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Earth Day is coming! Have you finished your Holiday shopping?

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist on ‎04-20-2015 07:00 AM (1,303 Views)



I always think of Earth Day (April 22) as the Earth’s birthday. I think happy thoughts, eat cake, sing songs, and generally thank my friend the Earth for all of the good things she’s done for me all year long. She’s a generous soul, our Earth, what with having air to breathe and water to drink and an amazing variety of living things – from ants to zebras, from anemones to zinnias – to cultivate, admire, and with whom human beings can partner to make our friend and Mother, the Earth, an even better place in which to hang out, live life, and share with our children.


I’m late with my Earth Day holiday shopping though. I never know what to get the Earth because she seems to already have everything. Gift giving is hard, but not impossible and I strive to outdo myself every year:


Solar Garden Pals

This year Earth is getting a couple of Solar Garden Pals because everybody needs friends, cute friends whose big  and adorable eyes illuminate at night and are charged during the day by our Earth’s bright stellar companion, the Sun.




Rock Speaker


Also under the trees (it’s Earth Day, you can have more than one holiday tree!), my friend Earth is going to receive a little acoustic enhancement by way of some delightful Rock Speakers. Coming from a variety of manufacturers, these fine speakers make it possible to share your tunes with the Earth, and we all know that the Earth needs to chill or rock out (pun intended) from time to time.


World Music


And speaking of music, Earth is getting some CDs from bands who took their whole style of music from her. She’ll love some of these World Music titles since they celebrate all of the cultures and peoples who call her home.



Planet Earth



I know that Earth likes her documentaries too, so I got her one of the Planet Earth Video Box Sets. We’ll watch it together…if I can get her to clear her schedule.





HammokFinally, I’m getting the Earth a Hammock for lovely outdoor summer lounging. Okay, this gift is really more for me than for her, but she’ll understand. She knows that I like to spend time with her, so it’s all good.



There are plenty of other great gifts you can get for the Earth (and for yourself, because Earth wants you to be happy), like Outdoor Play products, Outdoor Recreation accessories for you and your furry companions, and Cameras of all kinds to capture your memories.


So yeah, the Earth is going to be 4.54 billion years old this year. She looks pretty good for her age. And it’s that festive holiday gift-giving time: Earth Day. Think about all that you’ll plan to do together while you and Earth open your presents.


You and the Earth, together forever.