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Assassin's Creed III Developer Chat Transcript

Transcript for Chat: 'Assassin's Creed III Chat', Fri Oct 26 18:44:52 CDT 2012

Guest-24: How does Connors health improve? Will there be armor to buy like in the previous games?
UbiGabe: Hey Guest 24... we've actually completely changed the approach to Connor's health. Now, it will regenerate when he is out of combat, so we don't alter it based on new equipment or items.

Guest-14: Will there be full synchronization rewards (cheats, etc) like in Brotherhood and Revelations?
UbiGabe: Hiya Guest 14... I can't give something like that away!! That is veering into SPOILER territory.

rapidninja42: Hi Gabe, Is there anything you could tell us that didn't make it to the final product like specific story points etc?
UbiGabe: Hey there rapidninja42 - Sure, there are always things that the developers wish they could keep in the games... we tend to go for 200% content, knowing full well that half of it will never make it. That said, I don't know that there is anything specific that we could mention, hehe.

Guest-30: What is your favorite weapon to be put into this game?
UbiGabe: Ooooh, that's a good one Guest 30... My favorite weapon is actually a tool. I love using the animal snare in combat, because Connor uses it like a garrotte wire, choking out his opponent. It's pretty awesome to see, haha!

Guest-35: Hey ubigabe! will there be any new clothing customization like in ac2, brotherhood, and revelations? (dyes)
UbiGabe: Whutup Guest 35! Yes, there will be a whole set of outfits Connor can purchase and wear. Most of those will be a selection of dyes, but some there will also be costumes that you can earn by completing special objectives!

Guest-37: Hey Gabe, i'm from Germany and you are doing an awesome job. How is your personal opinion about AC3?
UbiGabe: Wow! Welcome Guest 37, it must be late over there! How do I feel about AC3? I can honestly say that, after being a fan of the AC series for almost five years, it is the best Assassin's Creed game I have ever played. Seriously.

Guest-27: why is the PC release date over two weeks later then the other systems?
UbiGabe: Hi Guest 27, we get that question a lot, and I know it must be really frustrating for our PC players to have to wait... however, I can say that it will definitely worth it since we're really pumping up the PC version with DX11 support and higher resolution textures!

Guest-45: Are we going to see historical figures in this game?
UbiGabe: Hey Guest 45. Historical figures? YES!! Sam Adams is a major player in the game, but George Washington and Benjamin Franklin also make appearances. We make sure to highlight all of the important characters in the Animus Database, so you have a complete record of whom you've met.

ice: Will the ziplines be returning in AC3?
UbiGabe: Hey ice... Sadly, we don't have many ziplines in AC3. Although, there is at least one use of a zipline, hehe.

Guest-64: Hello Gabe, due to the health system revamp in AC3, will players be able to purchase armor? or at least with the new economic system craft armor?
UbiGabe: Wow Guest 64, it's cool that you mention crafting, because I don't think we've talked about that too much... you actually will be able to craft a ton of useful items, like saddlebags for your horse (so you can replenish your ammunition on the go) and larger ammo pouches. Armor doesn't factor in as much... it's more about different outfits that Connor can acquire throughout the game.

Guest-68: Will there be armors from previous games making a return?
UbiGabe: Hey Guest 68... you might be able to find some classic Assassin outfits. I suggest you save some Uplay points, hehe.

Guest-55: What ages will Connor be throughout the game?
UbiGabe: So, hmmm... Guest 55, that is kind of a tough question to answer, because similar to AC2, we will follow Connor through a couple of stages of his life. I don't want to go into too much detail and spoil anything, but just know that the game spans quite a bit of time.

Guest-69: What are all of the game modes available in multiplayer? and if you can, what is the whole ordeal with the end of the world? like, how much of the story will focus on it.
UbiGabe: Boy, Guest 69 doesn't mess around... this could take a minute...
UbiGabe: We actually have an all-new section of our website dedicated to multiplayer... you can check that out here:
UbiGabe: But as far as modes go, we've got: Wanted, Deathmatch, Manhunt, Artifact Assault, Assassinate and the brand new Wolfpack and Domination modes.
UbiGabe: We haven't shed too much light on the present day storyline with Desmond and the rest of the gang, and that is mostly because we want you to be able to come to that part of the story fresh... really get the most out of it. I can tell you that the present day storyline will offer some of the most significant moments in the history of the Assassin's Creed universe!


