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SodaStream & the Samsung Fridge with Sparkling Water Dispenser!

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If you’re like me, there are several things you just have to take with you on your way out the door every morning. For me it’s my wallet, cell phone, MP3 player, and a bottle of water. While I try to stick to just that bottle of water, I know there is still a good chance that I’ll be stopping to also pick up an energy drink or a soda. I know I’m not alone in needing a little jolt of caffeine in the morning, but grabbing an energy drink or a soda a couple of times a week starts to get expensive and can create a lot of waste with aluminum cans and plastic bottles. If you’d like to be able to create your own sparkling water or soda in no time and would like to also reduce how many cans and bottles you’re going through every week, then SodaStream is what you’re looking for. These soda makers come in convenient starter packs, and SodaStream now also powers the industry’s first refrigerator with a sparkling water dispenser! Keep on reading to find out a bit more about SodaStream soda makers and the all new Samsung RF31FMESBSR.


We’ve got a couple options to get started making your own soda and sparkling water that include the SodaStream Genesis, Source, and Jet. You’ll find links and details below to find a little bit more about each one.


 SodaStream Genesis

The Genesis includes:


  • SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker
  • 60-liter carbonator
  • 2 carbonating bottles
  • Sodamix variety pack that includes 12 flavors
  • Owner’s Manual

The Genesis is a great way to start enjoying the benefits of SodaStream and allows you to sample a variety of the beverage mixes available for the SodaStream.




     SodaStream Source.JPG

The Source includes:


  • SodaStream Source Home Soda Maker
  • 60-liter carbonator
  • 1 carbonating bottle
  • 6 portion pack flavor samples (each sample makes one bottle)
  • Owner’s manual

This version of the SodaStream allows you to choose from three levels of carbonation so you can get the amount of fizz that you prefer and also includes a flavor sampler pack.





SodaStream Jet The Jet Includes:


  • SodaStream Jet Soda Maker
  • 60-liter carbonator
  • 1 carbonating bottle
  • Taste sampler pack with 6 flavors
  • Owner’s manual


The Jet provides the same simplicity in creating your own sparkling water and soda and has a sleek design that will look great on your kitchen counter.



Each model allows you to turn water into soda in seconds, and there are over 25 delicious flavors to choose from! These flavors don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame, so it’s healthier for you too! Each bottle of these flavors makes the equivalent of up to 33 cans of soda, so you can say goodbye to lugging cases of soda home from the store and finding places to store all those cans, which of course also leads to a lot less waste since you'll be using the included reusable carbonating bottle!


SodaStream Spare Carbonator.JPGSodaStream Carbonator ExchangeThe included 60-liter carbonator makes the equivalent of 170 cans of soda and we’ve got you covered when it’s time for a new carbonator. Not only do we sell replacement carbonators, but we can also provide a canister exchange in-store! Simply bring your empty canister in to your local Best Buy store, head on up to the customer service counter, and we’ll swap out your empty for a full carbonator. 


If you’re interested in picking up a SodaStream to get started making your own soda and sparkling water, head on over to your local Best Buy store or today to get set up with everything you need. For some tips and tricks to help you get started once you’ve chosen the model for you, check out our SodaStream Soda Maker Tips & Tricks article.


Now that you're excited about the features and benefits of using SodaStream, let's take a look at something else exciting; the industry's first-ever refrigerator with a sparkling water dispenser powered by SodaStream.


The Samsung RF31FMESBSR - View a demo of this refrigerator here.


This refrigerator has some amazing features, including:


Samsung Fridge with SodaStream.JPGSparkling Water Dispenser:Samsung Fridge SodaStream Dispenser

  • Built-in sparkling or still water dispenser powered by SodaStream.
  • Uses the 60-liter carbonator.
  • This feature helps to save money and space and creates less waste than buying bottled water.

Ultra-High Capacity:

  • 31 cu. Ft. Ultra-High Capacity 4-Door design.
  • This storage capacity saves time and money by reducing trips to the grocery store.
  • Has enough room to fit 31 bags of groceries.

Twin Cooling Plus System:

  • Maintains a high humidity level in the refrigerator to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer.
  • Keeps the freezer at a lower humidity level to limit freezer burn.

Ice Master Ice Maker:

  • Produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day.
  • Stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice.

High-Efficiency LED Lighting
FlexZone Drawer with Temperature Control and SmartDivider

Stainless Steel Accents on Interior Shelving and Door Bins



You will also receive a free 60-liter carbonator with the purchase of this refrigerator, which is an offer only available through Best Buy.


Best Buy is also the only retailer that carries this refrigerator that also offers spare carbonators and exchanges on empty carbonators.


Of course, SodaStream isn't just sparkling water. While the traditional SodaStream soda mixes aren't suitable for sparkling water carbonations like the one in this fridge, there are still a variety of mixes that can be used to flavor the sparkling water created from it. These include:


                    Kool-Aid Flavors:                                       Country Time Flavors:                            MyWater

      Cherry, Grape, and Tropical Punch                       Half & Half and Lemonade

Kool-Aid for SodaStream              Country Time for SodaStream            SodaStream MyWater flavors


To check out this refrigerator for yourself, check with your local Best Buy or Pacific Kitchen & Home inside Best Buy locations to see their display.

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Has anyone done a cost/benefit chart showing that these actually save money? I'm honestly curious.