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Voice Bluetooth Speaker snooze option

Is the only way to snooze an alarm without ending it, to wave your hand?  That is pretty easy to do but does require opening your eyes Smiley Wink


it it would be great if you could also either tap any part of the top surface to snooze, and touch for one second to end the alarm.

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Re: Software Updates? - Voice Smart Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock with Google Assistant, NS-CS

Look forward to the software update(s) as this speaker is a great product!  Is there a way to confirm what version of firmware is installed or that it is the latest?  Personally I’m looking forward to using the recently released Google Assistant feature that lets you set an alarm that wakes you to music.

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Night mode support for Voice Bluetooth Speaker NS-CSPGASP

The Google Home app settings include a set for Night Mode.  They don’t appear to take effect on the NS-CSPGASP-B. Is it supposed to work, or is this coming?

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Re: Voice Bluetooth Speaker snooze option

Hey TechRider,


Welcome to our Community!  I figured it would be easier to answer all of your questions at once, so I went ahead and merged all of your posts into this thread for added convenience.


1. While the proximity sensor can be disabled for lowering the speaker's volume, it appears this setting cannot be disabled for snoozing the alarm.


2. I don't believe there is a place on the speaker itself to check what version of firmware it is currently running.  I would suggest checking out this help article from Google which shows how to check the firmware version of Google Home products and seeing if that answers your query.


3. This feature doesn't yet seem to be available on the Insignia™ smart speakers, but it may be added to a future firmware version.  Unfortunately I do not have access to that kind of information.


I hope this helps!

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