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Preorder Bonus Items/Codes Clarification Requests

I made 4 pre-order deposits tonight at my local Best Buy, and I see that they do not all reflect the pre-order bonuses that appear on when you add it to the cart.


Specifically -- 

"Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition - PlayStation 4" has 2 free items that appear in Cart if you buy it at 

- Middle Earth Shadow of War Presell - PlayStation 4 [Digital Download Add-On]

- WB Games - Ring of Power from the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Game - Silver


"Destiny 2 - Windows" has 1 free that appears in Cart if you buy at

- Destiny 2 Early Access to BETA - All [Digital Download Add-On]


For me, my pre-order of "Destiny 2 - Windows" DOES shows the extra item on both the store receipt and my purchase history. But, my pre-order of "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition - PlayStation 4" DOES NOT show the 2 extra items on the store receipt or purchase history. Should the pre-order bonus items for 'Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition - PlayStation 4' be appearing on my store receipt and purchase history?


I would appreciate some info on how pre-order bonuses work, as the forums have confusing info, with some posts saying that pre-order bonuses are automatically added at release, and others stating that it is necessary to cancel and re-order when additional pre-order bonuses are listed on an item.


Which brings me to my second inquiry -- When a new bonus item is announced as part of a pre-order, does Best Buy automatically include that for existing pre-orders, or not? Does it appear in the purchase history as it is announced?


Pre-ordering games at Best Buy is new for me, so clarification would be appreciated, as I've spent way too much of my time trying to decipher how Best Buy handles video game preorders. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Preorder Bonus Items/Codes Clarification Requests

Hello oic,


Thank you for pre-ordering games from Best Buy. There are some great titles coming out this fall, and I’m glad we can be a part of gaming with you. I’ll be happy to answer your questions today.


When you place an order for a game on, you are ordering that game and any bonuses set to release with it, whether they are physical or digital bonuses. The bonuses need to be on the order when submitted so that the items are fulfilled along with the game upon its release.

Occasionally we will have pre-order bonuses announced after we already started accepting pre-orders through Where possible, we try to add these bonuses to those orders already submitted. While we are typically successful in this process, there are times where unforeseen circumstances lead to problems with that process. Because this is a possibility I would encourage anyone, when possible, to submit a new order themselves and cancel the initial one. This ensures everything on their order is squared away prior to the release.

Pre-orders placed at a local Best Buy store are treated somewhat differently. Rather than preparing the entire purchase, your money is treated as a deposit placed on the game for when it is released. Typically this means that there are no bonus items listed on your initial deposit receipt. They are not added until the release date when your purchase is fulfilled and you take home the game and any bonus items.

Destiny 2, however, is an example of a game that has a pre-order incentive that needed to be fulfilled right away rather than after the game’s release. This included the game’s beta code. To send that out right away an item is added to your deposit receipt and additional data was captured so it would be sent.

I hope this information helps clear up the confusion for you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions at this time.



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