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horrible experience with delivery

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Order number: {removed per forum guidelines}

Delivery date: Friday, April 14, time frame 12 - 4pm.

The actual delivery time was 11:10am. They showed up early.



I would like to share a very unsettling experience I had with Best Buy delivery department and customer service for the Northridge store in California (Store 1180).


My husband and I purchased a 55” TV set to be delivered to our house with the haul away service included to take away our old 32” box type TV set. Everything was paid for at the store 5 days prior to the delivery.

I arranged time off from work to wait for the TV to arrive. Two delivery men showed up at my door steps, I was glad to see them because they arrived early. One of them walked in to assess the situation in regards to where the new TV will be placed/ installed and to see the old TV. Out of nowhere he takes a photo of my old TV, without permission or asking me any questions. After taking a photo he said he needs to confirm with the office. In the meantime, he starts leaving my house, I asked him what he has to confirm with the office - no answer. As he is walking away he is saying things like: 

• “the tv is too big” …. (what??? it’s 32”)

• “you’ll need to reschedule” …. (reschedule what?? why???)

• “we can’t take this base” … (I didn’t ask him to take the old base, I’m not sure what he was assuming)

• “we can’t put a new TV on the old base, it’s hazardous” …. (I never asked him to use the old base, there was never a conversation on my part about the old base, once again assuming rather than communicating). I had an 84” brand new base for the new TV. At the very end of our so-called conversation, he started raising his voice and being aggressive. I became startled and frightened as to this interaction in my own home, and began to call my husband immediately.


Three times I asked him if he was going to haul away my old TV - no answer, in the meantime he goes outside and starts talking on the phone with someone. The other delivery man is just standing outside my door with a new TV, listening to the first guy’s phone conversation. I asked him the same question - if they are going to take care of my old TV (that’s already 4 times) and what is going on.

The only answer I got was: “Ma’am, you are escalating, don’t escalate!”


            That was the end of it. They left with my NEW TV, and didn’t take the OLD TV. They never came back. The guy was at my house for one minute or maybe a minute and a half, not longer than that. The moment it happened I was on a phone with Best Buy customer service. I spoke with the manager Mikey at the Northridge store who said that there’s nothing he can do, that I would have to speak with the Delivery Department and he gave me their phone number with the extension. 

I called the Delivery Department and got Lynn (sp?) - the case manager. At first it seemed like she was trying to help, but it was very lopsided - she supposedly didn’t know who those two delivery men were, nor did she know if they were coming back. At some point during our conversation she finally said that they are not coming back and I would have to reschedule the delivery.

            She started reading me the notes the delivery guy left on my order which were blatant lies. The notes on his report stated that I asked them/him to move furniture - it was a lie; another sentence was that the old TV was obstructed with objects - a lie, the room is empty; then there was a sentence that the old base is loose and he couldn’t install a new TV on top of that base - another lie, I had a new 84” base for the new TV and never intended to use the old base. The notes also stated the old TV was loose - not sure how that could be since it’s a manufacturer designed base for that specific TV, then there was a phrase about how I screamed at him - again another lie, I never screamed at them, I asked questions and never got any answers. Another lie in that report was that he knocked on my door to tell me that they are leaving, except I saw them through the window putting the new TV back in the truck and leaving without coming back to notify me.

            At some point, I asked Lynn to connect me with a supervisor, and she connected me with Lisa - the clown, that’s the only way how I can describe this person. Lisa will tell you anything you want to hear, she will cover up anything and everyone to get you off the phone, with absolutely unrealistic resolutions to which I will spare the details. That was pathetic on her part, I felt she was attempting to undermine my intelligence. Lynn and Lisa also screen the incoming phone calls, because when I tried to call back I was hung up on 3 times until I blocked my Caller ID, and sure enough Lynn picked up immediately.

            My husband and I have had many deliveries to our home throughout our life, with much bigger and heavier items involved than a 32” TV, but I’ve never had an experience as awful as this one. The bottom line is very simple - this delivery guy didn’t want to deal with the old TV, and thus he started coming up with different reasons why he had to leave, but the saddest part was that he did all this at customer’s expense, instead of communicating with me and trying to explain his thinking process he came up with very odd and weird lies, accusing me of something that never happened and I would’ve never found out about it if Lynn hadn’t read it to me. 


            At this point I can honestly say that it was a customer abuse in its purest form, the whole treatment was despicable and humiliating. There was a significant lack of respect, responsibility, and consideration for the customer. Horrible customer service, horrible experience, those two delivery guys should be fired and Lynn and Lisa’s performance should be reviewed. Some people are not cut out to deal with customers and Lynn and Lisa are two perfect examples. Overall, this type of customer service tarnishes the Best Buy company’s reputation.


            That same evening my husband and I went to Best Buy to cancel the purchase (which by the way was a little shy of $1,000), got a full refund, went to Fry’s electronics, purchased the same TV brand/type at the same exact price, ordered a haul away service and an installation of a new TV set. The TV was delivered the next day. Two people took out the old TV, installed the new one, and were out in 20 minutes. No nonsense, no photos taken, very professional service. 


I will never deal with Best Buy again, that’s for sure. Nor would I recommend it to others. I am glad that nowadays we as consumers have many options. 


I feel it imperative to share this with you because these two delivery people have been doing you a huge disservice and someone has to be responsible for it. At this day and age we all know how difficult it is to withstand the competition in providing a good product and customer service to the consumer, but unfortunately with this kind of attitude there won’t be any guarantee that a company like Best Buy will be able to stay afloat. 


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Re: horrible experience with delivery

Hello legovin,


Even if I wish it were under better circumstances, welcome to the forum. Having a television delivered to your home should be a pain-free and easy process, so I’m sorry to hear your recent delivery appointment didn’t go according to plan. While there are customer requests that we cannot accommodate, we should never treat our customers with the kind of disrespect that you describe. This type of reported behavior is truly unconscionable, and I sincerely apologize if we were less than amicable while in your home, especially if we weren’t then later able to address these concerns at the time of your call.


Although I understand the decision was made to return your purchase and purchase elsewhere as a result of this experience, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know your concerns. It cannot erase what has occurred; however, I assure you Best Buy takes these situations seriously, and I’ve personally documented your constructive feedback here at the corporate office to ensure it’s internally reviewed by the appropriate teams for future coaching and training opportunities.


Thank you for posting,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: horrible experience with delivery

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Hello Alexandra,


thank you for your reply. I just hope it won't be taken lightly and will be addressed accordingly. If delivery people don't want to do their job, lie on the report, while customer service reps ( Lynn and Lisa) are trying to cover up and undermine the whole situation....should I continue... probably not. This type of behavior is unacceptable and should be reviewed.


I trully appreciate your reply and best regards, 

T. {removed per forum guidelines}