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When does Gamer's Club activation begin?

This seems to be a reoccurring problem with lots of customers after seeing so many posts about it.  If I were a Best Buy exec I would definitely get this problem resolved.




I purchased a 2 year membership online on Monday 5/15.


I got the welcome email with coupons Tuesday 5/16.


I still don't see the discount being applied as of Thursday evening 5/18.


Yes, I am logged into my account on


Yes, I am trying to pre order a game and am not making an already released game purchase.


On the "My Orders" page I see where it says my membership is in the digital library although it doesn't exist there.


When I add a Pre Order game to my cart, it asks me if I want to purchase the Gamer's Club membership even though I already have it.



I expect an activation like this to go into effect quickly...24 hours the most.  3 days seems a little ridiculous.


Please advise.





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Re: When does Gamer's Club activation begin?

Log into your account and click on the rewards tab. Thats where it should be visible  Is it showing GCU in there?  It should look like this, but with your date.




When logged in and it is active a game on the web page should show up like this.



Games that are digital download will not look like this as they are not eligable.

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Re: When does Gamer's Club activation begin?

Hi magicalmonkey80 –


Welcome to our forums and thank you for becoming a GCU Member. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble utilizing your Membership, so I’ll be happy to advise you as there appears to be some confusion here.


Please see out Gamers Club Unlocked Activation FAQ thread pinned near the top of this board for a detailed explanation about the activation process, and the time frame we expect it to complete in. After following the quick troubleshooting steps to verify everything is registered correctly with your account, if you’re still not able to take advantage of your Membership please reach out to us as instructed in the thread with the requested information so we may be of assistance.



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Re: When does Gamer's Club activation begin?

ok, I finally saw the Gamer's Club logo in my rewards window today.  Unfortunately the pre order item I wanted is no longer available now.  It took less than a minute for a best buy employee to activate a credit card for me in store, but it takes 4 days to activate a club subscription?