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WORST FREE DELIVERY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS (dont need help just need to complain)

On April 1 we pruchased 4 appliances from Best Buy Otay Ranch towncenter branch. The staff, Lennard was so very helpful, kudos to him! I asked him if I can have either a microwave or range ASAP. He gave me Wednesday from 8-12 for my range to be delivered. I was very satisfied since we just moved to a house with no working range and no microwave.

Wednesday comes, I took the day off to wait for my range, I got a call from the best buy delivery team, the line was a little bad, and she asked if the date for the rest of my appliances be delivered on April 10th is ok. I confirmed and said yes, because I understood that it wont be ready til then, as long as my range will be here today, Wednesday. I got several email confirmation about the washer and dryer and microwave and noticed that they moved the range on the 10th also! I called the customer service people and the lady told me that I agreed to move it. I then told her why would I move the range when I took this day off to wait for it,  I thought she was talking about the other appliances we ordered. The customer service said they cannot move it again and only have the 10th as the available date! I was furious! I asked for the manager so she said that there will be a case manager that will contact me and see if they can help me and review why it was moved. After a couple of hours, I called back and asked for the case manager because they have not contacted me about my Range, then CS said, it will take 24-48 hours before they will contact me. I was hoping to get my range as quickly as possible but they said there were nothing they can do.

I called the best buy store to ask for Lennard and help me out but he was off that day so another staff helped me, Stephen. He said he moved it to Friday and I will DEFINITELY have it on Friday. I got the confirmation call, the email confirmation a day before that it will be delivered on FRIDAY, so I then again took the day off, and guess what? NO RANGE on FRIDAY! so I called the CS again! and they said there were no orders for my range for that day even if I was starring at the email confirmation because she said I WAS NOT ON THE SYSTEM!!!! and mentioned that she has no clue what email I am getting and why I am getting a confirmation call. And so the next delivery day will be TUESDAY NEXT WEEK, the 11th, there was nothing I can do but wait. 

But that night we got an email confirmation that we will get our Range on SATURDAY, so I thought something was done, someone took a look at the problem and resolved it for us, but no phone calls from the CASE MANAGER or CS, just an email confirmation and another phone confirmation that a range, microwave, washer and dryer will be delivered that SATURDAY, the 8th of April. So we waited, and the funny thing is, the washer and dryer came, the microwave came, and there was NONE, NOT A FRICKIN' GAS RANGE!!!! So after another "WHERE THE HECK IS MY GAS RANGE?!" phone call to the Best Buy CS, the rep said, "they are on the way, should be arriving in 30 mins".. and after an HOUR... NO GAS RANGE!!! 

you would wonder where they are getting all their answers??? if they are really recording every single phone calls and typing every questions I made. I called so many times and got different asnwers so many times. "Oh, you are in LA, they dont deliver in LA" (IM IN CHULA VISTA!- NEVER BEEN IN LA), "I dont know what email you are getting ma'am but I dont have you here in our system", "the truck is loaded and we can't deliver it til next TUESDAY"..blah blah blah...  I was at this time ANGRY and FRUSTRATED with best buy delivery service.


So, I had enough, I went to the best buy store and spoke to Lennard and this time with a store manager, Sebastian. He made sure my order IS delivered on TUESDAY, the 11th (that was the only date available) He called me to follow up on tuesday to make sure I got the range like he promised.

CASE MANAGER by the way called me on SUNDAY, April 9th, and said sorry, made sure she will call me on Tuesday to make sure I got my appliances and said she will see how to compensate me for the trouble. DID NOT CALL ME ON TUESDAY but called me on FRIDAY and said "WE WILL MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU AGAIN", no, I do not believe that, none of what they said happened, so I dont believe anything they say anymore. She didnt say anything about the compensation. I dont care. Very disappointed on how they handled this. Til that day, I was still getting email confirmation, and phone call confirmation of appliances to be delivered to me so I think you should get your geek squad fix your automated system that calls customer about a product that does not exist and a delivery that does not exist. 

I will still order appliances and still buy from Best Buy though, because Lennard was awesome, very proffesional, and knows the products and most importantly he was very helpful even after the transaction was completed, he did not hesitate to jump to the computer and the phones to make sure I get my appliances delivered. He should be awarded as an employee of the month or something. 


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Re: WORST FREE DELIVERY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS (dont need help just need to complain)

Hi mravelo05,


I am terribly sorry that we missed your delivery of these appliances and with how hard it was for you to get them delivered in a timely manner. I can also say if an employee promises a contact to you that contact should be made in a timely fashion. If this had been my experience I would be equally upset.


It was nice hearing that because of the actions of Lennard you will continue to shop with us. I can't take back the past, but I would like to see if there is something more I can add here. I am sending you a private message; to check your messages log into the forum then click on the letter icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.



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