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Stripped of Elite Status due to Best Buy glitch/error

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I'm Elite status that has been stripped down to no status because Best Buy can't see my 2016 purchases, but I can see them in my account when I sign in. I've contacted Live Chat twice. The first agent claimed that I would need to contact support again later in the day because she needed to calculate my 2016 purchases. Two days later, I contacted support through Live Chat again, to which the agent told me that they couldn’t see any of my 2016 purchases and that’s why I didn’t have Elite status. When I asked about the calculations of the previous agent, the agent told me that the previous agent forwarded my information to another department and nothing had been done. She verified that my Membership ID matched and when I told her that two of my purchases alone equaled more than $1600, she asked me for the Service Pins for both transactions. Next, she told me, "I have successfully created a follow-up Case. I would highly suggest you to contact our Customer Care at 1-888-237-8289 with the Case ID: {removed per forum guidelines}  and your good to go!”

The next day, I contacted Customer Care phone support as instructed, to which the representative said he was going to issue a ticket for my account to be audited with the two Service Pins indicated in my case ID. Frustrated, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor that I spoke with made me even more frustrated. He looked at my case and continued to repeat that there is a 5-7 day process for my account to be audited and that I would get an email in a week. When I asked why the Live Chat agent would tell me to call if there was this particular “process,” he repeated that there was a 5-7 day process and that I would have to call back. When I asked again why I would be told to call if nothing could be done without this 5-7 day process, he began to repeat the same response until I cut him off and asked, “Why would your chat agent tell me to call? I understand that you’re saying there’s a process, but should she have told me to call?” To which, he admitted, no. I have nothing against anyone who speaks English as a second language. However, if you can only read a prompt and can’t listen to any of my questions, that does tend to bother me.

I've even asked if I could email someone receipts that showed at least $1500 in purchases during 2016. I was told no and to wait for the 5-7 day process that I think will still end with nothing being done since 1) tomorrow makes a week and 2) I was told they can’t even see my purchases from their end so 3) how do you audit an account that you can’t see?

Frustrating their customers is definitely the look they're going for. Amazon and Target are definitely seeing more business from me since I can’t order anything with Free Shipping through Best Buy right now.

I’m posting in this forum because it seems you resolve issues a lot faster by actually looking into the matter.
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Re: Elite 2 day shipping

I'd like to say that there could be a possible glitch with your account, as there is with mine. I was ripped from Elite status to a regular member status about 2 weeks ago due to Best Buy not being able to see my 2016 purchases. They have yet to resolve the issue after contacting support 3 times over 1 1/2 weeks, even though two of my 2016 purchases totaled more than $1600. I would recommend verifying that your membership rewards account is displaying proper Elite/Elite Plus status.

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Re: Stripped of Elite Status due to Best Buy glitch/error

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Hello jus2dolphins, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your Elite status. As you may know, tier statuses expire at the end of every February if a particular Elite or Elite Plus customer hasn't purchased enough to retain their tier status. For more information on this, please feel welcome to review our 2017 My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ

With that said, I'm truly sorry to hear you that you believe your tier status incorrectly expired. You should keep in mind though that portions of purchases paid for by gift card or reward certificates do not count towards your tier status. 

Using the details you registered with the forum, please know that I was able to locate your membership. It appears that you had quite a few returns, exchanges, and price matches this year, which is likely what is causing the confusion. Please know that I have taken the time to review your membership closely, and I am sending you a private message with further details. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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