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Washer & Dryer Claim - No Resolution Over 40 Days Old

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Below are the details of the order/claim, as well as, an outline of the issues regarding the Best Buy Washer & Dryer install. I have contacted Best Buy Customer Service several times, filed a claim with Best Buy, as well as, opened an incident with the Better Business Bureau. In all three instances, I have received almost no communication, as Best Buy is not taking any accountability for the problem, putting the entire responsibility on me, the consumer, to try to resolve. I need an immediate resolution, as this has been ongoing since June 2nd, 2017, well over a month and half at this point. I have also reached out to Maricelis (removed per forum guidelines) an Escalation Manager, who promised to escelate and get someone in contact with me, and I have not heard anything back yet. 
  • Best Buy Order Number: (removed per forum guidelines)
  • Best Buy Claim Number: (removed per forum guidelines)
  • Better Business Bureau Claim Number: (removed per forum guidelines)
  • Original Order Date: 5/29/2017
  • Installation Date: 6/2/2017
Outlined Summary of the Issues:
  • Delivery/Install Team were not prepared and did not have the correct cords/hook ups for installation, even though I purchased the new vent kits and hook ups at the time of purchase. They used my old washer and dryer hook ups to install the new washer and dryer.
  • Delivery/Install Team were in a hurry, kept saying how they had to drive all the way back to South Jersey after this (I live in Bethel, CT).
  • Delivery/Install Team made a huge mess to begin with when they hauled away the old washer and dryer, leaving water and dust/lint all over the floor. They didn’t mention his at all to me, and when they left, left their McDonald’s garbage in my front lawn.
  • Went to run my washing machine for the first time, only to find out after the cycle that my basement was flooded; the delivery/install team did not even attempt to install the drainage hose.
  • The flood in my basement caused damage to my area rug, dyson vacuum, a basket full of clothes, christmas tree box, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Upon finding out about my basement flooded, Customer Service was very difficult, I was connected to 3 different people, and my call was dropped twice.
  • Finally got in touch with the delivery/install team, said they were already an hour away and did not want to come back to the house to fix the issue. I was insistent and said I would see them in an hour. They showed up more than 90 minutes later.
  • The delivery/install team were not prepared to clean up the flooded basement. Tried first to use my mop, which is now ruined, then they found my personal wet/dry vacuum to use. They did not take the filter out of the wet/dry vac first, so that is ruined, and then proceeded to dump the water of the wet/dry vac out onto my lawn, which already had debrey in it from my own personal use. They left this debrey on my lawn, no attempt to clean it up.
  • The delivery/install team were, again, anxious to leave, but I made them stay until the washer ran a full cycle so I could see it would not leak again.
  • Overall, terrible customer service from start to finish. In the end, I am left with damaged property, a mess to clean up, and no one at Best Buy or the Claim company is helping me to resolve this issue.
I have attached photos to this email of the damage/mess for your reference.
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Re: Washer & Dryer Claim - No Resolution Over 40 Days Old

Hello CaseyTrowbridge,


Welcome to our Community. I cannot begin to imagine how upset I would be given the unfortunate and unhappy circumstances you've described, so I know I cannot imagine your frustration. Certainly this is not the superior experience to which we aspire -- not by a long shot -- and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


On reviewing your situation, I note that you have been working with a member of our Executive Resolution Team. I encourage you to reach out to him as he is your point of contact for these concerns.


I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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