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Problems with logging in and Gamers Club Unlocked



A couple of problems:


-First, I bought a Gamers Club Unlocked membership yesterday and paid with a gift card. I got a confirmation email for the order, but never received any emails after that regarding activation of the membership. When I checked on the website, it said that it was available and could activate it under my digital library, but upon clicking on the link for the digital library, it shows nothing there. I checked my gift card balance and the $30 has been taken from the gift card.


I tried putting in an order for a pre-order game (Destiny 2-Xbox One) and upon adding it to the cart it asked me if I wanted to join GCU even though I should already be signed up for it. I clicked on no, but when trying to checkout, the 20% discount never showed up.


It should also be noted that I tried subscribing to GCU earlier yesterday and the order was cancelled.


-Second, all day yesterday and all day today, I've been having trouble signing into my account on On Firefox 54.0.1, I couldn't log in to my account at all; after putting the correct email address and password (I use a password manager), it keeps saying "Oops! The e-mail or password did not match our records. Please try again." When logging in on Edge or Chrome, it says it needs to verify who I am by sending a verification code through email or text. I choose email and upon entering the verification code, it prompts me to choose a new password (even though I didn't ask to change my password). 


This is very frustrating as I've never had problems logging into my account on before and have placed a good number of orders on the site. Now, everytime I visit the site to check if the GCU membership works or not, I have to wait for a verification code and I have to change my password.


I'm not sure if this is because of user error, but I have tried various things like clearing my browser cache and I have even turned off my VPN, but nothing solves the problems that I've been having. Could someone please assist me with these problems?


Thank you for your time!

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Re: Problems with logging in and Gamers Club Unlocked

[ Edited ]

My order # is (removed per forum guidelines) if it helps at all. I'm still not getting the benefits from paying for GCU and my gift card balance is still $30 less than it was before the purchase of membership.


Is there a way to have someone take a look at this? The only reason why I bought it is because I was planning on pre-ordering some upcoming games, but seems like that's not going to happen anytime soon.

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Re: Problems with logging in and Gamers Club Unlocked

Hi Daimaoh – 

Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging into our website, and that there’s some confusion regarding the GCU Activation process, both of which I’ll be happy to help clarify and advise you on. 

Firstly please see the Gamers Club Unlocked Activation FAQ for an explanation of the process, included the expected timeframe for activation to complete, and clarification regarding the download email. As for your login trouble, it’s difficult to say what the issue is for certain without doing some binary exclusion, though if the issue is isolated to Firefox and you’ve already cleared your cache/cookies I’d recommend performing a Refresh of the browser. 

Finally I was able to locate and review your membership and account using the information you registered with our forums, and see your membership is now activated as expected. If you run into any further issues please let me know so I may be of assistance. 


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