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Multiple Orders Cancelled and No Points Have Been Refunded

I have pm'd Tasha and Derek to get the dedicated phone number, but am wondering if anyone else out there has gone through this, and did it get corrected?


I have called the general number and still have no forward progress on why the orders for goods still on the website continue to be cancelled, and the points that were deducted never returned. 



The first Case number assigned is for a Dell XPS Desktop and Bistro set ordered 6/16 and cancelled 6/17 due to a keying error on my part which referenced a credit card cancelled due to fraudgulent activity. Poinsts never refunded that I can see. The order was placed again.


The next Case number assigned is when  the reorder was also cancelled. After over an hour on the phone this time, I was assured feedback and resolution would be provided in 24 hours (on Aug 10th or 11th). I was given a Ref # but never received an email, point refund, or any other additional information.


Then, another order was cancelled on 8/11/17 - this item is also still available on the website.


All of these canellations are stating the item is no longer available yet the all are still available on


I spent a LARGE amount of money with BB and am very surprised that the regular customer service contacts have not (been able to?) provided resolution. These cancellations represent a few thousand dollars worth of points.

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Re: Multiple Orders Cancelled and No Points Have Been Refunded

Hello enjoythejourney - 

Thank you for reaching out to Derek and me directly regarding these concerns! Not understanding why your orders are being cancelled, and furthermore, not receiving your certificates back, would be incredibly frustrating. 

Please know that the dedicated Elite and Elite Plus phone number would only be equipped to assist with My Best Buy related concerns, and any other concerns (such as your order cancellations) would be directed towards our regular support teams that may be reached at 1-888-237-8289. With that said, I see most of your order cancellations have been Best Buy for Business purchases, so I would encourage you to discuss these cancellations with your account manager.


Please see that I am responding to your private message with the dedicated phone number and requesting some additional information regarding your missing certificates. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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