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Pre-order codes - Read b4 posting!

[ Edited ]

We are always offering new pre-order bonuses and exclusives for the hottest upcoming video games. Many of these promotions require that you pre-order the game in order to qualify.


How these promotions are fulfilled can vary.  Some are delivered via email, some included with the game packaging, some printed on the receipt, and even combinations of those.  Regardless of how they are delivered though, we want to make sure you get your bonus that you chose Best Buy for!


As such, if you are seeking customer service with a pre-order code, we are here to help. Just send us the following information via private message to our Gaming-BBY inbox (click that hyperlink to bring up a private message already addressed to that inbox):

Message Subject: Game Title & Platform
Message Body: Include...
• Proof of purchase (Customer Service PIN from in-store receipt or order #)
• Email address (the one you provided for the code)


It is very important that you include all of the above information for the fastest service.


We will then be able to investigate why you may not have received your code or why the one you received did not work and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Please note that any unsolicited private messages sent to Moderators for this issue will be redirected to the Gaming-BBY inbox in an effort to assist everyone promptly and in the proper order. Also, sending multiple messages does not increase response time.


Also note that we currently do not support digital download questions, PC App questions, serial key requests, or general PC gaming-related promotions via this inbox so please post those questions in a new thread on the Gaming Support board.

Please use plain text.