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Happy National Bike to Work Day!

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎05-15-2015 12:19 PM (5,182 Views)

National Bike to Work Day


It’s national Bike to Work Day! Once again, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are dusting off their bikes from a long winter of non-use. Luckily, Best Buy is here to help those looking to get back into the ‘spring’ of things. Check out some things Best Buy has to offer to make your ride more enjoyable!


Unlike most people, I am a year-round cyclist. Even through the dark Minnesota winters I am on my bike. I average at least a hundred miles of biking every week- and I have been biking full time for the last three years. One can imagine that I might know a thing or two about what works well for those trying to get into biking more. Here are a few things I personally use while on the road, and a few things I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.




GoPro HERO4- One thing that other people do not get to experience is the world through your eyes, luckily GoPro has solve this problem. There’s something special about watching the recording of a long ride that just puts me at ease. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to push as hard to get the rush I get as I fly down the road, but in any case- it’s still awesome to get such sweet video.






Fitbit- Recently, I decided to get myself in the best shape I could. Having worked out on and off for years, I wanted to get something that would help me keep on track. Since picking up my Fitbit Charge HR in February, I have lost 15 pounds and am still dropping weight. I record my heart rate when I go for a ride and compare the data on a daily basis. By knowing how many calories I burn on a given ride, I can plan my meals out much better than if I were just guessing.






OtterBox- When I am out on the road, I want to make sure my phone is protected, and readily available. The OtterBox defender series is my personal choice to meet my riding needs. The OtterBox comes with a hard case and foam shell to help protect the phone from falls, and a built in screen protector on the screen. While not technically waterproof, it protects my phone well enough that I am not worried when I get caught in the rain. The included clip snaps right to my bag for quick access while riding.




Modal Backpack


Modal Backpack- While I have a rather large bike bag already, I have been in the market for a smaller bag for minor chores. This Athletic Epic Backpack & Laptop Bag from Modal looks to be just the thing to fill that need. With 4 compartments and 7 pockets, this looks like a great option as a new gym bag- or a light pack for a long journey (gotta carry snacks). While out and about, you might as well pick up a Modal Bluetooth Speaker to shove in the back so you can jam out to your tunes without needing to use ear buds- safety first.


In the end, the one thing that makes biking so great is you- so get out there and enjoy the season!

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