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Being jerked around and missing reward certificates

I will try to keep this rant to a minimum...


I have been an "Elite Member" for more than five years, and on average manage to spend $65-$75K at Best Buy every year. I have my account set to "bank" my points, so I can save for future purcahases. On March 12, 2017, I went to my local store to purchase a computer, figuring that I would use points in store to make the purchase,  as I didn't think about printing certificates before leaving home. When I began the transaction with the sales associate, I asked if he were able to withdraw the crertificates fronm my acount, and he mentioned that "with the old system they were able to, but now I would have to issue the certificates and he would apply the certificate numbers towards the purchase". 

The sales associate lead me to a computer where he asked me to log into my account and began to issue $1400.00 in certificates. Once completed, he checked his system and began applying the ceretificate numbers to the purchase. After $600.00 he said he couldn't find the remaining $800.00 in certs, and asked me to log in again. Upon doing so, we could find the cert numbers, but his system said that they had already been applied towards a purchase.

After being assured by both the sales associate and his supervisor that the points would be retutrned to my account, I used my American Express card to charge the remaining $919.00 and complete the transaction.


Skip ahead to today...


I have now contacted the Best Buy "Elite Plus" department four (4) times, all with the guarantee that the points will be credited back to my account. The third time I spoke to an associate, I was informed that I would be given additional points for my troubles, which I appreciated and thanked the associate for.  The fourth time I was told I would have to wait for the return of the $800.00, or 40,000 points, and that there was to be NO compensation for my troubles. When I mentioned that I was going to contact American Express and contest the charge, the associate phone acted as though she didnt care if I did or didn't and that I would have to continue to wait.

As far as I know I have over paid for this computer by $800.00. and want my points back.


I feel that in spending more thatn $300-400K over the last several years with Best Buy, they could be a little more accomodating and escelate the issue and reslove it faster.


Since I primarily purchase on line and pick up in store, I could save more than the value of the points and order from B&H photo and Crutchfield and have everything delivered to my doorstep. Unfortunately, this may have to be my plan for he future.      

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Re: Being jerked around and missing reward certificates

Hello Seen - 

Welcome to the forum! It's wonderful to hear you've been such a loyal customer and have been banking your points for so long. This should certainly help with large purchases! 

With that said, I'm truly sorry you weren't able to apply all of the certificates you generated on your computer purchase, and if the promised resolutions haven't panned out as promised. This should certainly be a simple issue to resolve, although I can understand your frustration and concern given the amount of points at stake. 

Using the details you registered with the forum, I was able to take a look at your account. Please see that I am sending you a private message with further details. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


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