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$170 in points hacked/stolen, and call center is USELESS.

All started on 6/13/17, when I received two emails that $100, and $70 had been redeemed against my account.

I initially didn't think anything of this, mostly because I'd been receiving emails about my Best Buy credit card account being merged with My Best Buy - I chalked it up to some snafu, when that had occured.


Later, after work, I phoned in with the (perceived) goal of getting the certificates voided, and turned back into points. I was then informed that the certificates had been redeemed by a Customer Service Rep, named "Joe" at approx. 7:30p (Central Time).


I asked "Joe" for a supervisor several times, more than a dozen and, instead of placing me on hold and getting a supervisor, he continued to question me as to WHY I wanted to speak with one. Eventually, he acqueisced and I was placed on hold for about five minutes, where after I was informed that one was (magically) not available.


He created a "Case ID" for me, and informed me that someone from Best Buy would get back to me within one week - that is today, and I've heard nothing (which is, honestly, about what I expected).


After that call, I logged into my My Best Buy account and changed my password, and looked at my purchase history.
There was a purchase made at store in Farmers Branch, Texas [Store# 256] at 6:45p (Central), for a Nitnendo 3DS XL in a 'Galaxy' finish.


Doing the prior CSR's job, or whomever it might've been delegated to, I called that very store and asked to speak with a manager on-duty.


After a short wait, one Agent J. Simmons picked up the line.

I informed him of what had transpired in his store, and asked if he would mind helping me out.

He agreed to pull the receipt, and view security footage.


I have an email from Agent Simmons dated the same day, wherein he details a younger person of Asian-American origin entering the store at 6:43p, making the purchase with cash + my certificates (that he showed the cashier, via his PHONE) at 6:45 and departing hastily.

A few points here:

I'm Caucasian - Not Asian.

I'm not THAT young.
I live in Georgia - Not Texas (and work overseas, where I am currently)

And more importantly, I didn't authorize the use of my certificates to ANYONE.

Do you people NOT check IDs either?!

I'm not beyond returning the items that garnered me the lump $170 in points, once I get stateside, if this isn't remedied soon.

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Re: $170 in points hacked/stolen, and call center is USELESS.

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Good afternoon Glasswalker5838,


Let's just get this out of the way so we can get to the bottom of the issue at hand.  Besides the fact you may have had points taken from you, I sincerely regret any inconvenience you have endured while inquiring about your account.  There are occasions where a reported My Best Buy™ issue or concern will require more research than can be completed during a single phone call.  It could take a couple days or maybe even a week.  That is when your case (we create a case for basically every contact) will be dispatched to another team for review.  Either way, you should be kept in the loop with a reasonable time frame.


With that having been said, I do see that 8,500 points were converted into two certificates on 6/13 and redeemed later that same day.  The only real way those points could have been converted into certificates because you are currently banking points is if you did it or someone managed to log into your account.  I am going to strongly suggest that you reset your password if you have not done so already.  As far as the actual redemption, all this other person needed to do at the store was provide your phone # and confirm on the credit card kiosk that they were you.  The cashier would then have scanned the certificates.  We do not ask for each member to provide an ID when redeeming certificates.


If we have already confirmed that you did not redeem the certificates yourself, then we should be able to put those points back into your account.  I will be sending you a private message shortly so that I can gather a bit more information and to see what I can potentially do to help.  To read a private message, you would first want to login to the forum and then click on the blue button in my signature that is labeled "Private Message."  I look forward to further speaking with you.


Thank you for connecting with us on the forum and for being a My Best Buy™ member.

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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