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Re: Best Buy Charged Me $20 for a Free Destiny 2 Beta

Hi melotweet –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear you too were affected by this error on our end and charged for the Beta, which I’m happy to help with. That said in the future please only provide private information like order numbers to a moderator via private message.


Reviewing your account I’m happy to see one of our phone agents was already able to address this for you. As for your pre-order payment, we do not collect payment until pre-orders either ship or becomes ready for store pickup. What you were seeing on your account was a temporary authorization hold that’s part of the verification process, which drops off automatically after a few business days. You can find more details about this process in Pre-order FAQ.



Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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PS4 Pro Limited Edition Console Destiny 2

I recently cancelled a preorder for the Limited edition PS4 Pro console because I found a better back to school deal at NewEgg. The console was succesfully cancelled but upon further inspection I noticed that I was instead charged a value of 19.99 for a Destiny 2 beta code that I did not use. Is this an error? Both items should be removed from the order. 

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I was charged $20 for the Destiny 2 beta.

I was charged $19.99 for the Destiny 2 beta and $0.01 for the Call of Duty: WWII private beta after cancelling my order despite neither of these having a price advertised clearly and being shown as "Included Free" on the product page. I see that this has been an issue as of late and people have had their orders corrected. I am not paying for something that was "free", so please help me fix this issue.

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Cancelled video game, got charged $20 for beta code

And the most dishonest part is the beta code was originally listed as $0.00 on the invoice. Only AFTER cancelling did it become $19.99. What gives with this? It was the Destiny 2 Special Edition which I decided I did not have enough money for.
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Charged $20 for Destiny 2 Beta

I pre-ordered Destiny 2 + expansion pass about a month ago but decided to cancel that order and only purchase the base game closer to release. After cancelling, I was quickly refunded but it was for $19.99 less than the initial amount paid. This was in no way made clear during the cancellation process and the beta code was listed as free. I can see this has been a problem for others and seems to just be a system error so thanks in advance to whoever can help me with this issue.

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$19.99 charge after cancelling Destiny 2 Pre-order



I just cancelled my Destiny 2 Preorder and only got a partial refund. The inital order I placed stated the beta code was $0.00 and now that has changed to $19.99 This change is price feels very deceptive as I'm now charged for something that was stated as free. I just checked the forum and saw you were able to help people solve this issue as it's some kind of error affecting a small number of orders.




If you can solve this issue I would appreciate this.


Kind regards,