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Unlocked coupon help and Customer Service Issue

I'll start by explaining the simple issue I need help with.


I purchased a renewal for my GCU and I received the perk coupons for initiating the membership. I used two of the coupons last week and they worked fine. Today I tried to use the in-store B2G1 coupon and it was denied as it showed an error every time it was scanned. At the cashier, I was told that I needed to contact customer service over the phone in order to get a functional coupon.



Ok, now onto the customer service experience. 



I called the best buy number (Elite line as I'm a elite plus member) and none of the phone prompts directed me to a coupon department so I asked to speak to a representative. To make the story short, I was transfered about 5 times to different departments and all of them say they couldn't help me with my issue. Finally, I was transfered to a person I could not undertand at all so I kept asking her to repeat herself. She started to sound irritated, then the call got cut off( at least I like to think I wasn't hung up on).


I made a second call. This time I was transfered three times and somehow I ended up in a department completely unrelated to my problem, so this time I decided to end the call because I was just wasting my time at that point.


I'm a very patient person, and even though I had had some issues making purchases at best buy, the in-store customer service has been very helpful. Today, I felt like my intelegence was being insulted. I had to repeat my issue every time I was transfered. I couln't get any one to help as if I was begging them for money. I undertand that there are more people to help so I can deal with being put on hold, but when I finally get to talk to someone I expect that person to be able to help and not have me send to a random department. In all honesty your phone customer service is a disgrace.


I try to avoid using this form of customer service as it's highly uneffective but today that was the only way to get a quick solution to my issue and what do you know? It wasn't solved. I wonder why you guys make this coupons in-store only when the customer service at the store has no autonomy to solve problems related to the promotion. I wanted to buy some games that are not widely available around my area and now I'll probably won't be able to buy them using the coupon.


I think that we can agree that my issue isn't difficult to solve, but your customer service surely made it difficult. It is just a matter of fixing the coupon I have or email me a new one. I have the coupon, and any other information needed. Please, can someone here help me with the coupon and see if I can still get the games I planned to purchase today??





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Re: Unlocked coupon help and Customer Service Issue

Hi HLgamer,


Whoa!  This sounds like a really poor experience with our Customer Care Representatives.  I'd like to start by saying how truly sorry I am for the numerous inconveniences you've had to endure throughout this process.  We never want our customers to feel this way and I'd like to personally apologize for the hassle.  


I'll be happy to see what we can do about your coupon, but I'll need additional information.  Please send me a private message by clicking the blue box at the end of my signature.  Make sure to include you My Best Buy Member ID and the purchase information ("Customer Service Pin" or Order Number") from your Gamers Club Unlocked renewal.  


Again, I'm really sorry for all of this and I look forward to getting this issue resolved.  


Blake|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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