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Absolute Nightmare of an Experience

I've waited a few days for my anger to subside to call or comment in regards to an issue I experienced with the store/customer care about a week ago. This is about a purchase/preorder that I had made at one of your locations for Madden 18 GOAT Edition.


I originally had a pre-order at my local Gamestop for the Madden 18 GOAT edition where I've never had an issue with the game and they offer midnight releases. However, you ran a promotion this year where if I traded in Madden 17 and got Madden 18 from you I was given $15 for the trade and a $10 coupon for the game. This fantastic offer that you had come up with led me to make the choice to cancel my pre-order on the game that I had for several months and went to my local Best Buy to trade in the game and reserve a copy of the game.


The trade in process went by smoothly as they have for me in the past and then this is where the trouble began. After completing the trade in process I decided I would just pay for the game upfront so that I wouldn't owe any money the day of the release and could walk in and walk out.


The lady was having issues getting the coupon to work and allowing it to discount the game to $69.99 as it should have been. After several attempts, she wasn't sure how what the issue was and ultimately decided that the coupon must not work until the release of the game so that I would need to bring the coupon with me when I came to pick up the game in order to get a discount.


This seemed odd to me but I ultimately had no choice in the matter and followed her direction and left after paying the full amount for the game. Upon leaving the location, I checked my receipt and saw that I had actually paid 84.99 for the game (including my trade in values). It appears I was charged the normal $5 dollars for the pre-order and then $79.99 for the actual game. I decided that it wasn't worth messing up anything on a pre-order and I would address the issue when I had to get the coupon adjusted.


Due to complications at work and being out of town during the release I wasn't able to come pick up the game until just before labor day when due to my work schedule I was able to have from Friday Afternoon until Wednesday off to the play the game. I drove to the location in which I had preordered the game and went in to pick up the game. The first person who helped me attempted to look up my order by my name and phone number and was unable to find anything in the system. She then checked the storage area and was unable to find anything so she told me that the order must not be ready.


This made no sense to me as that edition had already been out for about 10 days. There were other people in line so I offered to step aside while I could research the issue on my end so other customers did not need to wait. I checked my BBY History and found the purchase and saw that the full amount had come out of my bank account so surely there must be a system issue. So I then got back into a line and this time got the other customer service team member who I explained the issue to and then in less than 10 seconds "found" my order and informed me that it was canceled. This took me completely by surprise as I had not canceled the order and after trying to find the root cause of this issue he directed me to 1-888-Best Buy as he had no idea what it was canceled.


Obviously, this is an upsetting issue as I was directed out of the store without a game that I had paid for because it had been canceled for some reason. So I decided to call the number on my way home and figure it out. This is where this bad experience turned into a multi call nightmare. As somebody who has worked in a retail experience, I can understand that issues sometimes happen and went into these calls with an open mind. The first lady I got on the phone seemed very pleasant but new to her position as it took her ages to look anything up and pass me information. She tried several systems to find my order and could not find anything. After about 45 minutes she asked me if I had my receipt on me as she could not find it. After not being able to find my receipt information from my history she concluded that I must not have paid anything for my game. I informed her that was not the case and my transaction history could prove this. Not being thrilled with this information and the lack of not getting anywhere with it I opted to end the call and return to the store for my receipt as I was informed that she could not look it up.


Upon arriving at the store I spoke with a manager who pulled my receipt for me in less than 60 seconds and gave me the information I needed to share with Customer Care. I then called back a second time when I returned home and the second lady was even worse. She was at least able to find my purchase (2 out 4 had found it at this point) and informed me that it had been canceled and that a refund has been issued. This is where the conversation turned ugly. I had been given information that I already knew and was growing increasingly frustrated. I informed her that I never canceled the order and no refund had been issued. She then placed me on hold to further investigate the issue. She returned from the hold and informed me that the money had been refunded when the order had been canceled 5 DAYS PRIOR. She was going to finish the refund and put the money back onto the gift cards that I had been given for my trade ins. I informed her that this information was inaccurate as no money had been placed back into my account and was unacceptable as I never even touched the gift cards since they were used directly for purchase following the trade.


