDEWALK: How long does it take to make a level?
JBeech: It really depends on the level, some are more complicated than others or have a lot of art that needs to be put into them, I would say that the take all as long as the game itself to make as we are working on them from the very start of the development process. CVilledieu: Before, when I was part of the community, it took me between 10 to 20 hours to make a good level, including drawing the level, thinking about the plot and all the mechanics. Smiley Happy


Guest-7: What is your favorite Sackboy costume?
JBeech: Wow that’s like asking me to choose a number between 1 and a million there are so many cool costumes now all lovingly created they even make use of our new "animated textures" which give your character a whole new look!


DUDEWALK: What's your favorite Material that you use?
CVilledieu: The Holographic material!!!! It’s just so awesome!!

atvguyinaz: So exactly what kind of levels will be able to be created in LBP2? From the little video in the demo, it looks like RPG, racing, and classic sidescroller are just a few of them. Could you name a few others for us, if there are any?
DLeaver: It's really hard to say what genres are possible and which aren't, since in the past I would have said "Oh, that genre would be hard to do..." and the VERY NEXT DAY someone has created it, almost just to make me look stupid in interviews. Smiley Happy I honestly believe that if someone has the imagination they can create any genre they like.


Guest-11: can you explain what the holographic material is and what makes it so cool?
CVilledieu: This is just so cool if you know LBP, you know everything is physical, but not this new one, its goes across the wall, be invisible, and have some electronics in it. Like an invisible camera following you, you can sticker it! So you have an invisible sticker in the air, seriously, it’s really brilliant!


bjsphil: What do you think is the best new creation tool?
JBeech: I think the best new creation tool is the controlinator! it allows you to rig up and buttons and even the tilt sensor from your six axis to any of your creations that you make in lbp2 Smiley Happy

TimeHunter: If there is DLC from LBP1 that we decide we like but haven't acquired yet, can we still get it and import it to LBP2?
DLeaver: Of course! In fact, they'll probably look a lot better due to our new graphics engine.


T-rod322: Is the game 100% finished or is there just a few more things to do before next week’s release?
JBeech: well we have a really cool new feature called which is a cool social site just for lbp and everyone who has a PSN gets their very own page where you can see each other’s levels and activities see news feeds from the community and even cue levels up to play on your ps3 later Smiley Happy DLeaver: Not only are we 100% finished on LBP2 as the game you'll be able to buy next week, but we're actually hard at work on the DLC packs! Our work is never done when the community seems so hungry for more content.


T-rod322: Out of all the new features in LBP2, what do you think is your most favorite?
CVilledieu: My favorite is the Sackbots, it’s a revolution. In LBP1 you never really can make friends or enemy, to "really" help you or fight you. With them in your levels, you can have them using the creatinator to fight against you, and make some friends covering your back… Smiley Happy or just having some Sakbots to explain the story and lead your way.

Cybernaut: Any chance we can import MIDI music files to use on our created LBP levels?

DLeaver: No you won't be able to import MIDI files, but we DO have a music sequencer built into LBP2. It's fantastic, and we've had some guest musicians come into the studio and "lay down some phat beats". Street!

Guest-11: can you use the Playstation Move controller in the game?

JBeech: at this moment you can’t use the move controller in LBP2. However LBP2 does come with sackboys prehistoric moves, which is a Move-based game set and built in LBP. Smiley Happy


JCN: Will you be able to create stuff in your pod?

CVilledieu: You can now use transparent decorations possible with our new engine, but the great news is you can customize your earth and your moon!! Including the background of the pod! So when a guy uses or looks at your earth, he sees "your art" it’s your space, make it yours. Smiley Happy

ck2875: any chance you can hook us chat participants up with some crown codes?
DLeaver: Crowns are reserved for the LBP royalty! You have to do something pretty special to be awarded a Crown, so... when LBP2 arrives put everything you've got into it and make something special!


JT757x: What was the biggest challenge you encountered when creating the game?

JBeech: I think one of the biggest challenges was just the time limit, we all poured our heart and soul into making it the best game we could working all night sometimes to get a level done or a new feature in, and condensing all that energy and effort into a small portion of time was hard but well worth it in the end, I’m extremely proud as all of us are in what we have created


T-rod322: Is the Music Sequencer hard to use?
DLeaver: Not at all! You pick your instrument, and DRAW the lines and dots as your beats and notes. You can create a simple tune in seconds, and a fantastic track with some more love.

vlaughery: I’m good at detailing, and I THINK I’m a good creator, but no-body plays my levels on lbp1. I’m not too great at starting from scratch, but awesome when I get a base. Any hints?

