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Solution for getting stuck when joining home Wi-Fi network during NS-SP1X7 plug setup


During the NS-SP1X7 device setup, when the user is on the screen where the Insignia App asks for user's Wi-Fi network's password and user taps Continue, the app does not move to the next screen.


The phone's setting for the selected Wi-Fi network needs to be refreshed so that the app can recognize it and proceed.


  1. Go to the phone’s Wi-Fi network settings. Select the desired2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network and in its settings, select “Forget This Network”
  2. Re-join the phone to the same network but this time, make sure Auto-Join is set for that network
  3. Factory-reset the NS-SP1X7 plug and follow the normal setup process. For those with iOS11.3 or later, follow this alternative setup process.