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Worst Delivery Experience, EVER!

My dryer went out and I ordered a new one to be delivered yesterday between 4:00 and 8:00 PM. I received a notification that everything was good to go, but then received a strange call around 2:00 from a J & R Delivery Services out of Arlington, TX (assuming a contract company) who told me he had a service order for me and was running ahead of schedule; could he come on out and "repair my dryer." I told him I wasn't home, yet because it was from 4:00 - 8:00 and that my daughter was home. He asked what was wrong with my dryer and I then told him that I should be getting a dryer delivered and installed, not anything repaired. He said that wasn't what he wasn't seeing, he was confused and he was going to make a call and call me right back. He never called back. I received a text around 6:00 PM that my dryer would be delivered between 6:59 and 6:59; no dryer at that time. At 8:17 PM, I'm still sitting on my couch waiting with no further calls and the status still showing out for delivery. I called Best Buy this morning and was transferred, placed on long holds, told "Hmmmm, that's weird.", dropped to another queue due to hold times and also had a dropped call. I finally DROVE to the nearest store where I was told that it seemed like the driver probably just hung up with me and went back to the warehouse to end his day early. Lovely! I'm so glad since I had loads of clothes sitting out wet and waiting on that dryer to arrive. I'm then told that they don't really know where the dryer is or what truck it is on and that somehow the delivery date was for yesterday and installation date was set for another day; random. Now, to top it do we fix this fiasco because I've now had to hobble up into the store to complain with my kids in tow and my leg in a splint? Here's the kicker...I can't! Ha! Apparently, my dryer is in a "truck check" status, or something like that, which means it's sitting on the unknown truck and until the unknown truck has been checked (I'm assuming). I cannot reschedule a delivery OR get a refund. Best Buy has $711.00 and I currently can't have my dryer that was promised to me or a refund until that status changes because a contracted delivery guy wanted to get finished early by skipping me. Now, I also have to take my kids with my splinted leg to the laundromat to dry all of these clothes and the response I get before leaving the store..."I know it's not the answer you wanted to hear. Someone will call you." Yeah, I trust that! Oh, how I wish I'd have read these before placing that order. Never again will I order from Best Buy! I am livid!
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Re: Worst Delivery Experience, EVER!

Update....It is now 3 days later. I had to go buy a different dryer yesterday and STILL do not have the dryer I was supposed to have delivered and have not been able to get the order status changed to be able to get a refund. I just spoke with another customer service associate, who called the warehouse to have them change the status again. He said it'll take the warehouse a day or two to change the status and then I can get a refund issued. This, after being told this every day since Saturday morning. I asked if he could guarantee this was really being updated this time because I'm now out the cost of two dryers where I had to go buy another one. He replied "that was what the guy said" and he didn't know but that at least I did get a dryer. This is completely insane! I'm ready to start researching how legal this is.
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Re: Worst Delivery Experience, EVER!

Greetings Bnkwilliams,


I’d like to start off by sincerely apologizing for the absolutely unacceptable experience you’ve had to endure with your delivery order. I completely understand purchasing an appliance is a journey of itself, the last thing we want to cause is any frustration during the fulfillment process.


Upon reviewing your account I can see all the agents you have spoken with to have this mess fixed. I currently see the order for the dryer is currently cancelled and a refund has been issued which you should be seeing shortly. It’s disheartening to see the tremendous issues you had with your purchase and I want to assure you I will document this on a corporate level and share your words with the appropriate entities so it can be addressed internally.


There’s no excuse for the complications on your order and am sorry to hear you will not be ordering from us again. We genuinely value your business and hope you decide to shop with us again. I also want to thank you for taking the time to share this with us as it’s absolutely crucial for us to receive in order to enhance the customer service experience. If there is anything else I can answer or address, please don’t hesitate to respond.



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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