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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I am not able to edit my the previous message, please disregard, thanks.

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

How long does it take for Best Buy to credit my rewards? I pre ordered Far Cry 5 and still havent seen the 500 points.

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FarCry5 preorder - When to expect the $10 preorder promotional certificate

Hi there,


I preordered FarCry5 (PS4) on the day that preorders went up (June 2, 2017), and I believe somewhere along the way it was one of the titles that would receive a $10 gift certificate when preordered.  Are preorders that are made before the promotion was announced eligible to receive the $10?  And if so, when can I expect to receive it?



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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

Hi James –


As detailed in our Get $10 FAQ, you should see your 500 bonus points credited to your account within 15-20 days of purchase or game shipment. As we’re well within that period for Far Cry 5, we would not expect you to have received your bonus points yet. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post again.  



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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I realize this is a bonus *gift card* offer and not a certificate, but I figured it was close enough that this was the best place to ask. Smiley Happy


There is currently a $10 gift card bonus attached to Extinction - my question is, will this bonus also be added to the Deluxe Edition of the game? It is not currently shown for it. Thank you!  

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I noticed that Mario Tennis Aces advertises the $10 off select games in the synopsis, but doesn't show it as eligible on the top of the page like the other games. Is Mario Tennis Aces available for this offer? If not, will it be?

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I meant $10 offer in rewards* but the question still stands.

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

Greetings argylega,


Welcome to our forums! At this time, only the standard edition include the $10 gift card offer. If you were to pre-order the deluxe edition and the offer gets extended to that version, it should automatically be added to your order.


I hope this has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please let me know!



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