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Viper Remote Starter Stopped Working


I purchased the Viper remote starter package with installation around Christmas time and had it installed in January.  It recently stopped working.  I started it from inside of a store when I was checking out and when we went out to the car it was started and I could not unlock it with the remote starter.  I had to unlock it with the car key in the door and ever since then I cannot get the car to start with the remote starter.  Is there a way to reset the starter?  Do I need to bring it in to have it looked at?

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Re: Viper Remote Starter Stopped Working

Hi Krystle,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums.  It is always a pain when a remote start stops working, especially when it is still winter.


Remote starts can be a bit finicky, and in my time as a Geek Squad supervisor in a Best Buy store I ran into this issue several times. Luckily our Geek Squad Autotech installs come with a lifetime workmanship warranty.  Your best bet at this point would be to give your local store a call and schedule a reservation to bring the car in to get it checked out. Our lifetime workmanship warranty covers you at all Best Buy stores, so if a store other than the one that did the install is closest to you, they should be able to help you out as well.


Normally I’d suggest creating reservation online to get your car worked on, but a fix on something like this can be very quick, or could require some significant work, depending on what is causing it so the time estimates on the web site may not be applicable to your situation. Once an Autotech takes a look at it they should be able to give you a time estimate, so giving them a call first would be the best bet.


I hope that answers your question. If there’s anything further I can help you out with, please let me know.

Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Viper Remote Starter Stopped Working

A quick option also on top the moderators is to start the car with the key, make sure your foot isn't on the brake, and click the remote start button. Wait about 5 seconds you may also be able to hear 3 clicks, after the 3rd on (about 5 seconds) turn the key off and the car should stay running. Then shut it down with the remote.

Exit the vehicle and give your remote start another shot. If this doesn't solve the issue you will have to schedule a warranty appointment. Simply call in to schedule this re-work. The great thing about remote starts are once they are installed and work, programming issues are usually the culprits, so should be simple to remedy.

What was the model number of the viper, and what is your vehicle year, make, and model?
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