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Re: Rocket League Code for 1050 ti

Hey mrragermotm! My advice would be to simply avoid this forum for support as you will be waiting a long time for a response and theyll probably tell you (like they did with me when I purchased the same GPU) that you don't qualify for the promotional.


Instead do like I did, call Best Buy customer support (888) 237-8289


They will ask you for your service pin, see that you qualify and email you the game code within minutes!

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Bought NVIDIA GTX 1050 Rocket League bundle but didn't receive a code on my receipt.

As the title states I bought a GTX 1050 and never received a Rocket League code on my receipt. Is there any way I can still get a code or am I just out of luck?

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Rocket League code not recieved in my email

I didnt recieve a code for rocket league that was supposed to come with my evga gtx 1050 ti ssc.

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Very poor interaction with employees at Texarkana, TX Best Buy

I purchased a PNY GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Graphics card on 7/27/2017. Online and in store were advertisments for a free Rocket League game code, with purchase of an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050, 1050ti or 1060.


When I checked out with the card, I took a look at the receipt and noticed the code wasn't on it. I brought this up to the customer service/checkout associate, and was met with a confused look(no big deal) and then told they weren't aware of any such promotion. I told them it was there and that they had an advertisment for it on their shelf in the back with the graphics cards. They called for another associate to come over and asked him if he was aware of it, he didn't know about it either...I told her again that yes it was there and she could look it up online on the Bestbuy website if she wanted. She called for a manager...and while I waited (roughly 10-15 minutes) for the manager to come over...I walked to the back of the store...took the advertisment from the shelf and came back up to the front and showed her the advertisment...and pointed out that I had just purchased an GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. The manager came up and looked at the advertisment and then looked at the computer...did some clicking and browsing looking for something on the computer and then told me he didn't know and wasn't sure what to do, that he had never heard of the promotion. He pointed out the promotion did say while supplies last...but I would figure that being a redemption code...the advertisment would have been pulled from best buys website as well as instore shelving if supplies had run out (and considering it's still online on the website I assume the promotion is still on and there are still supplies). So we stood around for another 30 minutes or so while they talked and discussed about this promotion and what to do...and finally a GeekSquad member came up to the customer service desk and mentioned that the code should be emailed to me. Well it's been over a week and I still haven't received a code to my email(checked junk/spam etc). So I called the store today...and was told that I had to download some program from GeForce and would then be able to redeem the game that way...well I downloaded the app and as I suspected, I still need a redemption code to get it. However it took almost 30 minutes on the phone with Best Buy to even get that much information...and by the time I got the app downloaded and installed the store had closed.


I'm very irritated that not only are the employees in this store completely ignorant of the promotion going on...they  can't even figure out how to go about rectifying it properly...On top of this I contacted Nvidia about the promotion and was told that BestBuy isn't even a participating retailer in the promotion! So what the hell is going on????? All I want is either my redemption code for the free game...or I'm taking the card back and I'll shop somewhere else from now on (and not at best buy)


(I was doing my best to remain calm as I was already a little perturbed that they refused to price match...only to discover that best buy had a "special" version of the card that had the model number end in BB(Best Buy)which in itself seems really shady, as trying to get around your own price match guarantee) and thus couldn't price match the same exact card for sale on TigerDirect..but they only told me this after 15 minutes of me arguing with them to get them to price match).


Would love some help...thanks.

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Never received Rocket League Game Code Email

I bought a PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card from Best Buy the other day and was so happy when I received it. My problem today is not with the graphics card itself, but with the promise of a downloadable Rocket League game that was supposed to be sent to my email. I never received the email from Best Buy pertaining to the game. I just want to know if this is a mistake, or if it takes some time for the email to be sent... 

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Rocket League Code not there

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I purchased a GTX 1050 Ti never got the code in the email. Doesn't show it on the receipt in the email either. Though it shows that a copy was added to my receipt.