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$100 UAC DOOM Bundle a Scam?

On 7/15, I recieved a gift. My father surprised me, with a store bought game. I was quite pleased, I didn't ask for anything. I come to find out that after I redeem the base game, I've broken the bundle. I attempt to redeem the season pass code, and it's invalid. I contact BestBuy support, and am given the same invalid code. I am told to contact Bethesda, and they tell me to take it up with BestBuy. 


The person where it was purchased tells me that the Season Pass comes free, with this $100 bundle. If you know games, then you know that a new base game costs $60, so the 'steel' book costs $40? It came with no art, or music, just a flashy cover. To recap I followed the natural order of progression with redeeming my codes. I successfully redeemed the base game, and then I tried to redeem the Invalid Season Pass. 


After some digging around. I find this Post. 



  Re: Invalid Doom Season Pass Code on Receipt [ Edited ] 

I was able to return it and pick up the season pass thru steam. Thanks for your help.




Hi digitaldragon75,

Thank you for choosing Best Buy.

I'm sorry to know that the Doom Season Pass you received is invalid.

After careful research and contacting the proper channels, I have confirmed after speaking with the game publisher (Bethesda) and with our Digital Download team that the digital season pass codes that was provided to us were all invalid. On this note, returning to the store and requesting for a refund to purchase the physical item of the season pass or purchase the season pass through steam is the only way to resolve this issue. 

We appreciate your loyalty as a My Best Buy member.

Game on,
Best Buy Gaming Team
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I've spent some time running in circles with this. If this post is true, why are these invalid bundles still on the shelf?

I'm sorry that this comes off as inflammatory, but it's not right. If the post isn't true, it was still a year ago, and these codes are still circulating. 


With appreication,



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Re: $100 UAC DOOM Bundle a Scam?

Hello Sam,


Thank you for joining our forum. I’ll be happy to speak with you today.


I am sorry for the disappointment you have experienced with the Doom UAC bundle. That was certainly a nice gift from your father, and I can understand opening it up and beginning the installation process before learning of any trouble with the season pass. I’m sure I could have done the same thing if I had been in your situation.


I also received your private message. Please watch for a reply from me via private mssage so we can continue to work towards a resolution today.


Best regards,

Mike|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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