She proceeded to inform me over and over again that this was my only option because they no longer had that game in stock anywhere within 250 miles. I informed her that it was unacceptable and asked repeatedly to speak with a supervisor who could provide me with better information or a solution. She kept deflecting my request until I had to begin to repeat myself over and over. She then placed me on hold stating that she would get somebody. After a 15 minute wait, she came back and informed me that nobody was free and that I would need to call back in later. This was completely unacceptable and I informed her so. I informed her I would continue to wait if needed but I wanted a solution without having to call back in. She then informed me that best route was to go into the store and call the 1-888-BEST BUY number from there. After again being told to hang up and call back I demanded to speak with somebody above her or for a solution that made sense to me was presented. My demands were A) My entire purchase refunded to my card as I was going to need to attempt to buy the game elsewhere or B) Give me the regular edition and a game card to cover my lost value in the two versions. ($50 value). During the middle of telling her how unhappy I was with the situation, I was placed on hold. (Mind you and please feel free to review my calls, I never once cursed at an associate or felt that I disrespected them during my frustration.)


This hold, however, was unlike all the previous ones, there was no request made to place me on hold and no hold music, it was just silence. (I was hoping that I was being placed on the line for a supervisor). After about 30 minutes I gave up and called back into 1-888-Best Buy and spoke with my 3rd care associate. The third lady was very nice and she gave me all the information I needed and did her best to assist me but was met with the same issue with not having the game anymore and it being done at the store she was limited in solutions. I was informed that the game was canceled due to "Aging" as it had not been picked up. She agreed 100% with me that it should not have happened since I paid for that game in full. I expressed this same opinion to all three care reps. Best Buy could have let that game sit on the shelf for 50 years and it wouldn't have affected their revenue since it was paid for in full. (and $5 more) She apologized profusely for the issue and told me that because it was done at the store that was my only solution was to return to them for a refund. She did confirm that no refund had been processed which tells me the second care associate flat out lied to me multiple times. She also confirmed that there was no way to get me the game during my time in which I had to play it as no stores had any in the area and .com shipping wouldn't arrive in time either due to the weekend and holiday. During this call with the associate the hold music from my original call kicked back in and prompted me to inform her of that situation in which she apologized for. We both knew what happened, the rep had disconnected the phone call rather than deal with my issue.


Seeing that I was going nowhere with this issue and after wasting two trips to and from the store and having no solutions in place and having wasted several hours on the phone I decided I had no choice but to wave the white flag.


These calls kept me on the line until about 10PM which means the store had been closed and I no longer was able to even use the $10 coupon on the regular edition copy. So I was then forced to purchase the game elsewhere for $60 and then purchase the game upgrade (that came with my edition for the game) for $50. So I ended up having to spend $110 dollars in a video game that should have cost me $70. I could have understood this issue had the game NOT been paid for in full. If I had placed just the $5 dollar deposit and not picked it up promptly then I could see why the store or company would opt to cancel that order in order to take care of a customer looking to buy in full that day. But the game had already been paid for, as far as the inventory went that game was basically my property already.


So in short, I paid in full for a game that I did not receive. Was informed that I did not pay for the game (lie), that a refund had been issued (lie), that I could speak with a supervisor (lie) was hung up on. I paid Best Buy $80 for a game, traded in two copies of games with you guys and after three visits to the location and three phone calls to customer care was left with nothing. I ultimately went back into the store was issued a refund onto my card and got a gift card back from my trade in.


I'm writing this long post to you guys now because it was completely unacceptable how this went down and what should have been the easiest sale possible for the store turned into a total nightmare in which I was left having to paying more for something than I did originally and wasting several hours of my vacation trying to resolve it just to get nowhere.


As a long time customer of Best Buy this really leaves a sour taste with me and I would love the opportunity to speak with somebody further about this issue as I felt like this situation was completely mishandled and I was the one left holding the bag for either a store mistake or a system mistake and no logical alternative was offered to me to so solve the situation.

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Re: Absolute Nightmare of an Experience

This is a major reason why I never pre-order anything from them nowadays. Their system is an absolute nightmare to deal with. Between them not having pre-order bonuses that they promised to have to selling pre-ordered copies to other customers who come in asking for them I've had similar experiences.


Good luck either way and sorry to hear about your issues. It's a big part of why I almost never shop with the company now.

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Re: Absolute Nightmare of an Experience

Hi JustinJones –


Welcome to our forums and thank you bringing your recent experience to our attention. I’m disheartened after reading about the trouble with your pre-order, and the behavior and lack of ownership you described our phone support agents providing. This is absolutely not the kind of experience we aim to provide any of our valued customers, and I sincerely apologize for our failure to provide the kind of service and treatment you deserved here. That said I am glad to hear your local store was able to provide you with your refund in the end.


I also thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback with us, which I will be documenting here at our corporate offices. We greatly value all feedback we receive from our customers, and it’s our hope that your words will help us serve our customers better in the future. If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to reach out to me directly via private message by selecting the blue button in my signature.



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