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Two Failed Installations (And It Still Isn't Right)

I spent an hour and a half moping up a torrent of water in my laundry room from yesterday's washing machine install.  This is the second time Best Buy’s installation guys have completely botched the installation of the washing machine (and now dryer) that we purchased from two Sundays ago.  
The original washing machine that was delivered on 8/31 had severe vibration issues.  When it was originally installed, the first installers never checked to make sure the base was stable.  One of the feet needed to be lowered (the back left foot).  I was fortunately able to move the dryer out a little bit, climb over it, jump behind it, and lower the foot myself (this should have been checked by the installer but never was).  Even once I was able to level it, though, there were still vibration problems, plus the water would dump out of the top of the door when you opened it after a cycle.  There was also sort of a metallic grinding sound once it started going.  Clearly, there was an issue with the machine.  But the install was still botched because they never make sure the base was stable.  
Best Buy said they woud do a return/exchange for the washing machine when they delivered the dryer, which was on backorder.  Fast forward to yesterday's return/exchange of the first washing machine and the original delivery of the dryer.  
Problem number 1.   When I had gone to do my inspection of the machines after the installers put them in, I noticed a pretty significant dent in the front right side of the metal.  Despite the fact that the installer had already written in “no damage” on the form he signed, I changed it to note the damage.  The installers claim it had come out of the package that way, so I noted it as they requested on the form.  At any rate, it has a big dent.
Problem number 2.  Last night, after doing my first load of laundry, I opened the machine after the wash and steam was coming out.  I suspected they had reversed the hot and cold lines, so I got a ladder, looked at the hook up, and yes, they had reversed the lines.  I then turned the water off at the spigots, but because of the clamp they had installed on the drain line, the handle on the cold water spigot got caught, which made me think the water had been turned off.  It had not been turned off.  When I undid the hose from the machine, water started spurting everywhere out of the hose.  It went on the ceiling, all over the walls, and all over the floor.  Even in the cabinet under the laundry room sink.  Fortunately, my wife who is due to have a baby next Wednesday was able to hold the hose and spray it mostly into the sink while I found a wrench and shut the water valve off.  But it took me about an hour and a half to clean everything back up.  And, as the hose was flailing about spitting water everywhere, the nozzle put a nice big scratch in the front of the dryer.  If it had been correctly installed in the first place, none of this would have happened.    
Problem No. 3.  While I was back trying to fix the water valve, the dryer vent just fell out of the dryer.  It had never been cinched around the outlet in the dryer.  This could be a major fire hazard and is certainly not how it should have been installed and seems to have been either overt negligence or complete indifference.
Problem No. 4.  The dryer we bought is a steam dryer.  It is supposed to have a water line to it to make that work.  The installers never hooked this up at all.  So we essentially bought a dryer with a function we wanted but never would have been able to use because it was never hooked up.  That is inexcusable.  These guys installed these things all day.  And whether it was just easier for them to not install it or they just didn’t care, that is borderline fraud.  
Problem No. 5.  The installers were supposed to do a return/exchange with the washing machine.  For some inexplicable reason, they left the washing machine we were returning in our garage.  So not only did Best Buy not get its return back, I had to deal with moving the thing so we could park my wife’s car.  Nothing these guys did was right.  
Problem No. 6.  During the installation, one of the installers asked to use the bathroom.  That was fine.  But about an hour or an hour and a half after they left, I walked by the downstairs bathroom where he used the bathroom and the sink had not been shut off and there was water just running out of the faucet.  With an hour and a half of running water in a City where the water bills are already ridiculous, my water bill is likely going to be sky high. 
At this point, I am just going to have Best Buy pick up everyhting and buy it from Home Depot.  They could not do the install right in two attempts, and I have zero confidence they would be able to do any better on the third.   Best Buy has done nothing but send completely incompetent people to my house.  And then, when I tried to deal with this issue through the store, then send me to some person off-site who deals with escapation issues.  When she called me today, I could not talk, but she gave me her number to call.  I called the number and was on hold for 20 mintues and the call dropped for no reason.  I called back and got a live person after about 5 mintues, who told me my escalation agent had already left for the day.  Dealing with Best Buy has cost me a significant amount of wasted time and I keep getting damaged products, either as a result of a manufacturing defect or because of faulty installation.  I am utterly flabbergasted at how difficult Best Buy has made what should be one of the simplest processes in the world.  If I could get the stupid washer and dryer up the stairs, I would be far better off just doing the installation myself.  
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Re: Two Failed Installations (And It Still Isn't Right)

Hey kbf81,


I am honestly sorry for how hard it has been to get this washer/dryer delivered and installed correctly. We thank you for reaching out to us here, and hopefully I can get you pointed in the right direction to get this addressed. I do see a case manager Renee from our Geek Squad Customer Care team is assigned to you, and I have made them aware of this post on our forum. You should also have Renee's contact information. You should hear from Renee in the near future, but if you don't for some reason I would encourage you to reach out to them directly as that team is much better equipped to handle concerns such as yours.



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