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$10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

So last Friday I pre ordered the goat edition of madden 18. Yesterday I picked up the game. However, after paying I noticed it didn't take off the right amount for my gamers club discount. So I went back and asked them about it and they were trying to figure it out for awhile and after a lot of overrides and help from other staff members they refunded me the difference. They had to do a return and exchange. So before this transaction showed on my bestbuy account online yesterday the 500 bonus points for the $10 certificate was pending. However, now after this transaction it is not anymore. Can you please help? I had had asked them if this was going to cause an issue with this $10 promo and they said it would not.
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Re: $10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

Hi P2nation –


Welcome back to the forums and thanks for your pre-order! We certainly don’t want you missing out on one of your pre-order promotions because we messed up, so I’ll be happy to advise you here.


As called out in the My Best Buy Get $10 Offer thread pinned near the top of this board, it should take 15-20 days after pickup or shipment for the 500 rewards points to post to your account. Even though the stores action to correct the GCU discount issue removed the initial pending points, the system should still recognize your pre-order and automatically apply the bonus within the expected timeframe. That said if for some reason the points have not been applied after that period please post again to let us know so we may be of assistance.


Happy Gaming!

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Missing $10 certificate for preordering Madden 18

I preordered Madden 18, which was supposed to come with a $10 rewards certificate. However, it doesn't show up in my rewards.

I've tried reporting my missing points, but it says my information doesn't match Best Buy's records.
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Re: Missing $10 certificate for preordering Madden 18

Same here. usually it says points pending for the $10 pre order bonus but mine has nothing

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$10 Reward for Preorder of game...when does it come?

I pre-ordered Madden 18 a while back, and the game came last week.  I still haven't gotten the $10 bonus that the site said I would get.  How long does it normally take to appear?

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Madden 18 $10 IN REWARDS preorder bonus

Pre-ordered a copy of Madden 18 for ps4 and still haven't received my $10 in rewards. Not seeing it as pending either. Just wondering if there's a reason why?

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Re: Madden 18 $10 IN REWARDS preorder bonus

Have same thing here.  Normally, I wouldn't be concerned given the usual timeframe after release for getting the points, but this time the base points for the purchase already showed up in my account, but no indication at all that the bonus points are even pending, so I am wondering if there is an issue.

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Madden 18 $10 pre order bonus

I have no sign of the $10 reward certificate from my pre order of Madden 18. Does it just show up or is it missing?

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Re: Madden 18 $10 IN REWARDS preorder bonus

Greetings Mdm07,


Welcome back to our forums and thank you for coming to Best Buy for all your Madden 18 needs! Generally the promotional certificates are credited to your account 15-20 days after your purchase. For additional details please visit our page on our Get $10 promotions page.


If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to respond!



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: $10 reward points not showing anymore for Madden 18 goat pre order

Same here. Haven't received anything . I've usually received my certificate by now when I've preordered with best buy before.