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Poor Customer Service and Incapable Support

First, let me start by saying I've been a loyal best buy customer since the days of circuit city. For the past 3 years I've owned my own business and bought all of my business electronics and personal electronics from this company. I've been elite plus continuously for that period due to the amounts I spend.

So here's my issue. I have for over a year been trying to get switched from my tax exempt status being set-from resale to reuse. My business, being a hotel, collects tax on the rooms in which we buy the electronics for, thus exempting us from paying tax on business purchases. I am listed for some reason, under resale exemption. I've called multiple time stating I'm not reselling the items and they refuse to give me points for my purchases. That is the first issue.

Secondly, the customer service for anything dealing with points and my best buy is atrocious. You get someone from across the world answering your calls, they know nothing about the products, they follow a prompt on how to respond even though every circumstance is unique, and their English is beyond terrible. Now, as an American who's spent over $60,000+ in the past couple years at Best Buy, I'd like decent support and someone that can help and I can understand. That doesn't seem to be possible and I will take all further purchases elsewhere.

Thirdly, I made over $5000 in purchases for February 2017 until present, yet I was demoted March 1st to one Elite and not Elite plus status. I purchased 16 laptops around February 7th, 2017, they didn't work out so I exchanged them for 8 higher end laptops on the 15th of February, totaling $3200. It has been a month to date and customer service just tells me to wait that MAYBE I'll get the points, even though I know I won't because I'm listed under the wrong tax exempt status, and for some reason that purchase doesn't count towards my spending limit for elite plus it seems. I'm seriously fed up with this company and the atrocious customer support. They are completely Incapable and aren't even American or in America. My favorite is calling the Elite concierge number, you get immediate service from someone who sounds like theyre American, but they're no more than a glorified operator that just forwards you to the same people any normal best buy customer would call, over in India or wherever they are. This company has become a joke and had lost a business and personal customer.
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Re: Poor Customer Service and Incapable Support

Good afternoon atn086,


A years' worth of attempts with the same end result would no doubt be a frustrating experience.  I can imagine getting discouraged and just wanting to throw your hands up.  Before we into the issue at hand, I would strongly suggest contacting our Best Buy for Business (BBFB) team in the future if you are making purchases for a business.  They are there to help make sure your business is running smoothly.  You can reach them by calling 1-877-393-1038.


First, any purchase that is made for resale will not qualify for points.  If your current tax exempt status is categorized as being for resale, then points will not be awarded.  Those purchases will also not count towards reaching Elite or Elite Plus status.  Until your status is changed, you will continue to be awarded zero points when using your tax exempt status.  There are only a handful of category options available when applying for a tax exempt status card, which you can see here.  You will end up needing to reapply for a brand new tax exempt status card.


Second, we do have multiple call centers located all over the country as well as a handful that are located outside of the US.  All agents do go through training and should be more than capable of addressing questions or concerns from our customers.  One of the teams that handles calls made to the dedicated line for Elite and Elite Plus members actually sits down the hallway from me here at the Corporate Offices.  While the end result of every phone call may not be exactly what a customer wants, they should still be left feeling confident that the agent on the other side of the phone cared.


I do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while trying to find a solution and would like to go over your account with you in a bit more detail, so I will be sending you a private message shortly.  You can read private messages by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the little yellow envelope icon that is located at the very top of the page.  I look forward to further speaking with you and seeing what I can do to further assist.


My Best Buy™ - Program Terms


"Non-Qualifying Purchases: Leased products, purchases made prior to becoming a member, purchases/rentals at rent-to-own locations inside Best Buy stores, instant rebates, pre-orders at the time of deposit (the points will be awarded at the time of final payment or at the time you pick up the product), purchases made for resale, purchases paid with a reward certificate, purchases using any type of promotional financing, Best Buy gift card or Magnolia gift card, store credit issued by Best Buy, sales tax, service charges, certain Best Buy for Business or commercial purchases, other excluded charges, and certain items that are excluded in particular promotions. Best Buy entities such as Geek Squad® services purchased in store are awarded points; Geek Squad services purchased in home are not."


Thank you for connecting with us and for being a My Best Buy™ member.

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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