DLeaver: How about you try joining a community of like-minded creators. Some people are good at getting new ideas for levels, but lack the commitment or patience to make a classic out of it. You guys would be perfect together?


Guest-7: A lot of people have been wondering this and I think it would be cool if you could answer this for me: Will there be a Week 1 shirt in LBP2?
CVilledieu:  Oh yeah it will be! Get ready for it and pre-order early on Best Buy®. Smiley Happy

Guest-19: The story mode characters seem to call the player "Sackboy," after the mascot. Some of us are sackgirls Smiley Sad Is there an option to change this?...
DLeaver: Actually, most of the characters call the player "sackthing". It's more politically correct, and we at Mm are all about politics, business and meetings… Obviously, that's not entirely true. Smiley Wink


Guest-47: I'm planning on holding a contest to see who can create the best retro-style arcade game in LBP2. How hard do you think this would be to accomplish for LBP players old and new given the new set of logic tools and the new creating palette? Would you have any tips or advice to our contest entrants for accomplishing this?
JBeech: a contest? wow great idea, you can certainly recreate lots of classic retro arcade games and of course come up with your new twist on them, it’s now so much easier with the new electronics to create awesome things in the game, and people who are already good will be able to go so much further and even easier for beginners to create amazing things Smiley Happy

TimeHunter: The other day I introduced my friend to LBP1. How do I keep him from bouncing around in the pod between levels like a total spaz? LOL

JBeech: to time hunter, you should probably just tell him to stop bouncing so much lol.

T-rod322: We all know the game was supposed to be out on Nov. 16th. You guys said you wanted to delay to make the game better. What new features did you put in when it was delayed?

DLeaver: You know, we were happy with what we had in November, but we all knew it wasn't as good as it could have been. So, we all took a deep breath and said what needed to be said "We need 1 more month to make this superb". The best part is that the reviews so far seem to agree that it was the right thing to do. It’s amazing what you can achieve in 4 weeks!

Nymo: What was the coolest thing you saw made during the beta period?

CVilledieu: There are soooo many levels. Look at the Mm Picts to be impressed as we were. Smiley Happy I was really impressed by the Flower and the Flow one; it’s such a new way of making games in LBP2! None of these were possible before. Smiley Happy

n8-hall: i am currently taking modeling simulations for a game development class in college and was just wondering how much time and effort it took to create this game.
JBeech: at n8-hall great, this industry is one of the best areas you can get into, the game has had a huge amount of effort put into it we are all very dedicated here and work so hard to make it what it is, if you have talent and dedication you will go far.

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Re: Little Big Planet 2 Developer Chat - Transcript

DUDEWALK: How did you figure out what story and characters you were going to use for LBP2? 
DLeaver: The story was written almost entirely by one of our programmers Jonny, who just so happens to be an amazing and imaginative writer! He stood in a studio for just under a week and directed Stephen Fry when he was recording his lines!


Guest-46: Is there any way for normal everyday people to ever get into the games industry such as (Mm)
JBeech: Well its funny you should ask this question as up until recently I used to be a construction worker and lbp2 is the first game I have ever worked on. I got the job through the levels I published on lbp1 – Media Molecule saw them and hired me. It’s my dream job and proves that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.

atvguyinaz: My friend and I really enjoyed doing Tower of Whoop together on the demo. Are there any other grapple hook levels that you think are even more AWESOME than that one?

DLeaver: At atvguyinaz; there's quite a few grapplehook levels in the game, and my personal favorite (since I made it) is called "Death By Shockolate". Teasing you with the name there... what could it be?


JCN: What is LBP.Me like and can you veiw it now?
JBeech: is awesome and is availible now, you can go check it out right now and sign up, ready for when you get your copy of lbp2 from Best Buy®.

Guest-47: What is the best aspect of the LBP community?

CVilledieu: They all are people who want to share things, and help each others, for that we made to help people to find inspirations and helps Smiley Happy

Guest-43: How hard was it coming up with a new villain for lbp2?
JBeech: it was an interesting challenge and he went through many iterations until he ended up as the Negativitron, there is lots of other new characters to in the game and you can use them as costumes, also if you preorder from Best Buy® you will get a cool toy story alien costume to use!!

atvguyinaz: When does the game come out? I know this sounds lame, but I'm still not 100% sure when it is.

DLeaver: The game comes out on the 18th of January, which is NEXT TUESDAY OMG. In fact, Best Buy® is the ONLY place you can get the Toy Story 3 Alien costume for pre-ordering. So, do it. What are you reading this for? Go pre-order it! I'll send you a kitten.
JBeech: I’ll also send you a kitten. Meow.

