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Re: Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

I can't believe Best Buy cannot honor existing orders by adding the steelbook to people who pre-ordered long ago.  We should not have to cancel orders, re-order and be put at the back of the queue.


I know for a fact that amazon would just add it to the previous purchase.  This is all just very upsetting.

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Promotion not applied to Preorder of Mass Effect Andromeda : PS4

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Hello, I have 2 seperate orders for Mass Effect Andromeda: PS4 :

Order# {removed per forum guidelines} & {removed per forum guidelines}


Bestbuy is now including free exclusive Steelcases for all Mass Effect preorders, however since I placed these 2 preorders back in December they were not being offered at the time.


Can this promotion please be added to my 2 orders?

Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook


Thank you.



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Re: Promotion not applied to Preorder of Mass Effect Andromeda : PS4

Looks like my post got moved here without even a comment.  What a way to take care of your customers who "preorder" an item early. I guess in the future might as well just preorder a few days before release day.

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Re: Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

I have to agree with justinTIME and others here.  I really can't believe that Best Buy refuses to honor existing preorders in this situation.


What atrocious customer service.  They could at least send us $10 gift cards or something so that we could purchase the standalone steelbook.  But no, we're literally being penalized for preordering early.  Way to respect your loyal customers who chose to order from you in the first place, guys.


All I know is that if this is not rectified in some fashion by the time the game is released, I will NOT be recommending friends or family to shop at Best Buy ever again (I'm the "tech guy" that they all go to when they need help or advice).

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Re: Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook



BBY really needs to stop adding these bonus items and not adding them to existing customers.



"Oops, you  need to cancel your pre-order and now you have to pre-order again."


This is confusing to customers, and penalizing loyal customers.

This is the second time this has happened to me.


Coincedently, it is the second time that it has happened that after an order was submitted with a promotion. Now I have to cancel an order, and order the same item again and pay MORE.


Pleaese payss it up. We appreciate the items.

But please some promoting orders, and then promoting cancellations to order again.

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Re: Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

It has been a week and a half now since the last response by a mod so I am guessing this thread is just going to be ignored from here on out. It is a shame that the customers are expected to jump through hoops to fix something that should take minimal effort from someone at Best Buy to fix. If you used a combination of promos or holiday gift cards I guess you are out just of luck if anything gets added to a preorder. 

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Mass Effect Andromeda: SteelBook & previous orders?

So is Best Buy's finally going to join the ranks of all the other major retailers and retroactively apply the steelbook bonus add-on to previously placed orders? Or are they going to require us to cancel our pre-order, and reorder the game in order to get the bonus steelbook? It's amazing that in 2017 I still have to ask this question.

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Re: Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

Good luck getting it either way. I pre-ordered multiple games with steelbook pre-orders and never got them.(and had them showing as part of my order) Witcher 3, etc.
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Re: Mass Effect - Andromeda Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

I really am surprised by what I am reading. I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for years. I've always appreciated these forums since they did a good job of fixing the falling the cracks issues, like preorder bonuses not being retroactively applied to existing orders. We have ALWAYS been told here not to worry if an offer comes out after you preorder, of course it will be added to your order or we will manually fix it.
I can't cancel my order because I used one of the Visa promotions Best Buy has been pushing. I have already received the rest of the order but if I cancel my Mass Effect order I will be charged more for not only Mass Effect but for the items I already received.
Please figure out a way to add the sku to the existing orders, for at least the already paying customers you have here specifically asking for it.
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Free Mass Effect Andromeda steelbook not included in pre-order?



I notice that a steelbook is now included for free on pre-orders of Mass Effect Andromeda (


However, I pre-ordered this game a while ago when the steelbook wasn't mentioned. I checked the order and the steelbook is not part of it, though if I pre-order right now then it will be included. However I don't want to cancel the previous pre-order as I received a discount for it (25 off 100 Visa Checkout)


Is there a way you can change my pre-order to include the steelbook? I can provide the order number.


Thank you