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Release date delivery and customer service is a horrible joke.

Joined gamers club last month because the 20% new games and release day delivery was too much to pass up.  Pre- ordered Horizon and wildlands.  Horizon arrived a day late.  Let it slide and figured it was a fluke.  Got home from work today expecting to play wildlands with my buddies and it's not here either.  Called customer service and they offed no explanation.  Tried to cancel the order but couldn't because it's already shipped.  Ask for a refund for gamers club and they said it would take 7-10 business days but I have yet to gt a confirmation email.  Guess I will have to wait and see.  20% off is nice but I would prefer release day delivery.  Looks like I'm going back to amazon.

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Re: Release date delivery and customer service is a horrible joke.

Hi robertted –


Welcome to our forums and thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear your last two pre-orders arrived a day later than expected, and that you’re so far unsatisfied with your GCU Membership, which I’ll be happy to advise you on.


Firstly we do our best with every pre-order to ensure it’s delivered as close to release as possible by shipping it out at a level of service needed for it to arrive at your door on the release day. While we hit our mark most of the time, regrettably there can be logistics or supply issues outside of our control that may delay your order’s delivery. Certainly receiving your pre-order a day later than expected isn’t a good experience, and I do apologize for the disappointment and frustration I’m sure these misses have caused.


That said, using the information you registered with our forums I was able to locate your recent orders, GCU Membership, and the log from your last call into us regarding this issue, and am not seeing anywhere in the logs anything about refunding your membership. Moreover as specifically called out in the GCU Terms and Conditions, and our Return and Exchange Promise, memberships are non-returnable and non-refundable purchases, so a refund for your membership is not something we’re able to provide.


It regrettable to hear that your recent experiences may affect your decisions to shop with us in the future, but I do thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us over our forums. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to post again.


Best Wishes,

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Release date delivery and customer service is a horrible joke.

Sorry to hear that.  It is unfortunate. 


Personally I have only had 1 game come after release and it was my fault for only ordering 2 days prior to release.


GCU for me has been a huge savings and exceptoinaly beneficial. I always couple my purchases with my Best Buy Credit card and maximize for even more rewards.


I would hazard to guess GCU has saved me upwards of $300 on purchases of around 20 games at least.  Coupled with the extra rewards from Credit Card it has really paid off.


You can not use it if you wish but I think the payback is incredible. 

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Re: Release date delivery and customer service is a horrible joke.

So your telling me your customer service rep lied out right about my refund.  Good job best buy.  Good job.