Guest-35: will the npcs be more diverse? for example in the homestead? new animations, etc.
UbiGabe: I'm so glad you asked Guest 35... We really put a ton of work into the animations for the NPCs and the Homesteaders most of all. In fact, the lumberjacks do something that I've never actually seen NPCs do... they actually run through an entire complex task (sawing a log into multiple pieces) from beginning to end. I can watch those guys work all day, lol!

Guest-83: you ever think the possibility of made an assassins creed in Mexico??

UbiGabe: Yo Guest 83... more than possible. Probably. You might want to look into investing in a PlayStation Vita if you're interested in Assassin adventures around Mexico...

Guest-30: I hsve heard rumors… Is it true you can "lure" a bear into a group off enemies?
UbiGabe: You have to be exceptionally brave, Guest 30... and quick as well. But yes, it is possible.

Guest-43: With the bow being like the crossbow in ACB and AC2 games my question is will connor have a throwing weapon like ezio and altairs throwing knifes?
UbiGabe: Hiya Guest 43... YES!! Although, Connor is a bit less willing to leave things to chance, so he coats his throwing knives in a poison that causes enemies to lose consciousness!

Guest-50: Hello, Is there going to be the bomb crafting system like in Revelations or any other kind of crafting in AC III?
UbiGabe: Not quite, Guest 50... Connor can use Trip Mine, which explode when enemies get near, and he can also repurpose them by using them to counter enemy attacks (he'll grab the guy, slap a Trip Mine on his chest and then toss him aside to explode... kinda gruesome), but you won't be able to craft your own like in Revelations.

Guest-66: Are there any new features that have yet to be revealed?
UbiGabe: Hmmmm... that's a tough one Guest 66. We haven't talked much about crafting in the Homestead, where you can use the items your Homesteaders produce to create equipment and supplies for Connor. If you help your Homesteaders with enough tasks by completing missions for them, you'll eventually be able to unlock special crafting items like Benjamin Franklin's inventions!

Guest-24: Can you say anything about what we'll be doing as Desmond?
rapidninja42: Hi again Gabe, I am a huge Desmond fan and I was wondering why you guys have been so secretive about him until now? Thanks again! Smiley Happy

UbiGabe: So, Guest 24 and rapidninja42 both want to know more about Desmond... alrighty. You remember where we left off, with Desmond just awakening from his coma with a newfound understanding of what he has to do... in AC3, you are going to do it. There will be legitimate gameplay as Desmond, you will complete assassination contracts and fight as Desmond unlike you have in any previous AC game. More than that, I cannot say since I don't want to give away too much. As a Desmond fan myself, I found the time I spent with Desmond in AC3 to be the most poignant and meaningful... we're talking Brotherhood/Lucy level stuff (if ya know what I mean, hehe).


Guest-37: Yea it's really late here. But i wouldn't miss the chance to chat with you! Enough of the Fanboy-Talk: I'm a big fan of AC since Assassin's Creed 2. I loved the the atmosphere. With AC3 there's weather. How often will it change after i completed the Story?
UbiGabe: Hahahaha, well Guest 37, the weather during the story will occasionally need to shift to a specific time period... you know, like certain battles are known to have occured during certain seasons and we didn't want to mess with that. Once you've completed the game, however, the weather will shift along with the seasons, which follow a timer.


Guest-76: Hello, Gabe! As a seamstress, I adore the historical costume aspects of the AC games. The Italian Renaissance is hard to beat though. Can we look forward to luxorious detailed costumes in ACIII as well?
UbiGabe: Hmmm, that's a good question Guest 76! The fashions of the Renaissance era were indeed flamboyant... and they would be a tough act to follow for the Revolutionary period. Still, we focused on hitting the realism and, fortunately, the AnvilNext engine really lets us show off detail in a variety of different fabrics. There is definitely a difference between what you will see George Washington wearing and what you'll see random dock workers in Boston wearing... right down to the type of fabric used in their apparel.


Guest-87: Will Desmond be given back his old face?
UbiGabe: Hey Guest 87, so... Desmond's face has undergone a few rescans since we began making Assassin's Creed, and this game is no different. It's not really possible to use the old scans because they aren't of a sufficient resolution to implement in our new AnvilNext engine. It's okay though, because the model who we originally scanned for Desmond was kind enough to come back for another round of scan, hehe.


