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Re: Missing Delivery

I have also had an issue with Best Buy Delivery. I made a large purchase for home delivery, that was supposed to be delivered between 12 and 4 pm on 9/9. Well, here we are on 9/10 and still no washer dryer. We received a call around 3:15 yesterday saying that the delivery people weren't coming because of a road closure. Yes, there was one road closed. But, we live in a busy area where there are hundreds of ways to get around a road closure. It would be a different story if we lived in a rural part of the state.Also, grateful for the technology we have that gives directions, including avoiding road closures.

 Then we were told that the next delivery period was Sept. 13th. So not only does Best Buy have our money, but now we don't have the item we ordered, AND we've spent almost 4 hours of our day for nothing. We have called 1-888-BEST-BUY several times and to no surprise have had terrible customer service. They told us they weren't sure if they could send someone to install our items when delivered. What is one supposed to do at this point??? 

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Re: Missing Delivery

Hey AimeeKayL,


We truly appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here on our forum. I am honestly sorry if these appliances were not delivered on 9/9/2017, and it does seem strange that this delivery team would not complete the delivery if there were multiple roads to get to your home.


In most cases our delivery teams can hook up a washer and dryer, but sometimes an installer is required if the dryer is a gas dryer. Has the delivery been completed today? Do you need anything specific from me?



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