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Re: Contact Corporate for complaints

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Hi John, PLEASE READ as you seem to be the only one at BB who actually cares about the customers...

We purchased a $10,000 new appliance package in April of 2016, which included an induction cooktop. We had it delivered in August and had delays in our construction and finally installed it in Dec 2016. After having installed the unit we noticed a loud buzzing sound that was noticeable with all burners when they were turned on. We called Best Buy Moorestown, Nj to discuss the issue. We were told they couldn't do anything because we were past our 30 day period and we were on our own and had to contact Kitchenaid directly. We contacted Kitchen aid and they sent out a repair company. The repair company said they never have seen something like this with a brand new unit that was installed 2 days prior. The appliance company then said we had to sign a waiver stating that damage to our brand new cabinets, granite and flooring would not be their responsible while the unit was tested. So we declined, and had an electrician come look at the unit. It was determined that the LED lighting we have throughout our home is causing the buzzing on the unit. At no point in time did the salesperson at Best Buy make us aware of this technical discrepancy with this cooktop we bought. Kitchenaid also makes no mention of this issue. We need to replace the induction with a non induction cooktop now and the Best Buy store is not allowing us to do this, even after having spent $10,000 on appliances there. Please help us in resolving this matter.
Thank you,
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Re: Contact Corporate for complaints

Hello Stephanie,


I can think of very little more upsetting than making the kind of huge investment you've described only to find that a component of your brand new kitchen doesn't work as you expected. I was quite discouraged to read that you've encountered such an issue and I apologize for your having to cope with this situation.


Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). With your original purchase being a year ago and the installation having been in December, Best Buy would not be able to offer you a return or exchange for the cooktop.


If you purchased Geek Squad Protection for this appliance, I recommend contacting Geek Squad at 800-433-5778 for assistance in scheduling a technician to visit your home. Alternatively, I would encourange you to continue working with Kitchenaid for options that may be available under the factory warranty.


Please know I'm grateful you took the time to write to us.



John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Contact Corporate for complaints

Well yes that seems to be the only response BB is capable of in dealing with this issue. With such poor customer service, I will be sure to NEVER step foot in your stores again and I will be sure to tell all of our family, friends and business associates how you handled this and to always buy computers, electronics, appliances etc from all of your competitors. And thanks you for making another customer completely dissatisfied.
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Re: Contact Corporate for complaints

I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for over 20 years.  I have received for the most part quality service. However, due to a miserable experience in January when I tried (unsuccessfully) to purchase a new iPhone 7 Plus and now after receiving the worst, pitiful experience I have ever gotten from any business, I will no longer be a Best Buy customer. I have never been called a "liar" by any business but in this case that is exactly what occurred with the "Geek Agent" and the Supervisor of the Geeks.


It started when I went to the Best Buy #112 - THOUSAND OAKS, CA  purchase a new Dell laptop for over $700.00.


While purchasing the laptop I mentioned to the sales rep. that I would like to extract the data on my crashed MacBook Pro (which I purchased from Best Buy). The Rep told me "the Geek Squad does this process all the time and as long as I could bring in the hard drive and it was damaged they would be able to exact the information and put the data on my new Dell".  The next day I brought my new Dell and Macbook Pro hard drive to the Geek Squad at the same location. (I was told I had to remove the hard drive from my MacBook by the sales rep. The "Geek Agent" who took my paid receipt and MacBook hard drive was absolutely worthless and I wish I had told him to forget the entire thing right then but I had already paid for the service when I purchased my Dell so I didn't stop the process and from that point forward things went from bad to a lot worse.


I received a call the next day from the Geek and ws  told "my" data was uploaded from "my" Mac hard drive and I could stop by and pick up the Dell computer.  When I sat down with the Geek he opened "my" information (on "my" already password protected Dell ) and began to show me many files that were not mine and that I had no idea were the data had come from nor did I know where my very sensitive information from my MacBook hard drive had gone.


I told the Geek that it was NOT my information and from that point every one of the Geeks began telling me I had signed a contract and they had fulfilled their end of the service and it was my information and I was making up the fact that it was not my information ….blah blah blah…  They pulled up a file on the Dell that had my first name on it and told me it was my file which made all the data my information even though the person mentioned in the file had a different last name than mine and a different home address than mine.  I continued to tell every person who spoke with me there was no way the information could be mine but I was repeatedly told the information was mine and I was not telling the truth about the FACT that it was NOT my information.


I continued to ask them if the data could be another customers data thinking maybe my data was not uploaded from my Mac hard drive but I was repeatedly told there was no way something like that could occur and that it was my information and I would have to accept the service because I signed a contract.  I pointed out that there was zero/none information on my new Dell that was mine and that should not be the case since I had owned the Mac since it was new and no one else had ever had access to the computer. You can confirm this because I bought it new from Best Buy.  I begged them repeatedly to look into where my data was but they continued with great ego’s and arrogance to tell me they had done what they were asked to and that was all they were going to do.  It was only after I requested to speak to the manager of the store (who was the only one to this point who was willing to give me the benefit of the doubt) who told me he would look into what they could do to help resolve the problem.


That what when I was finally told EVERYTHING I had told them was COMPLETELY TRUE


Within two hours I received a call from Joe (a service tech with the ability to act very professionally ) who told me the data from my Mac had never been uploaded and indeed a previous customers hard drive information had been uploaded to my computer, (all of their personal information by the way) and they had erased the other customers data from my new Dell and uploaded my information from my hard drive that did have my information on it.    Imagine that ….  I am still unable to believe the contempt the Geeks had shown for my concerns and their unwillingness to check into the problem until they were forced to by the store manager. 


Normally I am willing to allow for mistakes but in my experience if the primary culture of a company allows this kind of people (and mentality) to govern their attitude toward their customers then I am no longer willing to give my money to a business like this.  What ever happened to “the customer is always right” at least offered the benefit of the doubt. I am not look for any response from Best Buy.  Frankly I couldn’t care any less. I am so frustrated with this experience the only restitution that is adequate is to never enter one of your stores again. Good bye Best Buy.