Guest-95: PLEASE ANSWER: is assassins creed 3's story mode as long or longer than assassins creed 2?

UbiGabe: Hello there Guest 95... so, I have to figure out how to answer your question without hinting at a specific number of hours, haha. I will say this: as our Creative Director Alex Hutchinson points out, at a certain point, increasing the length of a game's story arbitrarily ends up making it boring and is counter-productive... at the same time, you want to provide people with plenty of activities in an open-world game. We tried to strike a balance by making the story a decent but not crazy-long length, while still giving players plenty of extra things to do out in the world to keep them occupied long after they'd completed the story.


Guest-45: I look forward to the storyline. Do you get to interact with the political process in the year 1776? Might be fun to protect the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
UbiGabe: Interesting question Guest 45... we tried to make sure that Connor has a unique set of objectives that don't get too wrapped up in the Revolution itself. He's an Assassin fighting Templars, and we wanted to stick with that story. However, there's war all around him, so it is impossible for him to avoid becoming embroiled in that conflict as well. There are some very specific moments in American history that Connor will participate in, some of which we've already hinted at, but I don't want to spoil them by telling you which they are!


Guest-27: How linier will the majority of the missions be? Will they be focused on a couple paths, or will they have many ways of successfully finishing the mission? Thanks for answering my other question by the way!

UbiGabe: Hi Guest 27! Many of the missions will provide multiple methods for completing them. That said, some fo the naval missions are pretty straightforward, hehe. There are only so many ways you can blow a ship to smithereens, although... now that I think about it, you do get to choose the kind of cannon shot you use and your overall attack strategy, so maybe I'm overlooking some variety, haha.


Guest-64: Gabe, what other tools can be bought/found and used in AC3 besides the snare,rope dart and smoke bomb? And will armor just be unlockable for aesthetic looks or will modify any traits like health or speed?
UbiGabe: Let me see, Guest 64... other tools... I mentioned the Trip Mine, that's a good one. There's the poison throwing knife and a couple of other utility tools, like the horse whistle, which lets you summon a horse wherever you are and bait, which will help you hunt by attracting animals. Of course, bait is cool because it serves another purpose... you can use it to summon predators to a location... like a Templar base, for example!


Guest-100: Are there any rivers in the frontier? If so can you fish?
UbiGabe: Hahahaha, Guest 100, we almost answered that question in a set of Video Q&As! Connor could probably fish, but he's more focused on hunting larger prey. There are rivers, creeks and even some pretty breathtaking waterfalls in the Frontier, though!


Guest-84: When Connor hunts, will we be able to use every part of the animal, not just the skin?
UbiGabe: Hey Guest 84... as a matter of fact, some parts of the animal I've never even heard of before! Do you know what castoreum is? Apparently, it comes from beavers. Anyway, yeah, if you hunt a beaver, you'll probably get a bottle of that and, sure enough, your Homesteaders will find something to do with it, hehe.


ice: How many maps will MP have for AC3?

UbiGabe: Hey again, ice... we have seven maps that we've announced so far, each with a time of day variation and a weather variation as well. My personal favorite is the ANIMUS CORE map, which features a half-loaded Animus environment... like, the Animus is trying to load a New York map, but it can't quite finish, so half of the map is comprised of these weird glowing boxes and stuff. It's awesome!


Guest-106: Hey Gabe Im from Ireland and currently getting through all the previous Assassins Creed Gamesbefore AC3 comes out on Wednesday . Will it be possible to take down Connors hood whenever we want or will it be done automatically??
UbiGabe: Hey Guest 106... we get this question SO MUCH!!! It is not actually something you can control directly. Connor will lower his hood when he is safe and comfortable with his surroundings. So, in the Homestead for example, he will take his hood down because he is among friends.


Guest-110: I am guest 110 apparently...
UbiGabe: Apparently! GO GUEST 110!!!


Guest-30: Will Connor's mother and father play any sort of role in the game? 

UbiGabe: Sorry Guest 30... I WILL NOT REVEAL ANY SPOILERS!! And that could be considered one, hehe.


Guest-55: So AC3 is said to be the end of Desmond, so will there be more AC with a different character?

