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Earth Day at Best Buy

by Administrator Administrator ‎04-22-2015 04:20 PM - edited ‎04-22-2015 06:18 PM (1,467 Views)

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 for 45 years now to demonstrate the commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. We’ve come a long way since the smoggy ‘70s however. As more sustainable products and options keep being developed, we continue to push the envelope and create an even greener lifestyle for a happier and healthier Earth. Our commitment is just as strong, as we continue to grow our recycling program and offer some of the most exciting and sustainable products available.




Have you been doing your spring cleaning and found that old computer from 2002 that doesn’t even run anymore? Or maybe the first cell phone you ever had you’ve been holding onto “just in case”? We can help with that! Our electronics recycling program was created to provide you with an easy and safe way to recycle their old electronics. We accept around 400 Lbs. every minute and most recently hit our goal of recycling over 1 Billion Pounds by the end of 2014. That’s around 50,000 dump trucks full or over 4,000 blue whales if you’re in a nautical mood! You can find more information on what we can recycle in your area by visiting us here.






The program was launched in 1992 as a program to both protect our environment and help save money by aiding in distinguishing products with superior energy efficiency. Since its creation, the ENERGY STAR program has helped save customers over $295 billion on their utilities bills, and prevented over 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the past 2 decades.  Best Buy is proud to be a 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for our second consecutive year. When you’re shopping for new appliances remember to look for the ENERGY STAR logo, to help maintain the environment and save a few bucks on your utility bill.



Products that can save you Money


In addition to offering our Recycling program and ENERGY STAR certified products, we offer many gizmos that can help you regulate your home to be a more energy efficient system. Smart thermostats such as the Nest and the ecobee can learn when you are home and your habits so you aren’t wasting unnecessary heat. Rachio, a Wi-Fi enabled sprinkler system can not only adjust to a schedule you set, but also keep track of the upcoming weather to save you water. We even offer smart lightbulbs  such as the Phillips Hue system or Lifx that allow you to not only adjust the color of your light via a phone app, but you never have to worry about leaving the lights on as you can shut them off or dim them remotely.







Earth day is a reminder of the commitment we have to maintaining a safe, sustainable, and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations. What factors do you look for when shopping for sustainable products in your household?