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Re: Issuing a complaints to Corporate Best Buy


Mr Joley:

Heres is an outline of the situation:
1: Microwave and dishwasher delivered early March. No stove as promised. Call store, sales person said stove was inadvertantly not ordered so it would be another 5 weeks. I stated at time microwave was missing the steamer. Was told she would order.
2: Refrigerator delivered 3/21 notice that the deli drawer lid falls off everytime open. We cannot make it stay on. Call store.
3: That very evening receive repeated robo calls that Best Buys making delivery next day. As stove not due till mid-April, called store.
They informed me stove had been there two days. I asked why they couldn't have saved time in motion and delivered with refrigerator as they werent hooking up stove (we needed gas line installed-installer was waiting on stove). Stove was delivered eventually last Saturday.
4. Sunday we go to store. Confront sales person regarding steamer for microwave. She hadn't ordered it. But would. We checked like refrigerator to realize our drawer lid will never stay on as it's defective. She stated, well can't do anything today but someone will call you for appointment to come out to see refrigerator tomorrow.
5: Week goes by, no call. Call friday afternoon, a gentlemen says that nothing has been done or noted on either issue. He does enter it in system and says someone will contact me within 24 hours.
6: Receive call (first one) from lady who again takes all the information and says when is a good time to call you tomorrow (Saturday) with resolution, states she begins work at 10. Told her anytime but 10 was good. Surprise, NO CALL.
7: Call Best Buys today, was transferred FIVE times with each person stating it was wrong department but they would help me.
8: SO, here I sit with ~5K in appliances, to include a defective refrigerator and missing piece to microwave. No closer to problem resolution than day one.

Having been in Sales Development and Customer Service for over 40 years, I can tell you that next to cable companies, Best Buys is the worst. We should have went elsewhere!

Here's my expectation: A resolution Communication from ONE SME (subject matter expert) who stays on task until complete. The issues resolved in a very timely manner and satisfactorily. I expect a steamer for microwave and refrigerator drawer fixed (think impossible as the plastic was extruded too short) or replaced immediately. Otherwise remove all appliances from my home and refund my money.

Thank you,

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Re: Issuing a complaints to Corporate Best Buy

Hey Staylor12,


When purchasing five thousand dollars in appliances I think a customer should expect nothing but the best service, and I am honestly sorry this has been your experience with us. If we say we are going to call you then we need to make that call, and if we advise you we are going to do something we need to stick to our word.


I did look into this and I show a member of our Appliance Support Team has addressed this, and you should have their contact information. It looks like we are scheduled to exchange the refrigerator on 5/17/2017. I don't have the ability to see if we ordered this steamer for this microwave. Have you gotten this steamer yet?



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