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Able to return TV w/o box after 18 days? Elite member here

Hi, I purchased a Samsung TV 18 days ago and it was fine for the first few days so I threw out the box. However since then I noticed that the TV now has 1) a stuck pixel 2) a dead pixel 3) a hair strand that is inside the screen somehow. I am an elite member - am I able to still return the TV without the box? Does my Elite status extend to this TV purchase for up to 30 days?

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Re: Able to return TV w/o box after 18 days? Elite member here

Your return and exchange period extends to all purchases made after achieving Elite status. If the TV purchase itself was what brought you Elite status then it does not qualify, but if you were Elite prior to the purchase then yes it would extend your return and exchange period.

You do not need the box to return the TV, just all cables that came with it.

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Re: Able to return TV w/o box after 18 days? Elite member here

Hi there Xolan2000 - 

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your TV! I'm truly sorry to hear of the screen issues you've discovered though. 

With that said, the return and exchange period for this TV would be determined by your status at the time of purchase. Using the details you registered with the forum, I was able to locate the purchase and see you were indeed Elite when you bought the TV. As such, you should have 30 days to make any returns or exchanges, per our Return & Exchange Promise. Without the box, you should still be able to make a return or exchange. However, please keep in mind that any missing packaging or accessories may result in a deduction from your refund.


I hope this information helps! If you have any other questions, please feel welcome to reach out. 


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