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Farewell Best Buy, I hardly knew ye

Tragically, the time has come for me to break up with Best Buy. Like many a relationship, their true self emerged after just beautiful 8 months.


Since no one likes to read protracted paragraphs of poorly placed punctuations, I'll condense the charges below:


Lies, ALL LIES! 


  •   "2 Day" Shipping = 3 according to the website 
  •   "2 Day" Shipping = 5-6 according to a Gregorian calendar
  •   "Dedicated My Elite customer service phone number" - No, it's a robot who says the words "My Elite" before back into the same peasantry from which you successfully emerged -- and will shortly be considered again when your status expires at the end of the calendar year, which in this case really is when claimed, Dec. 31
  •  Rewards points credited "when you make a purchase" - No they credit ~15 days later... However, "when your make a purchase" was removed after I wrote a letter to Best Buy pointing out that, on this planet, when I hand someone my money and they hand me an item, it's considered making a purchase and when is defined as 'at what time.' 
  • "You can return that item" = As long as it doesn't cost too much..then you might just have a problem
  •  "Earn Rewards Points" - this statement should be more like "You might even earn rewards certificates1,2,3"

Rewards points are allocated based on sheer chance: If your purchase is categorized by our systems as eligible, your name will be entered into a hat. At the end of the 27th calendar day 3 months following your purchase, a blind*** monkey will draw names from said hat and scan them into our automated system to translate the information to Swedish then back to English for verification with our devoted rewards accounting team**

2 Our automated rewards accounting team is currently under development by our reliable 2 day shipping team

Actual vision impairment guaranteed only in the State of Minnesota 


  • "We'll call you back in 9 minutes" = We'll call you back 3 times 9 minutes apart starting in 20 minutes 
  • "Don't worry sir, let me just look into that for you quickly"
    •  30 minutes later: "Yes, I see here the same information you can see online. Was that helpful?"
  • "I'm sorry I'll escalate this to a manager and have someone contact you"
    • 8 months later... "I'm sorry I'll escalate this to a manager and have someone contact you"
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Re: Farewell Best Buy, I hardly knew ye

Greetings DrDanny, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


I find it truly disheartening to hear you may not find the free My Best Buy™ program to be as much of a benefit as it is intended to be for our members.  It appears a recent delay with an order you placed or perhaps a poor store experience may have pushed you over the edge.  With the increased volume during this time of the year, I would be surprised if there were not some delays here and there.  I ordered a football jersey as a Christmas gift for my brother at the beginning of the December and sadly did not receive it until yesterday.


I do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and would hope that you continue to be a member of the program.  You recently achieved Elite status and are right on the cusp of Elite Plus status with the end of the 2016 calendar year just three days away.  The program is by no means an obligation to any of our members, so I can help you cancel your account if that is the decision you end up making.  Please keep in mind that any active points, certificates, and status currently in your account would be forfeited.


If you do want to cancel your account or if you have any specific questions about the My Best Buy™ program, then please feel free to send me a private message and I will see what I can do to help.  A private message can be sent by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the blue button in my signature that just so happens to be labeled "Private Message."  I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day and have a Happy New Year.


Thank you for being a My Best Buy™ member.

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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