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RE: Formal Complaint regarding order {removed per forum guidelines}

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I purchase an open box refrigerator at Best Buy on March 26th and have nothing but bad experience and little to no follow up to ensure my order was met. 

My original order had delivery date of 3/30/2017.  When it arrived there were damages to the refrigerator and so I didnt accept it.  I called best buy store and spoke to Leslie of the Westminster Store.  She told me she would talk to her manager and upon further discussion they promised me a $150 reduction in price due to the damage. I accepted that and told them to please delivery on Wednesday 5th between 8-12.  I recieved a called on Wednesday the 4th to confirm deliever.  On the 5th at 12, no delivery had called or showed up.  I called into Best Buy and spoke to Rosy and she explain that there was an error and that the refrigerator is being shipped back to the store first.  Rosy told me that she will escalate this issue to ensure that my next delivery date is met. I set this date to Sunday 9th between 8-12.  I also received a call from their escalation department and said she will ENSURE this will be delivered as promise and apologize for the miscomunication.  On Saturday I received a call that say I will get the refrigerator, but at 12 on Sunday, again no call for delievery.  I called back and spoke to Rosy and she said it look likes her system is not even show a delivery date.   I'm not sure why it's so difficult to get an appliance to be delivered on time.  Each time I'm assured it will be done yet each time, it has not been fulfilled with no follow up