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Moto X - Hands on Review

by Retired: Community Analyst on ‎08-22-2013 03:08 PM - last edited on ‎09-26-2013 10:16 PM by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist (2,895 Views)


Today I was able to get my hands-on the recently announced Moto X. Let me tell you it’s a beauty of a device. It fits very well in the hand with its gently curved back. Fits like a glove! The build and feel of Moto X is quite different from other devices I’ve held. It’s also the first smartphone to be designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. You can’t say that about any other smartphone.


The first thing that caught my eye was the Active Display, it gently lit up the time and any new notifications that I needed to see. I am an avid phone-checker so this makes it one of my favorite features. Moto X only lights up the pixels it needs to, to show you what’s important while staying battery friendly by not having to light up the entire screen.


Moto X Active Display Moto X Active Display Moto X Active Display

  Active Display


 “OK Google Now” is the magical phrase that wakes up Moto X. Whether Moto X is asleep or you’re in the middle of watching your favorite video, this simple command ensures it’s ready to help. Some of things it can help you with:



Moto X Ok Google Now

Say “Ok Google Now” and then something like…


 Make phone calls “Call the Drake Hotel”


Find places “Where’s my nearest Best Buy”


Send messages “Text Lisa I am running late I’ll be home in 10”


Set reminders “Note to self, eat more apples”


Ask questions “How many pounds in a kilogram?”


Schedule meetings “Schedule an appointment to see the doctor Monday at noon”


Play music and movies (plays what you have on your device) “Play some Beatles”


Set alarms “Set an alarm 3 hours from now”


Open apps “Open YouTube app”




I tested out this feature quite a bit and was quite pleased with what Moto X came back with. Here are a few examples:


Moto X Touchless Controls Moto X Touchless Controls Moto X Touchless Controls


Moto X Touchless Controls



Taking pictures with Moto X is as simple as can be. I simply flick my wrist two times and voila! The camera app launches and with the simple touch of the screen, I have captured a memory.


The 10MP camera with CLEAR PIXEL technology on Moto X ensures I capture a smooth crisp image even in low light! The video camera is also able to record in 1080p at 30fps (frames per second). The image and video quality of Moto X are excellent!



Moto X Quick Capture Moto X 10MP CLEAR PIXEL Camera


The display is a vivid 4.7 inch Super AMOLED HD (720x1280)screen which puts it at 316ppi (pixels per inch). Text and pictures on Moto X are crisp, rich and bright. You will love your favorite content even more on Moto X.


Moto X Super AMOLED HD Screen Moto X Super AMOLED HD Screen Moto X Super AMOLED HD Screen


Moto X is designed and assembled right here at home in the USA. Moto X is also highly customizable; I’m not just talking about cases, using Moto Maker (coming soon and for AT&T users first) you can tailor the design of Moto X to suit you. Choose from an array of different colors for the back of Moto X and accents (volume rocker, power button and camera lens ring) and choose between a black or white front. You want more customization? Well it doesn’t stop there, choose the amount of memory you want, your wallpaper, and even sign in with your Google credentials so Moto X is ready to go when it arrives (Motorola is saying in just a few days, benefit from building Moto X in the USA). Another great feature is that Moto X supports 4G LTE. This will ensure you get the things done that you need much much faster.


Overall Moto X is an excellent device. Whether you're an Android fan or coming from another platform, this device is an excellent option. My two favorite features I would say are the Active Display and the Touchless controls. I can see myself using these two features more than anything else.


Moto X is launching on:


AT&T: Available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile Stores & online (check store for availability)


Verizon: Available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores & online (check store for availability)


Sprint: Available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores & online (check store for availability)

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by wonderin32
on ‎08-28-2013 11:25 PM

When will the Verizon model be in stores?

by Retired: Community Analyst
on ‎08-30-2013 12:16 PM

The Verizon model should be available now. Check with your local store for availability.