UbiGabe: Who said that? I didn't say that... you can't prove that I said that!


Guest-69: hey gabe, thanks for answering my last question. i have another now lol! my question is i read that ubisoft took some ideas from skyrim. is this true? and one more Smiley Happy my next one is will there be a connection to the old games like in ac rev. and pretty much all the others, or will this one be like a lone soldier in america?
UbiGabe: That's a great question Guest 69... I think it is safe to say that we have a lot of Skyrim fans on the team, myself included, so I would say that we did look to what intrigued us while we were playing Skyrim more than anything else... that sensation of heading out to accomplish an objective and then getting sidetracked with something else entirely, hehe. You might find that in AC3, just sayin'. As far as connections back to previous games... I don't know if I can answer that without giving anything away, so I'm going to... yeah, I'm going to not answer that one, hehe.


Guest-115: Hey I wanted to know if you guys are planning to add another multiplayer character in the Uplay store like you have done before in the past with the other Assassin Creed games.
UbiGabe: Howdy Guest 115... it's funny you ask because Uplay just posted a video covering the Uplay Rewards available in AC3. Here you go:


Guest-132: What are the chances we'll get a Kraken DLC, Gabe?

UbiGabe: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm going to have to tell Corey May (Lead Writer on AC3) you mentioned the Kracken... he's always lobbying for inclusion of the Kracken (and totally succeeded with AC2). I'll just say, if you are thorough in your playthrough of AC3, you may not need DLC. ;D

Guest-137: So can i get a pet dog in this game or what?
UbiGabe: Hiya Guest 137! You can pet dogs, You can let cats nuzzle against your legs. You can feed chickens and pigs. But you cannot actually have a dog as a pet. Sorry!

IrritatedPie: Will you be able to buy new armour and weapons ?
UbiGabe: LOL, IrritatedPie, you win for best screen name tonight! Yes, you can buy new armour, though it isn't functionally different from your regular armour (just cosmetically different). You can definitely buy new weapons... though you may not want to if you preorder from Best Buy and get the Pontiac's War Club, because it is incredibly lethal, haha!

Guest-126: Hey! I'm Guest 37 from Germany, had some problems with the connection. I ask an question for my friend. She asks: "when you get in cold water like in the winter does Connor do anything? Like shiver or does even go in water?"
UbiGabe: Actually, Guest 37/126, yeah... although it is not so much related to being in the water. When Connor is cold (like it's snowing out or something like that), his breathing will create mist and he'll blow into his hands to warm them. And, yeah, he will hunch his shoulders and shiver a little... though he tries to hide it because he's a tough guy.

Guest-43: So excited to kill with the throwing knifes now hahah. how has the climbing speed in the game changed from previous games with connor background would you say he is faster then ezio even with his hook blade?
UbiGabe: Hmmm, climbing speed... sometimes Connor is really quick, but it depends on what he is climbing. Sometimes he'll have an easy ascent and can climb really quickly, but other times he'll have to pick his way up a cliff face, carefully choosing his handholds.

Guest-50: The new combat system will be like AC brotherhood and Revelations which we spam buttons and Ezzio kills one after another. I dont't say it was not cool, but i felt too easy when compared to Altair game. Summing up the question: How dinamic will the combat system be?
UbiGabe: Good question Guest 50... especially since the combat system has completely changed! You can kind of get by with spamming the buttons, but you will definitely notice a significant performance boost if you approach combat tactically. Carefully timing your counters and thinking about *how* you counter an attack will increase your combat efficiency a ton!


Guest-150: Marquis de Lafayette is one of my favorite historical figures. Will we see him in the game?
UbiGabe: Maaaaaayyyyybe, Guest 150. Maybe, hehe.


Guest-64: Gabe, when speaking of Action Adventure games, especifically from the Assassin's Creed franchise, I kinda go overboard with wanting to go 100% completion. I would like to know an estimate of gameplay time will I spend with the game's with campaign, side quests, challenges, etc if I strive for 100% @alex_mmorales also send my regards to Alex, Jonathan and Francois Smiley Happy
UbiGabe: HEY ALEX!!! I'll tell them you said "hi"... Let me put it this way, I played for weeks to try and get 100% and still haven't gotten there. This is the biggest AC game ever!


UbiGabe: Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all of your questions! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by! Hope you all get a chance to play AC3 when it launches next week!