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Smart Sports Equipment for Dad – Zepp Sensor and Mount

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist on ‎06-19-2015 12:57 PM (9,559 Views)

Each year Father’s Day rolls around, and you’re debating between new socks or a new tie. If your budget is a little more significant, you may be considering a new grill or perhaps a new home theater device. But what if your dad is just a little sportier and not so much of a movie buff?  You can help him improve his game with the Zepp Smart Sports Equipment!

Zepp SensorThe Zepp Sensor and mount captures, measures, and analyzes your dad’s swings, allowing your dad to up his game by seeing his swings in 3D from any angle and get instant feedback he can immediately put to the test! There is a sensor and mount for baseball, tennis, and golf so no matter what sport your dad prefers, he can work on perfecting his swing.


To utilize the Zepp Sensor, your dad will need to install the respective app for his sport. He’ll then need to mount the sensor via the appropriate mount for his bat or racquet, or use a sensor clip to attach it to his golf glove. Once the app is installed and sensor mounted, he’ll need to pair the sensor wirelessly via Bluetooth to his smart phone - no worries, this works with iOS and Android phones. Then he’s ready to start improving his game!



Within each app, he’ll get analysis features appropriate for that sport. 


Baseball Golf Tennis
3D Swing
Bat Speed
Hand Speed
Time to Impact
Attack Angle
Vertical Angle
3D Swing
Club Speed
Swing Plane
Backswing Position
Hip Rotation
Instant Analysis
Sweet Spot
Racquet Speed


Does your dad play more than one sport? There’s no need to buy more than one sensor! Simply purchase the mount only. Also, you may want to pick up an extra charger for dad so that he can charge his sensor at home or on the go!


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