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Poor car audio install

I need assistance please
I had a car audio system installed at the Middletown N.Y store almost a month ago
My new truck was damaged by the tech which he admitted
the system is installed incorrectly
I've spoken to several managers of which one manager scheduled me an appointment at another Best Buy location to resolve the many issues
That store told me they wouldn't touch it because the install was done poorly
Now the Middletown store won't return my calls or my Emails I drove 80 miles round trip several times to be told someone will call me about my issues
I just want my truck put back to the condition it was in before I dropped it off a Best Buy
I need someone at the corporate level involved
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Re: Poor car audio install


   Let me first start off by saying how grateful I am for you to take the time out of your day to join and write the community.  It was disheartening to read that your installation at the Middletown N.Y. store over a month ago didn't go the way that it should have been. Please know that your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated and my apologies about the way that it has been handled this far. 


With that said,  our installations should go off without a hitch.  All of our Autotechs are MECP certified and all of them should be doing their best to make sure that no damage occurs during the actual installation.  Sometimes accidents happen, it is just part of doing business with vehicles with the many different pieces all over that vehicle.  The store that completed the damage should be doing everything they can to rectify the situation and make it right with you, and should the damage not be able to be put back to stock, then a claim would need to be submitted by the store in question.


I apologize that the stores management sent you to another store to fix the issue, as it would appear that it was definately beyond repair and needed to be removed and put back to stock.  The other store clearly saw that there was too much liability in the situation and the original store should be doing all the work to fix or submitt the claim. 


The passing around from store to store IMO is not acceptable and should be handled by the store that performed the work. I realize that you probably do not feel comfortable returning to that store after this ordeal, and the stores leaders should be providing the next steps.  Since they are not returning your calls this is obviously hard to communicate and find out these next steps.  Have you gone back to the store to speak with any leaders there instead of waiting for a call? I only want to make sure that you get this resolved much sooner than later.  Keep us posted and don't hesitate to keep us posted!

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Re: Poor car audio install

Hey Sphelferty,


Leaving your new vehicle in the hands of someone else can take a lot of trust. I know I would be nervous to do so, but as autotech796 mentioned, our Autotechs are MECP certified which is the main reason I really trust them. It’s really discouraging to hear of your experience, from the possibly poor installation to the lack of assistance you are getting to have the problem addressed. I’d be more than happy to see how I can be of more help to you.


As a Social Media Specialist, I work at our Corporate Offices in Minnesota and I’d like to see what I can do to make your situation better. Would you mind providing me with a few more details so that I can look into your concern?


  • Your full name:
  • Your phone number:
  • Best email address:
  • Which store originally performed the work?
  • What is your order number or customer service pin (if purchase in-store) for the installation?
  • Names and titles of employees you have spoken with:


Please feel free to add any additional details you feel I may have missed. I plan to reach out to the store on your behalf to request a resolution as soon as possible.


Thank you for taking the time to post with us. I look forward to your reply.


Emily|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Getting really AGGRAVATED

[ Edited ]

I purchased almost $900.00 of car audio equipment from BB Middletown in Jan
I waited a month for install which was a total disaster
Damage to my new vehicle parts reinstalled wrong
And my audio system not working
They sent me to another location that wouldn't touch it because of the poor workmanship
The Middletown Manager Mike {removed per forum guidelines} promised he would work with the original installer to fix the issues
When I showed up for my appointment Mike wasn't there so I had to Manage the tech myself to make sure
No further damage was done. The tech Gre g{removed per forum guidelines} was only addressing the audio install at this time as I didn't want him to hastily try to realign the door panels and trim that he botched during the original install
The tech had installed a line to RCA adapter to the amplifier and tuned the Amp and loaded sub enclosure
He said this should cure the audio problems
At that point if the system was fixed I was willing to let the misaligned panels go and pay the car dealer $450.00 to fix the rest of the issues just to get on with my life I had to go to dealer anyway to replace the drivers side door panel that was damaged during the original install $575.00 covered under BB insurance
The audio issues still exist with crackling on rear speakers and amp shutting down
Had Mike the Manager who is a certified installer had showed for this appt. we probably would have fixed the more than 18 issues with my brand new truck.
I took 3 days off from my business to try to resolve these issues running 50 miles each way every time
When I emailed the manager to let him know that the problem still exists the tech replied tat the problem is beyond his ability and he could only offer to uninstall and refund my money
This is unacceptable!I have too much time and money invested in this to be back to stock radio
Also my factory wiring harness was cut and spliced
How would that be replaced? And then I'll be left holding the bag for the other Repairs?
I want a resolution to this issue and at this point I want some kind of compensation for my time, Gas and tolls
I refuse to deal with BB Middletown And Mike {removed per forum guidelines} who hides behind the phone and leaves a tech to deal with customer satisfaction
You can't even get someone on the phone so I drove 4 additional times to Middletown that's 300 additional miles just to speak with someone
Im at the end of my patience with this!
Someone has to step up and deal with these issues
I'm open to any options to resolve the issues
Any help would be greatly appreciated
The customer receipt # is not illegible but the install conformation # is {removed per forum guidelines} store 461 February 6 2017

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Re: Poor car audio install

[ Edited ]

Sean {removed per forum guidelines} 
Work performed at Middletown ny 461
Pin {removed per forum guidelines} 
Mike {removed per forum guidelines} Geek Squad Manager

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Re: Getting really AGGRAVATED

Good Morning Sean,


Thank you for providing me with all of the additional details regarding your experience. I can certainly understand your frustration and I’d like to help you further. In a moment, I will be sending you a private message with some more information. You may check your messages by clicking on the small envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner once you are logged into the forum.



Emily|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Poor car audio install

Here we go again 3 emails in 2 days trying to get my car fixed after dealing with this for 2 months
Always an excuse on why no return call or appointment
Try calling the store that's a joke
I'm going to explain again there is nothing incompatable with my vehicle and the components that were installed
The issue is poor workmanship wires were crossed and also loose connections so an uninstall/refund is not possible because once they uninstall and refund and the tech does not install properly (as he has demonstrated he is incapable of doing) then I have no recourse
There has to be a nation wide BB warranty where I would be able to have someone look at the wiring and correct it and put my vehicle trim on correctly
At this point I'm done begging and chasing people
BB took my money and they need to resolve this very soon. I don't want nor should I have to deal with Middletown store any more
I can't believe what is happening! Someone needs to step in here and correct this
Please help!
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Re: Poor car audio install

[ Edited ]

Hello Sphelferty,


Emily-BBY is unavailable, so I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you for further assistance. It shouldn’t be this difficult to have an audio system installed into your car, so it’s disheartening to hear of your troubles with your recent service experience.


Given the circumstances of your case, I’ve sent you a private message to discuss this matter further. You may view it by logging into the forum and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.



Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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