Guest-48: Has the level creator been made easier to use in the new game?
JBeech: The level creation although it has been hugely expanded has also been made much easier to use and create cool things with

bjsphil: You guys are awesome! LBP is my favorite game ever! Will you mail me your autographs?
JBeech: of course we will dude Smiley Happy none of us have been asked that before Smiley Happy

JT757x: How often do you guys play the game after release?

CVilledieu: Everyday. Smiley Happy When I turn one my PS3 in the morning! And to be honest… to get some high score. Smiley Happy

Guest-43: Why is it still delayed to January 18th when on the media molecule blog, you said you were finished with the whole game.
JBeech: Ahh we had finished the game but it takes a while for it to get printed and distributed around the world, and to various retailers such as our awesome friends at Best Buy®! And did you know that if you preorder at Best Buy®, you get an awesome and totally exclusive costume!! It’s a toy story alien!! How amazing is that? I want one Smiley Happy

Nymo: Can you give a hint at any upcoming DLC? Smiley Wink Also: I'll be waiting for an autographed kitten in the mail...
DLeaver: We're hard at work on DLC at the moment, but I can't say much on what it is. I can confirm we are adding some great features, and it's really fun to work on! Good luck with the kitten. I imagine that by the time it reaches the states it'll be a tiny kitten skeleton. That would be a TERRIBLE package to receive.

Guest-65: Will the game be patched with more Move compatible features or levels?

CVilledieu: to Guest-65 the MOVE is a really fun device, and every fun things come with LBP2 have you played the Prehistoric Pack? But get ready for new things in the future; you will be surprised for sure. Smiley Happy

Guest-48: Will I really get a kitten =3? And do all the costumes earned from LBP transfer over to LBP2 or will it be a whole different set of costumes?
JBeech: Everyone loves kittens but due to technical reasons we cannot post you one in the post. However all your lbp1 costumes will be transferred over to your new profile, and don’t forget if you want a super, super ultra mega, uber rare toy story alien costume you'll need to preorder at Best Buy® Smiley Happy

Guest-69: There was a lot of interesting music in the first LittleBigPlanet - how did you go about deciding what tracks to include in LittleBigPlanet 2?
JBeech: Kenny our music technician extraordinaire finds awesome tracks to put in the game. Sometimes some of us designers who work at mm have an idea for a song and tell Kenny. He'll then temporarily put it in the game to see if it fits and if it does we will try and get it licensed.


Guest-47:  If you could change one thing about your creating technique, what would it be?
DLeaver:  I would try to create a level that is entirely based around art! I spend all day asking "Is this fun? Can it be made fun without using anything but the basic materials?" It would be great to go nuts and make a beautiful level with NO gameplay in it!


Guest-14: Daughter (9) & I had a great time playing the BETA (even though she kept grabbing me w/ the grappling hook). Will there still be the multiperson challenges in LBP2? We love solving those, and finding all the GOODIES!
CVilledieu: You will be delighted (and your daughter too!) There are so many moments in LBP2 you will have fun with the grappling hook. Get ready for fun and goodies (have you pre-ordered yet at Best Buy®? you get the awesome Toy Story alien costume!!!

Guest-53: Going forward, what's something you're really looking forward to in the expansion of either the game specifically or the franchise in general?

DLeaver: We’re working really hard on DLC at the moment; all I can say is we're adding features to the game that could double the creative possibilities! I wish I could say more, since I get to play with it all day, and you don't, but I can't. You'll just have to wait!


T-rod322: Whenever people make a short film, the Sackbots seem to do the reset character animation. Is this a bug that will be fixed? (I've seen this in the BETA videos)
CVilledieu: Yeah this bug has been fixed since the BETA; your film will be just perfect now Smiley Happy

DLeaver: Ok everyone, we've run out of time!


JBeech: ok everyone it was amazing talking to you all


DLeaver: It's 2:15am here in the UK and the Molecules need sleep


JBeech: its 3 am over here in the UK…


CVilledieu: **bleep**, so many good questions! Was a nice time, get ready for playing LBP2!!


Josh-BBY: Great questions from the Community of Little Big Planet and great answers from the design team of Little Big Planet 2. We are so honored that they could take some time to talk with you all here on the Best Buy® Forum. Please check back tomorrow at to view the transcript of this chat. And make sure to preorder your copy today to make sure you get your Alien from Toy Story costume!


CVilledieu: See you in-game guys!!


DLeaver: Ok, so I hope we'll see you all on the community on launch day, which is 18th January. Go pre-order it now from this very website, or in store, and you'll receive an exclusive Toy Story 3 Alien costume.


JBeech: yeah see you in the community everyone Smiley Happy

Josh-BBY: PS: you can preorder here:

CVilledieu: Smiley Happy good night (or day ^^)

Josh|Community Connector | Best Buy® Corporate