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Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition - Xbox One $10 certificate

Hello, I preordered Madden NFL 18 GOAT Edition for Xbox One SKU 5868317 and picked it up on launch day so I checked under my reward points history and it looks like I didn't receive my $10 in reward zone credit for pre-ordering it and only got points for the actual purchase price.

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Re: $10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

My base points posted, but I also didn't get 500 points for preordering madden 18.

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Re: $10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

Yeah my Destiny 2 preorder shows the 500 point bonus but Madden doesn't.
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Re: $10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

The problem I have with Best Buy forum method of dealing with issues like this is they ask us to do the work send private messages. What about the people who do not realize they have a issue they do not get coupons or point ect. Months later welcome packs are still not being sent to people. Who is fixing these issues it seems like no one. We want he problems fixed to have to go onto your forums and beg for something that was a part of the purchase  is absurd.

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Madden 18 pre order

Good Day, I preordered Madden 18 for PS4. When I will receive the $10 (500 points) certificate into my account? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Pre-ordered Madden NFL 18 and still haven't received the 500 points

I've waited for the two-week period since the game shipped and I still haven't seen the 500 points post to my account or even be offered as pending. The points for the purchase have since posted, but not the bonus. Is there some way to get this resolved?

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Never got a DLC code I was sup post to receive and my Madden 18 $10 Certificate never arrived.

Hoping to get this corrected or some details.

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Re: $10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

Has there been any update to this situation?
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Didn't receive $10 certificate from Madden 18 Pre-order

Hi, So before Madden 18 came out I pre ordered the goat edition of madden 18. I picked up the game on release day on the 22nd. However, after paying I noticed it didn't take off the right amount for my gamers club discount. So I went back immediately that day and asked them about it and they were trying to figure it out for awhile and after a lot of overrides and help from other staff members they refunded me the difference. They had to do a return and exchange. So on my account now the transaction isn't pending anymore so I know now it messed up this $10 promo. Under the rewards history it shows the 500 points for the certificate but in another it deducts most of the points from this return and exchange. I only have 98 points on my account. Can you please help? I had asked them if this was going to cause an issue with this $10 promo and they said it would not. Clearly it did. Thanks!
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10$ Pre-Order Bonus for Madden 18

I could use some help. I have pre-ordered games before, with the 10$ bonus. I usually check my account regularly, and it takes roughly 15-20 days for the pre-order reward (500 points) to post.

Today I picked up a pre-ordered copy of Destiny 2, and as soon as I picked it up it appeared on my account, with my usual pending points, PLUS I noticed the additional 500 pre-order bonus points (shown as pending).

I went back and double-checked my Madden 18 pre-order, which I have received points for already, and it doesn't show anything about a pre-order bonus there.

Also, it's been slightly over 15 days since my store pick up of pre-ordered Madden 18, and usually my rewards points show up on the quicker side of the estimated time.

Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this/ Is there anyway I can receive the $10 pre-order bonus for Madden 18? It was a big reason as to why I pre-ordered with Best Buy! Thanks for any help