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Smart Speaker with the Google Assistant (Microphone light keeps flashing)

I own the Insignia™ - Voice™ Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker with the Google Assistant which I use as a sart alar clock in my bedroom.  After the latest update, I've noticed that when the alarm goes off, the screen flashes on and off.  Prior to the update.  to stop the alarm, I typically would just say "OK or Hey Google, Stop," which would stop the alrm.  Since the update using the same command stops the alarm, but the continues flashing after the alrm stops.  If I tapp the home button a coupl of times (which defeats the reason for using voice control, BTW), the screen will stop flashing.  However, the led light on the mic/power button on the back, has started to flash on and off now and nothing short of rebooting the device seems to make it glow solidly again.  Since my device is close to a wall, the blinking LED iluminates the wall behind it, making it somewhat annoying.  I've tried looking i the instructions, but those ar eminimal at best, and do not address this behavior. 


Can someone please explain if I'm doing something incorrectly and how I'm  supposed to stop the alarm with my voice, while at the same time stopping the screen and the mic/power button LED from blinking?


Thanks ina dvance for the help.