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Lied about my certificate

Very upset with my rewards program. I got 3 emails in January stating I had a $55 certificate to use. After going into best buy to purchase something I went to use it and the store employee said that's weird it says already used. After looking up my account he stated there is no purchase so must be a glitch and to call the 1800 number. I did and spoke with Lisa who said yup I see your certificate and I can reissue which takes 48hrs. Go ahead and purchase your item then you can come back and do a return/rebuy with your cert and problem solved. So I bought and next day I receive an email saying sorry I in fact do not have a certificate. After talking with many people and getting hung up on etc I finnaly made it to a so called supervisor who told me that she saw Lisa did try to reissue and that she should not of done that but sorry there is nothing she can do. Issues with this whole thing are

1. I have emails stating I have this $55 to spend. This is false advertising .

2. I called and Lisa told me I still have this to spend so go ahead and buy. More false words.

3. Talking with supervisor she stated Lisa made a mistake but they will still not honor. Also she stated there was a glitch in the system and multiple people got certificates sent out in January. Yet I never received an email stating there was an issue and my certificate might be fake.

Very upset with the company right now and doubt I will ever shop there again based on all the falsehoods and lack of taking blame for their screwup.
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Re: Lied about my certificate

Hello Track34, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us! To receive notifications that you have a $55 certificate to use would be exciting. I'm sure you were planning out your purchase around this certificate being able to be used, and were quite dismayed and taken aback when it couldn't be used as anticipated. I apologize for any disappointment that this may cause you, and if you were provided any misinformation. 

I would be delighted to look further into this experience to see what may have happened. Please see that I am sending you a private message to gather some additional information. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


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